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Dyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy Extra Cordless Stick Vacuum - $699 Delivered @ MyDeal


Hi all - thought this was a decent deal for a Dyson v10. I think this model comes with a few less attachments than the others but otherwise same main unit.

Appears to be an international unit.

Detailed Specifications

Colour: Red
Model: v10 Fluffy
Dimensions: 124 x 26 x 25cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 2.5kg
Cyclone technology: 14 concentric array cycles
Suction power: 150AW
Bin volume: 0.54L
Filtration: Advanced whole machine filtration
Cleaner head: Soft roller cleaner head
Run time: 60 mins
Charge time: 3.5 hours
Please note that this is an international Dyson model. An offical Dyson Australia Power Supply (Part number: 969350-05) is included.
Warranty: 12 months Supplier Warranty (Included)

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    This seems expensive for an imported model with less components. Plus good luck getting any assistance at all from automated customer service bots with days of delays between responses from MyDeal if this becomes faulty. I'd wait for better deals on genuine Dyson Australia stock with proper 2 year warranty. This is the month of deals apparently.

    • hey, what gives you the inclination it's the month of deals for Dyson? I'm waiting for a good v7/8 deal for the mother in time for xmas

      • Click Frenzy, Black Friday sales this month.

      • V7 is being discontinued from core range and once sold out will only be an event SKU available at certain times for reference.

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    This is an international model with important differences to Australian V10.
    1: Australian V10 has a larger canister, 760ml vs 540ml
    2: as this is a fluffy model which is made for the Asian market where rugs and carpets are uncommon, you’ll need to buy the torque drive head separately. This would negate any savings the fluffy head doesn’t clean carpet, whereas the torque drive head on v10 animal does both carpet and hardfloors. The fluffy head is better for hardfloors, but if you have carpets won’t dig into them to deep clean.
    3; When V10 animal goes on special, it comes down to maybe $10-20 more than this and gives you 2 years warranty

    Better to order a V10 animal next time it’s on special, and then IF you decide you need the fluffy head, it can be purchased over the phone with Dyson support or just buy v10 availed when available.

    Hope this helps

    • Thanks for clarifying

  • I can't believe someone thinks it's ok to spend $700 on a vacuum cleaner.

    • You've never had a dyson stick vacc :P

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