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Microsoft 365 Family Office 6 Users 1 Year Licence Email $98 Delivered (Email Delivery) @ SaveOnIT


Microsoft 365 Family 6 Users 1 Year digital license. Delivery by email with no shipping cost. Australian license suitable for new subscription or renewal of your existing subscription.

Quite a good deal to extend your existing licence. Please let me know how many years you are able to stack these up.

Apparently you cannot stack up pass 2025 according to this comment

Edit: There is a surcharge of 2% when paying via credit card or paypal.

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    Price beat at officeworks. I successfully did it a couple of months back.

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      Tried it and they rejected me. Why? Their product/mode number is different to other retailers. And because it’s different they say it’s not identical.

      This seems to be recent as when I search the number, ONLY Officeworks shows up.

      So, I left and bought from here. Dirty move changing the mode number so you don’t have to price match.

      • It was different when I did too but over the phone sales rep did match it. I guess the person did not dig deep. I feel sorry for you. Anyways you did a good job by supporting small business who are struggling more than big businesses like officeworks.

  • Here's my purchase history:

    13/7/17 $79
    2/7/18 $85
    2019 and 2020 I think there was a Lenovo deal?
    6/9/21 $97

    Pretty well the go-to place for Office 365 Family for 6 users

  • Can the 6 users be around the world? Possible to share with family member in UAE?

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      I share mine with my family across the continent and it works!

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        My bro's fiancee's family is across the ocean and they've shared theirs with him.

  • After failing to jump on the half price offer that came up in a windows update a few months back, I might have to jump on this one. Basically, I my wife and my folks need the cloud storage for our photos and videos that we take on our phones and that are sent to us from family and friends.

    • If you get even a few people using it, it's great value. Hopefully in the next few years they do bump up that 1tb limit.

      • Hopefully in the next few years they do bump up that 1tb limit

        Be careful what you wish for!
        They don't make changes without economic incentives.
        They might increase limit to 10TB but double their entry level cost

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    Found it on Ebay for $87 using afterpay or $83 with ebay plus code.

    • Can you share a link please?

    • I think you are referring to the Personal 1 user license for $83. I believe the cheapest is $95 with ebay plus code.

    • Can you please share the link? Thanks

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    I have plenty of office 365 e3 msdn 1 user 1 year 5TB OD accounts, toooo much better than this.

    • Well if you have a MSDN subscription thats fine, otherwise they should not be shared. The above is the right way to be purchasing, to be shared with your family.

      • Not a MSDN subscription, I have the admin account, able to open sub accounts.

  • the ones are classified are ok ?

  • I have a 5 user plan. Will it accept this voucher?

    Thanks in advance.

  • FYI, there's a 2% surcharge for PayPal or Credit Card. Brings the total to $99.96 ($1.96 surcharge)

    • Just buy eBay gift cards (through Shopback app) and pay with the gift cards. This way you get an additional 3% cashback rather than the credit card surcharge

    • Thank you! Will add that to the description.

  • Can all 6 family members have the same name and phone number, or even the same person?

    • If you have 6 different emails, sure

  • Arr gone are the good old days where you can get a personal plan for 4 years for $129 under the 365 University offer, only need an edu email. My 4 years is coming up, will have to lookout for annual discount like this going forward.

    • Reckon this type of discount will be gone in the near future

  • When do you have to activate - say if I still an ongoing active account expiring Jun-22, can I use this to extend further/ activate in May-22?

    • Mine is expiring 15 Dec 2021 and I activated 3 codes to bump it to 15 Dec 2024. I think expiry dates stay the same.

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