ShopMate is closing (25/2/22)

Hi [redacted],

On 25 February 2022, the ShopMate parcel-forwarding service will close. To ensure that parcels arrive in Australia before the closure, here’s what you need to do:

  • Order early. All parcels will need to arrive at the ShopMate centre in the USA before 10 January 2022. Consider delivery delays in the USA and any wait times for items you order
  • Pay for and declare any outstanding parcels that arrive before 10 January 2022 by 17 January 2022 so that they can be shipped to you in Australia
  • Take a look at our FAQs for more information
  • Please remove your ShopMate shipping address anywhere you’re using it

Any parcels remaining at the ShopMate centre in the USA after 17 January 2022 will be returned to the USA merchant, and you may be charged for this*, but we want to help you avoid that happening. If you have any questions, please contact us on 1300 624 475 between 8am-6pm (AEST) Monday – Friday (except national public holidays) or by email on [email protected]. The team will be available to answer questions up until 25 February 2022.

Thank you for supporting the ShopMate service – we've enjoyed helping you shop in the USA.

Kind regards,
Australia Post

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  • Matter of time after Singapore post launched vpost

    Vpost is the exact same service (even uses auspost)
    Same prices
    Same poor service
    Same shocking packing services.

    • Is Vpost that bad? I was under the impression it is better.

      EDIT. Actually, never mind.

      • +5

        We appreciate you for taking up your time to write a comment.

        Unfortunately, we are not able to locate your name that was correlate to any such complains that you described.
        Kindly assist to provide your ozb number and case id and we will get our customer service to assist you further.

        • ROFL! I saw those comments! It's like 1 in every 3 of their responses are like that.

  • +1

    Australia Post is like having an anti-Midas touch. Everything they do suck and it's only alive because it's a virtual monopoly being Government's GBE.

    I can't recall (other than Telstra) of a business which is so sucky in service and happily jacking prices continuously, inconsequentially, and regularly at least once every quarter.

    • +3

      Media, Road tolls, Electricity providers, etc, love raising prices too?

      • +4

        Agree re. toll charges. Even as a rampant capitalist I find it egregious that 1% per quarter increases have been codified into these arrangements for life. It may not sound like much when it starts out at 4c for a $4 toll, but when that runs for 25+ years, it adds up.

        While I have no problem with prices increasing over time, there should be some need for the government of the day to have to face into those price rises, not just shrug them off and say "that's what was agreed to by the other mob 10 years ago". Especially when the construction only gets the go ahead with existing roads being blocked off/choked up.

        • +1

          The government of the day decided the opposite, heavy penalties if future governments cancel/change the contract.

          All legal.

          • @orangetrain: Agree that it's legal.

            But my point is that, in my opinion, these increases should be subject to specific periodic review and approval, and not just baked into the original contract with automatic quarterly ratcheting.

        • Toll roads provide a good service for a price

          Auspost provides shit service for a price and blames covid

          there's your difference

      • Media can be had for either free or low price. You just need to know how **wink wink ***.
        Road tolls. Agree. Transurban got the free pass to charge ridiculous amount and changes every quarter. Remember this at the next state VIC election yeah?
        Electricity Providers. Funnily enough you said that. My electricity contract up for renewal and they are actually offering me cheaper rate… for the first time in probably 5 or 6 years?

    • +2

      Everything they do suck and it's only alive because it's a virtual monopoly being Government's GBE.

      Yeah this is such bullshit. The media and a certain political party have done a huge amount to discredit Auspost and give them a bad reputation, but with the tens of thousands of packages I've got through the system I'd be hard pressed to remember a SINGLE instance of a problem that was due to Auspost.

      —- yeah, yeah, you might have a shit local postie who drops a note instead of waiting for you to come to the door. But for every 1 shit postie there's probably thousands of good ones.

      We've moved a couple times and have had good posties in all locations.

      No one speaks about the good ones though so you just hear the bad.

      Considering how isolated and spread out Australia is, auspost does pretty well. I wish it were better, but it's certainly not the disaster the media want to make you think it is.

      • Oooh you gotta hear this one.

        The other day Ozb was advertising Cocobella packs. I bought 2 packs from Amazon on the same day, same order.

        Funnily enough, one of them was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow (by Amazon) and the other one was scheduled to be delivered by…. you guessed it Australia Post. It was an expedited delivery order.

        I got the first one the next day (the one by Amazon) but I am YET to receive the next one. Ordered 22/10, 1st scheduled to arrived 3/11, delayed to 8/11 (today) and I am still yet to hear the delivery. Fortunately, Amazon was very good and sent me another one in the interim and said if I get the other one, keep it.

        Amazon has just guaranteed their next renewal fee from me.

        • Yes, if you read about the culture at Amazon it's like that. It's very customer centric.

      • +1

        AUSPost is definitely not perfect.. and very slow at the moment.

        But at least if you live in a regional, rural area (ie farmers) or do not have a street address Auspost will deliver or has a post office not to far away… Unlike courier companies.

        In the past when I have used couriers other than Auspost usually they just leave a card without even knocking .. then expect me to pick up from a depot that is about 1.5 hour return drive away and only open a couple of hours a day, in the middle of the day when I am at work . …

        It would be nice if there was a courier company that offered an equivalent service to Auspost.. but there are none..

        Unfortunately most of the courier companies cherry-pick.. offering good service in the main metro areas at the expense of people who live in regional and rural areas. Auspost is left to pick up the difference …

        As for ebay sellers that do not offer an Auspost option … they miss out on business from me and many other people in regional and rural areas

  • +1

    OK Ozbargainers - give me some good recommended alternatives plz

    • -1
      • +5

        "Powered by Aramex". That's a no for me.

        • +2

          that'll be a no from me dawg

    • I know it was popular on whirlpool 10 odd years ago
      Looks like website is dead. edit: lol died in 2008..

    • +1

      I've used and can recommend both and, MyUS generally being the cheaper of the two.

      Avoid Stackry. Expensive and slow.

    • I use both comGateway and MyUS with MyUS being cheaper sometimes as they only charge you on actual weight when the others go by volumetric weight if its more than actual weight.

      What I dont like about MyUS is they take ages to process incoming shipments to their warehouse and their free tier doesnt allow consolidation while their paid tier allows it but there are still optional services chargeable while comGateway will charge you a fee to consolidate and the surcharge (fuel and processing due to GST) but thats it for most items. They are also quick most of the time to process incoming shipments and will generally send out parcels same day if you lodge the request same day (US time) and pay for Express Shipping.

  • +3

    Wow they decide to close just when I was about to order some Cartier watches from the USA….

    • +1

      No love for the little people.

      "It's Time" someone did something.

  • Anyone know or can recommend any shipping services from Vietnam?

  • Cant be any happier,
    Accidentally order something there and you will have
    1. Wasted money on order
    2. Pay Auspost aka Shopmate to dispose the bloody dam thing (even if its something like 1 sheet of paper or a PS5).

    This is all aside from the fact they never offer combining of packages (unless they come in same transaction/seller)

  • I'm concerned people could use Shopback and particularly with a non-Amazon order be in a bad place with Shopback ending.

    If a product is wrong, broken, arrives damaged or develops issues, who will be liable for the return process?

    Also, will the alternative service promoted be able to deliver into AusPost Parcel Locker in the same seamless manner?

    I remember when the AusPost mantra used to be "We Deliver" and observe what a joke this has now become.

    I guess it just isn't sustainable to keep using the name ShopMate, because Mates don't let mates down.

    • If a product is wrong, broken, arrives damaged or develops issues, who will be liable for the return process?

      Basically, who knows.

      Also this kind of sucks:
      All articles in transit from the US to Australia that have been paid and declared by 17th January 2022 will go through the normal procedure for delivery to you. The ShopMate Terms and Conditions apply until the service is fully decommissioned. Items that arrive after the 10th January 2022 will be returned to sender, however any items that arrive after the 17th January 2022 will be discarded.

      Why is it so hard to continue delivering items that are received after 17th? You still paid for delivery… What a joke

      • I saw the Movie "Castaway" starring Tom Hanks who played Chuck the FedEx executive.

        Honestly, a lot of the freight eventually got to the recipients, despite the plane crash, Wilson going missing and everything…

        I guess fiction is better than truth.

        The only part ShopMate and Auspost kept was the parcel chuck. lol

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