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Cyberpunk 2077 - The Complete Official Guide - Collector's Edition $15 + Delivery ($0 Pickup) @ EB Games


Not everyone's favorite game but apparently $60 retail price and nearly 500 colour pages it seems like a good deal for fans.

or you can get it from ebay here https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/304018170835 and if your a plus member its free express delivery and another 5% with the code SHO50FF

Cyberpunk 2077 The Complete Official Guide Collector's Edition includes:

  • Premium hardcover
  • 496 pages, printed on superior quality art paper
  • 32-page visual tour of Night City's unrestrained hospitality and leisure industries

The Key to Night City

Cyberpunk 2077 is a vast, open-ended game that offers freedom on a multitude of levels - from character development, to story, to gameplay, and beyond. That freedom is at the very heart of this book, which we designed with one priority in mind: facilitating informed decisions and enabling you, the player, to get the most out of your time in Night City. Compiled and crafted in association with the development team at CD PROJEKT RED, this guide is your indispensable companion to surviving and thriving in the world of the dark future.


  • Utterly Complete - Main jobs, side jobs, gigs, cyberpsychos, hustles - it's all here
  • Non-Prescriptive Walkthroughs - We highlight rewarding routes and possibilities with annotated maps and screenshots - you decide how to proceed
  • Game Systems Decoded - XP, skills, perks, cyberware, weapons, mods, crafting, and more. Tailor V to your play style and role-playing preferences
  • Dedicated Atlas - A collection of hi-res expanded maps covering the entire game area and pinpointing Night City's many points of interest
  • Advance Notice - We lay out all crucial choices, branching paths, romances, missables, alternative endings - without spoiling the consequences
  • Completion Roadmap - Comprehensive flowcharts reveal the exact availability conditions and unlock order of all missions
  • World & Lore - A guide to Night City's history and districts, with explanations of era-specific technologies, terminology and concepts
  • Visual Solutions - Annotated maps and 4K screenshots
  • Maximum Flexibility - Master all the tools at your disposal to define your personal path - stealth tactics, boss weaknesses, quickhacks, character progression, and so much more
  • Exclusive Information - Direct from the CD PROJEKT RED dev team Spoiler-Controlled: Carefully designed to avoid unnecessary revelations

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  • +1

    It's been out a few months, is it anyone's favourite game of all time?

    • +20

      Over 120hrs played. Maybe not all time but damn close.

      • That's great to hear.

      • 3 weeks worth of full-time work :D

    • Playing it right now and enjoying A LOT. Such a great game amid it’s troublesome release.

    • I have a 100 hours. I really like it but I'm still disappointed it's not what I expected. I want more to do and more customization in the amazing world CDPR and Mike Pondsmith built.

  • +4

    Not relevant to official guide, but I've recently gotten back into playing it. It's running heaps better on PC, can't comment as to the console version though.

  • +45

    How can it be a complete guide if the game isn’t??

    • -13

      No, the games a game. Where was it advertised as a guide?

      • +2

        It's literally in the title and on the guide itself. Cyberpunk 2077 - The Complete Official Guide. SMH!

        • -7

          The original comment said

          How can it be a complete guide if the game isn’t??

          My joke was that the game isn't a guide.

          It's a pun.

          Explaining jokes is fun.

    • Good Call

    • +1

      The complete guide for what the game would be like if it were complete.

      Finish the same on some 120hrs for all endings at vanilla and have not looked back since. My first hacker build pretty ruins the game played as it was too overpowered in my opinion.

      I would like the complete game much better and may still get this book as a memoir.

      • To be perfectly fair, you can skill characters in quite a lot of RPG that are way overpowered by focusing on certain traits. Skyrim and Fallout come to mind. I've finished Cyberpunk on PC and thought it was pretty great so i'm a little biased.

      • damn i overpower my characters in other games too

        they must be literally uplayable as well

  • +2

    Honestly though, who buys hardcopy guides since 2000?

    • +11

      I do. It's not the same reading kindle or ipad on the toilet seat.

    • I love them, Zelda, this

    • theyre collectors items

      clearly youre not the target audience

  • +1

    Is this the complete guide to how they screwed up so bad?

    • youll get over it once you look past click bait reviews from people whove only played 5 mins

  • +1

    What about the complete guide to where all the bugs are so you can avoid the game from crashing…😅

  • +30

    I expect to open this book and 70% of the pages to be blank.

  • thought it was for the game….

  • +2

    Imagine spending all that time writing this book

    • +1

      So THAT'S why the game had polish missing.

      • +2

        The language or refinement?

  • +6

    Some of you guys have been holding on to the hatred for this game for nearly a full year.

    That stuff isn't healthy

    • No Man's Sky is over 5 years old and some people still can't get over it…

      • +3

        I heard they fixed No Man's Sky and it's super good now.

    • I asked some friends if it was fine now, just a few weeks ago. Apparently still buggy, just not quite as much as before.
      So, it’s not hatred on my side, but waiting for it to be ‘better’ :)

    • -1

      It still won't stop the crybabies from bleating.
      You'd think they'd gone through a traumatic break up from the amount of whining that goes on.

  • -1

    Sold out on ebay. It looks like more thought and effort was put into the making of this guide rather than the game itself which is a shame. Cool bargain for the superfans, though.

    • Its ebgames if they have stock its likely they will restock the item later, check back tomorrow id say.

      • i just bought the ebay copy for less than $15 posted

        this made my bloody day thank you!

  • +4

    Does it come with a debugging chapter ?

  • Cheers OP, will use this for the second playthrough with the XSX update next year

  • -3

    I feel like all the whingers that complain about this game didn't even play it. More sheep on the bandwagon, BAAAAAA.

  • People still buy guides?

  • Total waste of money

  • They need a work around guide for the bugs

  • +1

    I got this but about 30 pages in the pictures started looking weird and then I couldn't even turn the pages. Had to start again from the beginning.
    I think I'll stick to sports almanacs and the occasional French magazine from now on.

    • +1

      “Couldn’t even turn the pages”… sounds like someone found the book much more pleasurable than you did 😏

      • +2

        Cyberspunked edition

  • +1

    Won’t be an accurate experience if pages aren’t missing 😂

  • +1

    This is very cool, backgrounds on the lore and locations etc, and the cover is really nice. Combination of foil and matte/gloss areas for various objects in the illustration.

    • +1

      Agree some of these books are well done, I have the Skyrim one. Saw the GTA5 hardback one in one of those cheap bookshops for $10. Regretfully I didn't buy it.

  • Awesome…thanks OP. I really needed to read something in the toilet. Plus haven't played this game for a while….

  • Does this game still run well on the slim ps4?

  • has anyone bought 1 from this deal? are they factory sealed/wrapped in plastic?

    • Ordered mine yesterday and got it today express posted from ebay all factory sealed.

  • The recently advertised ½ price version of the Day One edition from Harvey Norman (the XB Game not the book) - didn't seem to include the postcards, stickers, smallish guide, map & digital soundtrack - when clicked no pics or mention of the above.

    $119? down to $49.95 but only EB Games, Big W & TheGamesmen seemed to have the right version so :- bought from EB did need a few more carrots on my card (have yet to start, console chock-a-block).

    They have announced a small update upcoming & adding an unknown pre-release left-out feature/setting later on in 2022.

    Due to my XB One S could be massive OR less bugs some XB One X or PS4's were bug central some PC's buggy others game crashes.


    On topic I am thinking of buying this guide, BUT showing up in store for printed guides 95% fails, EB advertised the Skyrim one, was listed as in-stock just was NOT & NEVER there. (Probs crappy PDF printout with fancier cover anyway).

  • Yeah, EB does say available Click & Collect at the 4 stores in town, plus still on eBay too.

    Don't really like that Black on Yellow boxes format - reminds me of Guinness World Records books (were a pain to read but at least larger paragraphs)

    Ok - buying for tomorrow - will pay C+C maybe 4 pm today (gives 'em time but not today - hoping).

    Of the 2 closest stores, the farthest is more reliable with stock & prices, closest usually doesn't do the cheap T-shirt deals from online.

    EDIT ↓↓↓ Reason why is store is combined EB Games & Zing so below is Zing, I think?

    Notice closest has both the Captain America Shield and the Infinity Gauntlet for $240.

    Shield box is higher than your knee, gauntlet box maybe ⅔ the size - the shield would want to be as least Aluminium/Dense Plastic Resin to be worth that.

    (think it's the normal painted shield - the Civil War one [got the keychain] was dirty, scuffed with scratches painted on - this one better).

    ↑↑↑ Website for EB & Zing say both 24"/60cm shield (Hasbro & Winter Soldier) shields Out-Of-Stock - that shield has been in window display for 3 weeks now, wondering if it's an empty box(?) or last in Aust?

    Also Infinity Gauntlet is the Red one bigger Iron Man one (O-O-S too).

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