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40% off Audio-Technica USB Microphones (e.g. ATR2100X-USB $82.80) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Note: Only USB mics, and only six options. Not all six appealing to me.

Everyone in your Zoom been listening to your whole room?
Would likely recommend the ATR2100X-USB dynamic microphone for $82.80. (Same price delivered on Amazon AU for that one, if Amazon suits you better.) Pair with a $15-25 boom arm from eBay or Amazon plus a few $ for a foam windshield and we’re in business. And maybe make sure there’s a free USB socket not too far from the end of the boom arm; else keep a USB extension cable handy too.

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    For anyone after the ATR2500X-USB, I can attest to it being a solid microphone. It's not specifically designed for voice and picks up any sound - which may be nice for those that live in quiet environments but certainly not for those in noisier ones. It's sensitive to the point you can scratch your face and the mic will pick it up. It does have a cardioid pickup which filters out sound from certain angles.

    The upside of this being a USB-C mic is that it's easy to connect to android phones and i find myself using this mic along with a pair of headphones (Sennheiser HD 6XX's) for regular phone calls and i often get asked how the call quality is so clear. With the two cables included, it's a pretty solid choice for those after a mic for phones and desktop/laptop use.

    The one downside is that there's no way to adjust sensitivity on the mic. It's all done automatically. I haven't had an issue with this thus far but for those that want finer control may be disappointed with this.

    • Do you connect the headphones to the monitoring port on the ATR2500x or to your android phone? Tried both ways on my Note 9 and placed a regular phone call, but the other party could not hear me via the external mic. Wondering how you got it to work.

      • Yeah i connect the headphones to the mic port. I didn't have to do anything and it just works seamlessly, regardless of native phone app or whatsapp etc.

        What version of android are you running?

        • Android 10. I bought the ATR2100x though, if it makes any difference. Works great on the PC, and voice recorder app or camera app on Android phone. Just not phone or whatsapp. Will borrow an Android 11 to test :)

          Oh BTW do you also get low level static noise when monitoring via headphones? It's only there when monitoring and is not saved to the voice recording.

          • @clippers: Odd that it works for recording apps but not calls. Since bluetooth earphone have their own mics and it should be no different.

            As for low level static, only when i touch the mic. Otherwise nothing really.

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    Anyone got thoughts on the AT2020 vs the Rode NT-USB?

    • Bought a used AT2020 USB + on ebay a while ago and has been great. Plug and play, great quality, seems to only really pick up what I want it to. I don't have another comparable mic unfortunately though.

      On a separate note I bought something like this to go with it and would strongly recommend if you end up getting one: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/293613844825?hash=item445cbfb959...

      • I'll be mounting it to my boom arm with a pop filter, so should be OK.

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      Both are about the same. One is a bit more geared towards music recording (Rode NT-USB) while the other is a bit more geared towards spoken recording (AT2020+ USB).


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      I had both, first had the AT2020 then switched to the NT USB, now using a Shure. The NT USB has a bass-sier vocal pickup but both are very similar in other respects.

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      Get whichever one is cheaper at the time, they are very similar. Have recommended the AT2020 to numerous people and they have been happy with it. I see you're also putting it on an arm, it's a very light microphone so you may need to weigh the arm down with something. The pop-filter might not be enough.

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    A condenser microphone is way more suitable for Zoom calls compared with dynamic microphones as they are less sensitive. Like the Rode podcaster.

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      I think you got this the wrong way around, dynamic mics are less sensitive so it doesn't pick up background noise as much

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        Thanks for correcting

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        You're both wrong.

        A basic description of why the dynamic microphone background noise myth exists is this: Dynamic microphones require a LOT more gain to function, and people tend to eat the microphones in terms of distance (which is normal to do with all mics, less than 6 inches is what you want). But with condensers they keep the gain higher than needed, and stay further back. If you lower the gain and likewise eat the microphone, you'll get the same amount of background noise.

        The bottom line is that if the vibrations from the air reach the diaphragm and vibrate it, it'll be picked up. If your condenser seems to be heavily picking up background noise compared to a dynamic, lower the gain on the condenser and get very close to the front of the microphone, around 3-4 inches. This will produce the same effect.

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          Could you give a short conclusion? I'm looking for a mic for online meeting.

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            @Averell: Using expensive powered mics, compressors, eq, gain, deessers etc look awesome on camera, and sound great at your end … but quickly adds user complexity & any gained quality is quickly lost when you route it thru a Zoom/MSTeams sh!tty codec compressing the audio to suit network bandwidth at both ends.

            Unless you like the sound of your own voice or your're doing a locally recorded presentation, any good wired headset - Jabra Evolve 20 will be more than enough for online meetings.

            • @mlakmlak: Thanks. Sometimes there are airplanes flying over my area, this just need something which could be able to not taking the noise in.
              Thanks for the suggestion. But that Jabra one is with a USB connector. Is that a must for noise cancelling? Is there anything similar but with a 3.5mm jack?

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                @Averell: I'm no audio expert - maybe some acoustic foam panels might be a cheaper & more effective method as I doubt any reasonably priced mic wil cancel out aircraft noise (it's not their job) & you may need some pro audio gear. You could try Voicemeeter & see if you can filter out the aircraft noise before buying any expsensive audio equipment.

          • @Averell: Headset mic is the cheapest/best option for most for online meetings. If you want a seperate mic, something really directional like the Shure MV7, or even a shotgun mic will do much better at reducing background noise. My MV7 doesn't pick up any of the mechanical keyboard noise that my old mic did. Colleagues couldn't believe I had the same keyboard.

            • @dsgfh: Thanks. But that MV7 is over my budget.
              I was considering the Bose 700 (they said it has a good mic), and a Bluetooth headset from Jabra as @Zandz suggested (something like the Evolve2 85, which looks in the same price range as Bose 700). In rtings.com's reviews, they rated Bose 700's mic higher than Jabra Evolve2 85's

        • This makes perfect sense, but when looking up the top broadcast mics they are usually dynamic.

          Are they only more popular because the technology is older?

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            @Shacktool: No they're more popular because they have lower gain and therefore only pickup what's close to them - the speaker's voice - and not every sound in the room.

            • @Diji1: JerraJones was implying that you can achieve the same thing in a condenser mic by simply 'turning down' the gain.

              I have never owned a decent microphone, (although I am shopping for one), their idea seems to make sense but I imagine it isn't that simple or the industry wouldn't be the way it is

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                @Shacktool: You shouldn't be setting gain at the mic for voice because that means picking up noise and voice artifacts (if you are right next to the mic as with a dynamic).

                You want to record at a low gain and then amplify the recording because this boosts signal without picking up noise at the mic.

                I don't think it's normal to be able to turn down condenser mic gain like this.

            • @Diji1: No, they're popular because people don't know any better and it tunnels a never ending confirmation bias. Notice how audio companies themselves never advertise dynamics as being more noise isolating compared to condensers? That's because it's just not true and marketing something false goes towards the illegal side of things.

              That's not to say dynamics are bad or anything. They're always used in concerts because they're more durable and aren't as affected by humidity making them ideal.

              In the end just go for what's cheaper, just don't keep perpetuating this dumb meme. I'd never recommend a USB mic in general to someone though, a decent XLR setup <200 bucks will last you forever.

        • I don’t know whether this is 100% true.

          I think some people have found that condensers, even when used at the same distance as a dynamic, and have the audio output levels normalised for comparison, tends to pick up more details. Both of the sound source itself, but also more reverb and/or background noise. It’s not always a night and day difference, but often noticeable.

          I don’t know the definite reason, but some people have been assuming that the difference in physical weight between the diaphragms (dynamics’ being heavier) somehow affects how they pick up sound.

  • I have both the AT2020+ and ATR4697 and can recommend either depending on your budget. 142.80 for AT2020 is a great bargain!

  • Compare to these 2 deals which one will be more bargain,also I buy this for recording my guitar which one is better?

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      From the reviews I've read the 2500X is more appropriate for voice, and the 2020 for everything else (eg instruments)

      EDIT: Just realised you might also be interested in the 2100, didn't look anything up for that

  • I Run a YouTube channel and have used the AT2020+USB for over 2 years and its been amazing. Just plug and play with the USB without needing anything extra. It does pick up loud noises, but Never to a point i couldn’t work with it. My voice is at the forefront. Works perfectly with the cheap (but solid) NEWEER mic arms from Amazon.

  • Same price for AT2020+ on Amazon

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