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Drillpro 99pcs M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set 1.5-10mm US$27.99 (~A$37.86) Delivered @ Banggood


Drillpro 99Pcs M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set 1.5-10mm HSS-Co Jobber Length Twist Drill Bits For Stainless Steel Wood Metal Drilling

I have bought these drills twice before an they a really good. Crazy level of hardness and hardly heat up at all. You can do 5 or 6 holes in the drill press and touch the drill afterwards. The downside is you need to be more careful with them as they break more easily. You need to drill slower and don't push as hard as they can cut in too quickly and bind up.


Drillpro 99Pcs M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set 1.5-10mm HSS-Co Jobber Length Twist Drill Bits For Stainless Steel Wood Metal Drilling


  • [High quality material]: M35 cobalt. Added 5% cobalt to improve hardness and heat resistance. The Rockwell hardness is up to 67. It has a faster cutting speed and a longer service life, which is 12 times that of an average HSS bit.

  • [Accurate Card Position]: Self-centering. The guiding separation point of the 135° rapid cutting is automatically centered and can be penetrated quickly under a small pressure. The straight shank can be firmly fixed and accurately centered, suitable for standard drill trays and conventional circular trays.

  • [Efficient and fast]: High-efficiency drilling can be carried out without walking. Remove debris and particles faster and easier.

  • [Low cost]: The lowest cost of drilling each hole. The solid cobalt steel drill bit can be reground.

  • [Split point]: You can drill directly to the required size without pre-drilling

  • [Widely used]: Suitable for drilling stainless steel, copper cast iron, galvanized pipe, iron, aluminum alloy and other non-heat-treated metals whose hardness is less than HRC38. Not suitable for hardened steel/high carbon steel. If it cannot penetrate, try to adjust the speed.

Product Name 99Pcs M35 Cobalt Twist Drill Bits Set
Brand Drillpro
Material HSS-Co M35 Cobalt

16 Pcs x 1.5 mm, 16 Pcs x 2 mm, 15 Pcs x 2.5mm,

10 Pcs x 3mm, 10 Pcs x 3.2mm, 8 Pcs x 3.5mm,

8 Pcs x 4mm, 3 Pcs x 4.5mm, 3 Pcs x 5mm

2 Pcs x 5.5mm, 2 Pcs x 6mm, 2 Pcs x 6.5mm

2 Pcs x 8mm, 2 Pcs x 10mm
Measurement System Metric
Shank Type Straight Shank
Shank Shape Round
Quantity 99 Pcs × Drill Bits


  • Cobalt drill bits require slow RPM when drilling metals. The suggested RPM is only for your reference. It may vary from different

materials. You can start from a lower RPM and adjust it higher slowly. Once the bit can get into the workpiece. the adjustment

should be stopped.

Package Included:
99 Pcs × Drill Bit
1 Pc ×
Storage Box

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  • +2

    OP, just curious, if you are saying they are good, how come you've already gone through 198 drills (2 sets) and is buying a 3rd set? Honest question - not having a dig at ya.

    • I haven't opened the 2nd or 3rd set yet, still on my first. But I did break some and there's only 2 of some sizes. I also do a fair bit of metalwork for a hobbyist so was getting some extras while they were cheap. Price is similar to a much smaller set I got locally where the drills would actually bend

    • +6

      If you do buy these, these are the things you should avoid doing

      1) Don't push too hard, they can cut in too far, bind up and snap. Just use the weight of the drill
      2) Keep drill speed down
      3) Don't drill metal at an angle
      4) Watch out for what the drillbit will hit when it goes through the metal
      5) Watch out for what the drill will hit when the drillbit goes through, sideways movement can cause them to break.

  • +1

    Thanks for the great review.

  • +1

    Bought a set last time and they are brilliant especially for the price
    Also seem to stay sharper longer than other cheap bits iv used.

    Case is pretty terrible though, need to find a better solution for that.

  • +1

    The Rockwell hardness is up to 67

    So, 3?

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered one.

  • +1

    Would these be good for drilling into a hardwood, like Jarrah, or are they strictly for metal?

    • They will work with wood. I haven't tried them though. Drillpro also sell non carbide bits at a lower price so they might be more suited. I just checked, their regular bits are on sale too:

      • +1

        Cheers, I have a set that looks almost exactly like that. Unfortunately they seem to heat up like crazy when drilling jarrah and then snap after a few holes.

        I think I'll buy a set of the original, cobalt ones. Worst case scenario is I have a set of decent drill bits for metal should I need them :)

        • +2

          M35 drills tend to be sharpened at 135 degrees on the tip instead of 118 for regular drill bits. Tends to be better suited for harder metals, I assume the same applies for wood as there is less cutting edge in contact with the material.

          Make sure you're retracting the drill enough. It's easy to forget in wood as the chips tend to squash up better in the flutes and you can continue pushing through it, but that squish tends to also result in more heat. Rule of thumb (in metal) would be go in say 3 times the diameter of your drill initially, then retract every diameter. So with a 10 mm drill, 30mm deep is fine, then peck the rest in 10 mm bites and retract the bit and make sure the chips are clearing from the flutes.

  • US$47.19 ???

    • Expired

    • I did pay that for my second set, still well worth it.

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