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Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (6.67" AMOLED 120Hz, 8GB/128GB, SD732G, 108MP, NFC) US$291.02 (~A$392.55) Delivered @ Banggood


Rolling onto day 4 of my Xiaomi phone deals and after some requests Banggood now have the Redmi Note 10 Pro on sale.

This is the global version and the best Redmi Note 10 Pro variant as it has both 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. There's also the impressive 108MP quad camera and the 6.67" AMOLED 120Hz display that has a peak brightness of 1200nits!

Featuring MUI 12 (Android 11), 6.67 AMOLED 2400x1080 120Hz Display with Gorilla Glass 5, 8GB LPDDR4X RAM, 128GB UFS 2.2 Storage, Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G Octa-Core CPU, Adreno 618 GPU, Widevine L1 for HD Netflix/Amazon, NFC, IP53 water resistance, 108MP+8MP+5MP+2MP rear camera, 16MP front camera, Dual SIM, 3.5mm audio and a 5020mAh battery with 33W USB-C fast charging.

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  • Does anyone know of a phone like this or the X3 pro that have ip67 or ip68?looking for some basic water resistance and I know it's a big ask at this price point / specs

    • Many Samsung models have it. Obviously they're going to cost you a lot more though. Otherwise there's many rugged Chinese phones like this that'll obviously use MediaTek and other hardware that isn't as good in comparison.

    • it is splash resistant, you can use it under heavy rain but i believe you could submerge it under water and take it out quickly, it should be fine.

    • Better than Huawei?

  • no sure why it is called X3 killer.

    • +3

      Redmi certainly don't call it that. YouTubers wanting more views certainly do. Poco have always focused on performance and gaming more than Redmi who are more 'balanced'.

    • Probably x3, not x3 pro (which it competes against)

  • Any change to have a deal on the Redmi note 10s?

  • I heard the OS is chock full of ads and at least one of their nice new phones has a lack of optical image stabilisation.
    Then there's the USB-C port at only USB2.

    Besides these things (I'd say the USB port is minor) they're meant to be good, but it'd be nice if they stopped releasing 93 models a year and kept it to fewer models.

    If you still like IR ports, flat displays and good processors, I do hear it's great. Shrug, I very nearly got one but got frightened off.

    • +6

      The good thing about Xiaomi phones is that you can easily opt out of the ads. Instructions here.

      • I came real close to getting one, I asked Huawei to repair my Mate 20 instead tho. (for the same cost as one of these damn phones mind you………….)

    • +2

      Oh and it's "only" 4G (I've always found 4G to be particulatly fast to be honest, never thought it was too slow)

    • +1

      On top of being able to disable ads, you can completely remove the ad service (and any other un-uninstallable bloatware) with adb, no root needed. In fact you can do this on any phone.

      • The camera lacking OIS is the clincher - I just googled to see if I mixed up the 11 and the 10 - but no, this has no OIS.

        I don't expect a flawless camera, of course, but if I'm replacing what was an AMAZING phone in late 2018 with an 'ok' phone in 2021, I dunno I'd like my camera to be at least as good or better.

        • fair but also think that Huawei Mate 20 Pro was a flagship - no midrange or less than midrange phone has ever really had OIS.

          • @adrianhughes1998: I got the regular Mate 20, because curved screens can lick my nasty curved place!

            • @hamwhisperer: RN10P has a much better screen & battery but, I wouldn't say it does anything else better than the 3yr older Mate 20. Let's not forget you would be stuck with MIUI. Then again this is a $400 vs what was a $1,100 phone.

              • @sinners007: Explain to me what MIUI is cause someone else tried and I thought it was just the Xiaomi skin over stock Android?

                All phones have a 'skin' of some kind right? How they layout the settings menu or which launcher etc? Interestingly the actual look of the phone dial and in call screens?

                I always replace launcher, with Nova Prime.
                Anyhow, I finally caved and just DD'd my $400 to repair my Mate 20 anyhow :(

                • +2

                  @hamwhisperer: MIUI is just a skin basically yeah, been using Xiaomi phones since 2016 myself and it's come a long way from being the buggy bloated mess to something far more manageable. All phones have a skin, you could say.

                  Anyways since you use Nova launcher , then point is moot haha.

            • +3

              @hamwhisperer: big agree on the curved screen bit, not sure why Samsung and Google are still releasing phones with that crap years later!

              • +2

                @adrianhughes1998: It kills me >:( really limits my phone handset options quite a bit.

                There's only a small handful left of really nice phones, with normal display (this being one of them, I think)
                Even harder if you want IR (got used to it on the Mate, nice to shut off the Aircon)
                I like the 3.5mm port but I can let it go, makes me sad.

                Oh I do really like the Huawei Dex display USB C dock thing, you can legit use the phone as a PC in total desperation with keyboard, mouse, RDP, I think ethernet (?!) etc - it's very cool tech.

                • @hamwhisperer: Fyi this phone has an IR blaster.

                • +1

                  @hamwhisperer: Same conundrum with me here!

                  Mate 20 pro since 2019. Don't want to upgrade to anything without an IR blaster or worse camera. Also wanting to avoid anything with a curved screen It's rough! Huawei being out of the picture limits the upgrade options significantly!

                  I'll also mention as well the USB-C IR blasters actually work, so that's a workaround.

                  • @Brokenpipes: It makes me sad. Mate 20 is the best phone I've owned. It was only a grand I think and few things can replace it, if any.

            • @hamwhisperer: I don't get the issues so many people have with curved screens, it's extremely rare to get an accidental touch these days with the software and they feel really good to handle.

              • @AEKaBeer: They look disgusting. Expensive to fix, can't put a glass protector on them.

                Hate them.

                • @hamwhisperer: They look disgusting. - Strongly disagree, I think they look great

                  Expensive to fix. - Yep the reason I'm in this post, $420 to fix my screen :)
                  Can't put a glass protector on them. - I've had them before, wish I had one on when it broke.

                  Hate them. - Fair enough

          • @adrianhughes1998: Look up IQOO NEO 5, a mid-ranger got OIS, taking the best "midrange photo". You would have to import one tho…

        • +1

          Granted I haven't gone ham with the camera but Ive been happy with it's performance. I use a gimbal anyway so ois for me isn't a huge issue. Pleased with the video quality for the price and the dual recording mode is neat.

  • This…i might like more simply because better screen than poco - you spend more time looking at it after all. Would have splurged on note 11 pro, but no microsd card there. Wish the price wasn't so much more than poco x3 pro though.

  • how much do you save with the app? 1 or 2 dollars i wouldn't bother.

  • +1

    Still persisting with USB 2.0, wish Xiaomi would finally move past that, my Galaxy S8 had USB 3.1 over 4 years ago. I would be all over this otherwise.

    With such a powerful processor it's a shame to limit the device with old comms. Chromecast is useful but no substitute for USB Video Out with desktop and media applications.

  • Any chance for an X3 GT code at some point? Looking to replace my S9+

  • Buy my lobsters first pleeeeasssee.. & my wine.. so we can all merry..

    • So you think that by buying a Samsung and iPhone you are supporting South Korea and America ?

  • Does RNP10 support wireless charging?

    • no

      • it sounds like the only con for me.

    • No one is building anymore a cheap but well performing Android phone with wireless charging. I am actually thinking about getting a cheaper used iPhone.

      • yes, manufacturers make the feature as a mark of top range phones

  • Does anyone else get the shipping insurance and screen insurance?

  • Thanks OP bought one

  • Is there a good otterbox type case for this phone?

  • Got one thanks Opie

    • P.s. this deal does not show up when you click 'mobiles' deals for some reason

  • Is it bad that I didn't wait for the note 11 pro?
    My current phone (pixel 2 XL) can't even hold a charge anymore 😭
    But perhaps the note 11 pros will be around the same price 😢😭

  • bought one and cancelled. Changed the mind to Poco X3 deal, save $120.

    CPU & Memory vs AMOLED & Camera.

  • Does anyone know how long it takes for banggod to deliver. I am a few days over the delivery date they gave me and am getting concerned that I won't get the phone in time.

  • Wonder if there are any discounts for lower memory model like 6gb/128 or 6gb/64.

  • Don't buy this phone full of problems the miui is terrible the notifications keep getting screwed up

    The calls have loud static sound on receivers end confirmed with multiple people and using volte / wifi / mobile dta

    Have requested refund from bangood few days into receiving really hopping they just take it and refund me without headaches will never buy a xiaomi again

    • It is possible you got a faulty one, I hope that is the case (not on you, but not good if the whole series is bad)

      • I've done some searching and seems issues are wide spread it might not be hardware fault could be software issue but either way spending $400+ on a phone you expect it to do at least the basics like voice calls properly right ?

        I got bad feeling so im gonna go for the refund good specs phones nice looking etc but yeh

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