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NexGard Spectra 6-Pack Medium Dog 15.1 to 30kg $89.99 + Post ($0 to Metro, 15% Cashrewards Cashback, 20% with CR Max) @ Petbarn


Petbarn currently have Nexguard Spectra on sale, with their prices in line with Amazon and free standard delivery. Combined with the upsized cash back from Cashrewards Max at 20% it comes down to $73.63 or $77.72 for 15% with Cashrewards standard. At $12 a tablet this is the cheapest I've seen them since I got my dog

Other sizes also look like a really good deal

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    Cashback just came through at 16.36. I always forget to take off gst with shopback/cashrewards. Prices updated

    • How long did CR take for you to register?

      • 5 minutes I think. Did it through the app. It's my first use of max so interested to see how quick the money comes through

        • Ah okay, I did max as well but havent received any confirmation for over an hour

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    cheaper with Pet Circle (Bupa code for $20 off $50 spend) + another $15 credit from Amex for $50 spend, combine to bring price down to under $50 after all

    • what is the BUPA code?
      if it is this BUPAPC20M13 it does not seem to be working (for me atleast)

    • No Amex for me but that is a great stacking deal. Is the BUPA code generic or a members thing?

    • Whats the BuPa code? Where do you get this info? Thanks

  • I jumped on and got Bravecto & Drontal instead but thanks for the deal heads up all the same!

  • Large (red) 6 packs are also on for $92.99. Good deal with Cashback.

  • Excellent. Need a COVID-19 backup plan.

  • -1
    • You mean 25c cheaper, and no Cashback? So really, not cheaper at all…
      Even with the code in the banner for 5% off if that applies.

      • Post was for a 3-pack not 6-pack, OP has changed the title.

        • No. Never was. Title wasn't clear initially, but was never for 3 pack. That wouldn't be a deal.

        • Okay. Looks like someone else made the title 3-pack as it wasn't clear initially. But that would not be a very good deal.
          I got 2 6 packs for the price 3 packs.

  • I go with heartgard + aristopet all wormer, works out to be way cheaper than nexgard and has thr same protection. Heartgard is like $25 for 6 tablets and the Allwormer is like $12 on ebay for 6 tablets but you only use it once every 2-3 months.

    • How is it the same protection? Heartgard is only for heartworm and intestinal worms. Nexgard spectra includes ticks and fleas which are an arguably bigger issue (at least more common) than heartworm. So you'd have to get something else for that anyway.
      Still need something like aristopet allwormer for tapeworm though (as you note that's cheap).

      • True well we don't bother with fleas and ticks, I forgot about that

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