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Mattresses: King Euro Top Pocket Spring $99 (Was $299) and Queen Memory Foam Hybrid $179 (Was $379) + Delivery @ Kmart Online


This brand seems to be getting very good reviews (the low price could be part of the reason for that, but the reviews I read mentioned quality rather than price, so it's probably not a big reason).

King size Euro Top Pocket Spring $99 (was $299)
(Sold Out) (Available Again)

Queen size Bed Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress $179 (was $379)
Please note that there are a number of reports in the comments that delivery is not available to some areas.

But, before you click, be aware that delivery cost can be very substantial, and varies by factors such as weight of product.

So, to see how much it would cost to be delivered to you, add the mattress to your cart (there is no need to log in or create an account to do this) Click checkout, and enter your postcode.

The delivery fee I looked at, to a suburb about half an hour out of Brisbane which is about 30-35 Km, is almost $80 (which made the total cost of the $99 mattress closer to $170).

Subject to availability, this product is available for purchase in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, SA and TAS, and the North Island of New Zealand.

Note: this is basically the same deal as one they had a few months ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648220 (except the full retail price was $399 instead of the $299 it is now).

But it's only very few sizes that get such big discounts, which makes me think that the mattresses are not bad, but the sizes don't sell?

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  • +4

    Got the King a few months back. Very comfortable but a bit soft and feels like it's already collapsing.

    • Have you considered getting a replacement or refund?

      They have a 10 year warranty and, depending on the manufacturer, sag of around 4-6 cm (from memory) is a valid reason to use the warranty.

      • +1

        Yeah, but it's not that bad yet. I'll give it more time then go for a replacement.

  • Unfortunately, some items are not available for delivery. Please remove unavailable items or update quantity to proceed.

    • Can you please let me know which of the two mattresses are not available for delivery?

      And if it's not too personal, the post code of a suburb near you (not your personal postcode).

      So I can have a look, and edit the deal as needed, thanks.

      Maybe the delivery is not available where you are, I think they exclude all of Northern Territory, so it wouldn't surprise me if you are in a place where they can't deliver.

      • I'm in Victoria Geelong and thats for the queen size bed memory bed

        • Please try again.

          I entered the Geelong postcode 3220 and the first time it said exactly what you said.

          Then I clicked the back button, removed the item (queen size bed) from the basket, then added it again using the same postcode, and it worked (took me to checkout).

          Edit: nevermind, I just tried the 3220 postcode again, and I couldn't get it to work again for that area.

          The king size is now sold out, unfortunately, I will edit the deal.

          Thanks for the information.

          P.s you can try some postcodes in suburban Brisbane, such as 4205 or a more regional area 4285, the queen size still works for me.

      • Both sold out online.

        • If you're interested in the queen size bed, please try again, if you have time (I provided the information in my post above).

        • Nevermind, I tried the 3220 postcode, and I couldn't get it to work now either, I guess there are some areas they do not deliver to. Sorry mate.

  • -3

    This statement is a tad disturbing:

    'Delivered compressed, rolled and boxed direct to your door'

  • OOS for me :(

    • There could be a glitch with the queen size mattress, if you’re interested and if you have the time, please try again (remove everything from the basket, go back, reload pages, etc) it may work for you, because it didn't work for me using the 3220 Geelong postcode at first, but it worked fine after another try or two.

    • Nevermind, I tried the 3220 postcode, and I couldn't get it to work now either, I guess there are some areas they do not deliver to. Sorry mate.

  • I bought the Kmart queen hybrid 2 months ago - it does come in rolled up in a box. I find it is pretty good, soft but supportive. Time will tell if it will last longer than the Aldi.
    Previously I had the Aldi mattress in the box - those only last about 1 year before they sag and become lumpy. Initial they are soft and comfortable. I replaced it after 2 years with another Aldi mattress in a box and same thing after about 1 year. I am 65kg and my wife about 45kg.

    • Yeah, the ALDI ones seem to be good just for a guest room or a young child

    • I bought the IKEA queen in a box. About 5 years old now. Starting to sag a little but not too bad. I'll probably get one of these deals in a few months and give it go for a year. Curious if I will sleep better with a new mattress.

  • My daughter ordered the double in September for delivery in Melbourne. She also ordered a bed base, table and chair as she was moving in a flat with no furniture.
    She has been sleeping on the floor waiting for this entire order with no tracking code or information of what's happening.
    After sending multiple messages and asking what's happening she received no answer.
    She phoned them yesterday and they couldn't tell her what was happening but gave her a refund.
    Kmart online ordering process is sub par.

    • So strange. I ordered a King on 1 Sept in Melbourne and received it on the 3rd.

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