Best Cordless Blower for Driveway leaves and other debris?

I am currently looking at this
$199 with the battery and charger.

I am unsure on whether it is the best for what I am looking for. I currently have an old cord Ryobi and I am sick to death of the cord.
(This will be my first cordless)

Can you recommend a good blower that removes leaves and other dirt debris with good power. I would also like it for cleaning up grass after mowing the lawns.

Is the one I am looking at the best fit?

Budget (Pref no more than $300)


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    I got the exact same one (the Ryobi blower kit), works well on hard surfaces. e.g. for clean up after gardening (mowing, edging, hedges).

    • Ok great, yeah I need something reliable to clean the driveway leading to the front door. Like a bloody wind tunnel with the leaves after a windy day. Kills me using a cordless one waiting for it to go on a sale. 😂

      Did you pay $199?

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        Did you pay $199?

        No. :D

        Got it 2 yrs ago, when Bunnings was competing with Bosch on father's day… it was $99, but not seen this price since :(

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      Me too. Same kit and is my most used tool. I even use this or my workshop blower to clean all my other tools. Best $199 spent

      • I know as soon as I buy it, it will go on sale. Do Bunnings allow returns to repurchase at special price? 😂😂

        • According to price hipster, the price of the kit has been pretty stable at $199 except once in 23/08/2019 where it was selling at $107.40 (what a deal!!) But you usually have to register your tool in the first month to get the bonus 2 years (6 all up) and you need to enter the serial number, so it's a bit hard to return and buy new one after, unless you somehow return the old unit too which is much harder to do

    • Have it as well for the $107/ Have a huge Plane tree outside that drops leaves in Autumn and seeds in Spring. Helps to blow them away, sometimes I wish i had a more powerful one but this one does alright. Of course you can also use the battery in their other skins, I picked up a small vacuum cleaner skin.

  • I bought the Ryobi One + 18V on weekend… Not a fan at all of cordless shit, btu couldnt dish out the $ for a petrol one -
    I think Petrol ones work IMWO much better

    The Ryobi good enough for the price although I expected more out of the battery.

    • How long we talking?

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        It'll last around 20-25min on a 5amp battery

      • I knew someone would ask… To be honest I didnt measure it, and was picking up sticks as well at same time

        Recharging i left for few hours while trimimng some fallen big branches

        it didnt work well on piles of wet leaves I found

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        I get less than 10 minutes, but that's normally enough.

        Got a few spare batteries anyway… Cheap generic ones on Amazon work good…

  • I have the same one. Picked it up on special a few years ago. Continues to serve me well for blowing grass after mowing, leaves on the driveway etc

  • So the real question is, do I hang tight for a possible sale? Or given the fact it has only really been on sale once, I may be waiting a while for another?

    • Depends on your opportunity cost :).

      The pain of corded vs cordless.

      Corded is PITA to setup and pack up.

      Cordless, grab, blow, put away (and charge battery if low).

  • There was ozito blower on special (might still be). Large one with mulcher & all + 2 4mah batteries. May be worth looking at as it has 5yr warranty. (Just search Ozbargain & you'll find it)

  • I got a worx blower off amazon which came with a 4mah battery for about $120. Pretty good and powerful

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    I am currently looking at this
    $199 with the battery and charger.

    It is awesome… I've had it for maybe 5 years or more… Very light and doesn't tire you…

    If you already have Ryobi one gear and batteries, it's a no brainer…

    • Would be my first Ryobi one tool.
      Probably why I am unsure if there were any other brands I should also have a look at before I pulled the trigger. The reviews are really good for this blower as well

      Thanks for commenting jv

      • Would be my first Ryobi one tool.

        Good reason to get more then…

        If you need spare batteries, get a couple of cheap ones from amazon…

        • Yeah my other piece of equipment I was eyeing off was a pole hedge trimmer. Can't get the top with an ordinary ladder. The reviews for that product is mixed but still decent!

          • @iNeed2Pee: I've bought and returned Ryobi tools from Bunnings.

            Bought a trimmer but returned it the next day after using it and realising it would take me longer to use it vs manual cutting. I just said it wasn't suitable for the purpose and they refunded it

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    I find this good when the battery is at or near full charge but performance seems to drop off when it only has 1 or 2 bars left. A lot less airflow as the battery gets low.
    We've got a massive gumtree across the road that is continually dropping leaves and around 250sqm of lawn. It does a great job of cleaning that up

  • I too bought the Ryobi at $107. I've never seen that specific combo drop on price since. It's been at $199 for a long time.

    Where you might get a deal is if you need other ryobi tools. Eg. Ryobi deals come up quite frequently on other items, such that by buying them, you then get battery/charger allowing you only needing to get the blower skin.

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    I've used several of this style and they are very average in comparison to my ryobi petrol which was about $150 from bunnings. The bigger ones move a lot more air - so move a lot more stuff much quicker.

    • If they'd have had a petrol one for same price - no question I'd have bought the petrol one …

      • The only issue with the petrol blower, every time I used a petrol one, i walked in smelling like a jerry can.

        If i were mowing the lawn then obviously that's fine but on the days I just wanted to blow the leaves out of the driveway it annoyed me.

        • never had that issue before, wouldbnt bother me as I'd just jump in shower.

          • @pharkurnell: Yeah well I didn't want to take a shower every time I would use it to blow some leaves out 😂

        • Used an electric that has the big opening rather than the small nozzle at the end. That was much bettert than these too. Guessing it churned through that batteries quicker.

  • The One+ is quite good - I use this smaller blower from the same family

  • How would this mower go on a 1200 sqm block with uneven ground and potential tree root strikes? I imagine this would be a disaster for an electric mower. Would it be better to go with a petrol with swing back blades un this case?

    • Probably whipper snipper (line trimmer?) near tree roots, standard mower for flat parts. I'd usually say petrol for larger areas, but suspect the battery mowers are becoming more capable in recent times.

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    Recently bought an EGO blower and whipper snipper. Would never go back to petrol or corded again. I got the blower with a 5ah kit and fast charger and the whipper snipper separately. I can use them both on my 606sqm block twice and still have power in reserve. I've run the battery flat on purpose with the blower and there is no fade in the amount of output. Expensive but worth every cent. I especially love that it can blow very softly as not to disturb wood chip mulch or flat out which I usually only need in short bursts.

    • That model blower is the best of the best atm.

      I'm just waiting for my petrol blower to die so that I go out & buy one of these. Already got the ego hedge trimmer & line trimmer.

  • Just bought the blower. Couldn't wait any longer.
    Saw many on a promotion area so not sure if they are going on sale or its just there normally.
    If it goes on sale, I will just do the sneaky return 🤣

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