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Kingdomino Board Game $25 (Normally $30) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $65 Spend) @ Kmart


Good to see Kmart stocking a couple more designer board games. This one is really fun particularly if you have children. I recommend watching this playthrough rather than reading the ruleset in the first instance:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smbwBPmP4Ms

This is a short, easily accessible game for even young children, still fun for grownups. Both of my kids prefer this over Ticket to Ride and other eurogames.

It gets a 7.4 from Board Game Geek which is remarkable for a game this simple, most of the top rated games over there come with a ruleset that would take you half a lifetime to learn:- https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/204583/kingdomino/rating...

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    If you have kids, another good idea is to print out a 5x5 grid and optionally laminate it for them.

    • That is a good idea, actually, always have to pull up the younger child for making her grid too big

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    I still can't believe they stock codenames. But the WORD version which is shit vs the PICTURE version.

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    It gets a 7.4 from Board Game Geek which is remarkable for a game this simple, most of the top rated games over there come with a ruleset that would take you half a lifetime to learn:

    Amen to that!

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    Also 2017 Spiel des Jahres Winner - Game of the year
    So plenty of award winning bang for your buck

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    there's no denying that this game is very straightforward, but the 7x7 variant for two players is fantastic. Probably the best couples game I've played.

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      Try lost cities

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        Lost cities is surprisingly amazing. So simple, but so rich.

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    I'm not sure what else KMart stocks, but if you can find Carcassonne and Azul, you'd have a really solid base for diving into board games that you can pull out and enjoy socially. It can become a gateway drug though: from here, you'll cop a cheeky Road to El Dorado, or a snifter of Pandemic Legacy, and before you know it you'll be walking around Gameology in a daze looking for your next hit… will it be Nemesis? Or Twilight Imperium?

    • they stock Azul, price is pretty unremarkable though ($49).

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    Still looking for something to play with the 5-6 year olds after the disaster that was the bluey board game

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      Sushi go party and Quacks of Quedlinburg work well with my 7 and 5 year old

      • Sushi go is definitely kids friendly

      • Quacks of Quedlinburg?

        I bought that and whoa.. The rules. Looked so long I never read them.

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      There's a kids version of this called Dragomino. Haven't played it, but it looks cute.

      My friends started playing Carcassonne with their kids when they were 4. They also play Patchwork with the 5 year old, he's not the best at strategy, but he enjoys it.

      • Dragomino is great! Even my 3 year old grasps the concept and can play actively. Maybe not strategically, but actively.

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      I agree with your experience of the Bluey Board game. I think my kids (6 and 3) enjoyed snakes and ladders more. They don't mind the Bluey "Bingo" game. Game of Life Junior, Monopoly Empire, Uno (or Uno Flip), Monopoly Deal, Pass the Pigs, Cluedo Jnr and Yahtzee are our go to games with our 6 year old at the moment. You have to spend a bit of time discussing strategy, but my daughter can beat me at all of these regularly without any help. We've played Kingdomino twice but she had trouble with the strategy around frequency of pieces. Mind you, that was when she was 5 so she might be better now. You essentially want a game with enough chance that you won't win every time on strategy, or with a simple enough strategy that you can teach. Pandemic worked well with help, Dominion with the right card sets and the classics like Checkers, Cribbage, Chess (as long as you have people in your family who aren't too good to play with them), Jenga, Connect 4, Guess Who, Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary, Go Fish. Anything that you enjoy enough and spend time patiently (the hard part) teaching your kids, they will likely enjoy too. We find having a screen free week helps get them to play more boardgames too. Edit: tldr; anything with a basic strategy you can teach, but with enough chance that they will win sometimes.

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        Uno Flip and Monopoly Deal are both very good, cheap card games that work well.

        Thanks for all the other recommendations!

        Have you tried Outfoxed? My boss says that's really good for his 8 year old.

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          Haven't tried Outfoxed. I just looked it up and the theme looks great; plus it's co-op which seems to go well with my 6 year old the moment. Might be a good Christmas present to play on holidays this year. Thanks for the recommendation! Edit: any recommendation on where to buy? I've found it on Amazon for ~$31 and wondering if that's reasonable…

          Edit 2: Aaaand I just saw Shalom's recommendation below this to buy Outfoxed on Amazon immediately after editting.

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      I got Marvel United during a kickstarter last year. It's co-op and my 5 year old loves it. I have to help him a bit by explaining what actions he can do, but he makes all the choices, but the more we play it the more he is picking up. You can get the base game for less than $50 from Amazon.

      We also play a kids version of Castle Panic which my son loves.

    • When my kids were younger we used to play carcassonne with only scoring castles.
      Now they are 5 and 6 we play normally, but without farmers. (optionally remove one meeple because without farmers you'd have in effect unlimited)

    • yes ours lasted five minutes!!

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    Try outfoxed by Gamewright, available on Amazon or your FLGS
    Very kid friendly age rating 5+
    Cooperative game
    Tried posting the Amazon link but ozB thinks it is spam

  • Thanks. I chose the Ingle Farm store in SA for click and collect. Said 1 of 1 in stock. They said we are out of stock but will find the item and deliver it within 5 to 7 days for free, do you wish to continue. Yes.

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    Good little game, agree with the comment about watching a video to learn how to play. The rule book was a little convoluted for such a simple game.

    There's actually a kids version, Dragomino for those with little ones or if the kids struggle with Kingdomino (or just like dragons).

  • Great game. My kids picked it up straight away and I like it too.

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    It's a good game and has an interesting mechanism that encourages patience and strategic thinking. I'll describe it here in case it helps people decide if they want it:

    You play the game by laying domino-shaped pieces into a grid. Some pieces are objectively better than others, some of which might just be better for your existing layout. Each piece is marked with a number (starting from 1) and the ones which are objectively better - that is, they have better resources, or a bonus attached - are marked with a higher number. In each round the players take turns choosing from the pieces that are available that round. The order of turns for the first round is random, but the order for subsequent turns depends on the domino you chose on the last turn. If you chose one with the highest number, relative to the other ones which are available, you have the last turn on the next round. If you chose the second highest, your turn is the second last, and so forth.

    So the game encourages people to think ahead: is it worth taking a high-ranked domino that isn't so useful to your existing game board, or take a low-ranked domino and get first choice on the next round? Is it worth denying a domino to another player - because some dominos can end up giving players a huge score multiplier - when doing that will hurt you both on this round and on the next? It's a great way of teaching tactics and strategy. Unfortunately my son walks all over me with this, so now we play ones with more randomisation.

  • I bought outfoxed on Amazon back in 2019 for $21
    Plusses it is a cooperative game so kids love that we all win (or lose) together and one child doesn't feel bad for ending up last

    You insert clue cards into a picture frame and open a window- this is the USP of the game that children love

    Also you can easily alter the difficulty level of the game

    True story: the picture frame of the game was defective, the cards simply would not go all the way through. I sent an email to Gamewright games, and they posted a replacement all the way from USA. The replacement worked perfectly and that's how I became a fan of Gamewright, the company that makes outfoxed

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    Just letting people know that there is a free downloadable expansion available on the Blue Orange website - Kingdomino: The Court. Havent played it, but it looks interesting, and its free:- https://blueorangegames.eu/en/exclusivity-at-blue-orange-kin...

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    Would prefer to pay $5 extra, and support a local board game shop.

    But I agree, it's a great game.

  • Cheaper on eBay from Peter of Kensington with EBay plus (trial set up takes 2 minutes!). $30 - $7.50 (Code APBF25) pay with Afterpay (= $22.50) and also free delivery minus 16% Cashback until 11pm via ShopBack = $18.90!!! Be QUICK!!! Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Blue-Orange-Games-Kingdomino...

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