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$1 375ml Coke No Sugar, $1 Chocolate Bar with 7-Eleven Drink Purchase @ 7-Eleven (App Required)


A few new offers via the 7-Eleven app dropped today. IMO these $1 items are the best of them:

  • $1 375mL Coca-Cola Coke No Sugar (limit one per day)

Purchase one of following for $1 with any 7-Eleven branded drink purchase (e.g. coffee, Slurpee, 7-Eleven water or juice):

  • $1 Cadbury chocolate bar
  • $1 Hersheys chocolate bar
  • $1 Christmas confectionary

Seems to be available once per transaction?

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  • +1

    Lol this is the first deal I've seen where people are expected to pay for this new Coke No Sugar

    Find it funny how we've gone from Coke Zero to Coke No Sugar to New Coke No Sugar and got worse every time.

    • Just gimme the darn full sugar goodness. Or even better, the one with real coke.

    • Photo shows the old Coke No Sugar. Isn't the new one this packaging?

      I can't even keep up with all these variants. It is so confusing.

      I do prefer Coke No Sugar over Coke Zero though. Have yet to try the "New" Coke No Sugar though

      • Yeah that's the new packaging, but I'm assuming that's probably the one they are referring to rather than this as the old one has been phased out.

        Went to Coles the other day and Coke line up now is ridiculous. Coke No Sugar, No Caffeine, Diet, No Sugar + No Caffeine, Coke Original etc. Don't even know what Diet Coke is any more if it's not already one of those.

  • -1

    $1 375mL Coke No Sugar

    ?? and you call that a deal ??

    for an extra 75 cents or something generally can get 2 L bottle @ Reject Shop

    • Saved so much money WFH being able to pour a glass from a 2L bottle haha. They'd look at you funny if you did that in the office.

      • +1

        Ngl I've got 300ml bottles saved just to top up from a 2L bottle for when I'm going out somewhere.

        Sometimes use these bottles to also make a budget premix and more than once got confused 😂

        And yes, username checks out XD

    • +2

      Cold vs from the shelf, there's always a big difference in price.

  • I bought a $1 coke no sugar with a Tyrrells BBQ 75g chips and scanned my barcode. The total was only $1 :)

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