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3 Months of Apple TV+ with All LG Smart TV Models (2016-2021, 8K and 4K)


Seems alright new subs only

2016-2021, 8K and 4K LG Smart TV models and is available to LG TV owners who sign-up for the Apple TV+ promotion by February 13, 2022

  • Offer available with LG 8K TVs and LG 4K TVs on eligible 2016 to 2021 models. Offer starts 16 November, 2021 and ends 13 March, 2022. Trial offer must be redeemed by 20 March, 2022. New subscribers only. Plan automatically renews at $7.99 per month until cancelled. Full terms: lg.com/au/promotions


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  • +1

    bought an ipad for kids, comes with 1 year apple tv, activated, never watch anything. happy with disney+ netflix. any suggestion on apple tv?

    • +17

      Ted Lasso is 10/10

    • I tried to get into a few of their series: Morning Wars, Mr Corman, Servant. I feel the same way.

    • +9

      For All Mankind
      Raised By Wolves

      • -1

        Raised by Wolves was good… until the season finale.

        • What the finale for raised by wolves was great

      • Raised by Wolves is a HBO show

      • Raised by Wolves isn't free on it…

    • +3

      The wife loved Trying and See. I like Ted Lasso and MQ. We're watching Morning Wars now. Almost all their content are in Dolby Vision and Atmos too which is a treat if you have the setup for it

    • +2

      Foundation & See

      • +1

        I'd recommend See as well, something a bit different

    • +1

      It’s definitely not there in terms of selection yet, but a few shows I enjoyed were:
      Little America
      Defending Jacob
      Amazing Stories

    • +1

      The Morning Show (Morning Wars in Australia) is amazing. Especially Season 2. Best thing I’ve seen on TV in a long time.
      Home Before Dark (Season 1) is pretty cute and funny. Season 2 not as good though.
      Defending Jacob is ok, but feels a bit soulless.
      The Elephant Queen is a pretty good wildlife documentary.
      Wolfwalkers is for kids, but really beautiful (Celtic) animation.
      Trying (comedy series) wasn’t too bad.

    • Coda

    • +2

      personally Apple TV not worth any subscription spend

    • Sadly a lot of the Apple TV+ content push a lot of social agendas and so i ended up having to stop watching half of the shows as they just werent very good to start with. They have good quality audio and video but the agendas is a put off and insulting. Saying that , there were some i enjoyed like Ted Lasso and a couple of others.

    • 3rd episode into Invasion it's pretty good

  • Wait, they have Apple TV on LG TVs now?

    • Just an app

      • +7

        Apple TV Plus, rather?

        When are they getting bloody Kayo =\

      • Yeah I have it on the Sony. Only problem with the app version is that it lacks the games function from the actual Apple TV.

        If you haven’t anything to watch, I’d keep the offer until masters of the air comes out. It’s exclusive to Apple.

  • I have a LG c1 but can't see any banner ad for this. How do I activate it?

    • +4

      Title says in 6 days so.. let's wait.

      • +1

        Lol oops. Thank you.

        • No problem :D

  • New sign ups only?

  • +2

    iPad + PS5 + LG TV = 21 months

  • +1

    I have a 4K smart Tv 2016 model, but I don't seem to find any Apple ad banner nor instruction for the offer.
    Only able to download Apple TV+ though.

    • -2

      I got the pop-up and downloaded the app now. Check.

      • I give you a neg as it’s not there.

  • +1

    Same here… Maybe it starts on the 15th USA time

    • -2

      Try now.

  • -2

    No still nothing on offer

    • Yeah sadly nothing here on my tv last night I went to Aus webpage and promotions and nothing either

    • Foundation is the best show out at the moment.
      Compelling viewing.

      For All Mankind is very good
      Ted Lasso is feelgood and a quality short episode show which can be hard to find.

      Morning Wars is better than most
      Calls is interesting

      Certainly enough stuff there to keep you interested for a a free 3 months.

  • +1

    Date on site altered to Nov 16 commencement instead of 15th. Just checked my G1. No banner, opened Apple TV app and subscribe option only has 7 days free. (I've never subscribed before). I guess I have until Feb 2022 to make use of the promo…Netflix, Stan, Prime & Disney can keep me entertained in the meantime!

    • Now appearing…

  • Okay it wasn't there at 8am BUT It is now 10:30am (QLD) - happy days

    • Yep. I can see it in my old smart TV 2016 as well. Thanks for the update.

  • +1

    lol downvoting someone who sees the offer. Appears for me. 3 months.

  • I see it on my B6 but it gave an error until I deleted the app first (I previously had it installed).

  • I've never used Apple TV - how do I watch for free? I've signed up, but everything I open seems to require you to purchase the episode….

    • When you go into it, it should have a Apple tv+ channel for stuff to watch, like Invasion, Finch, Greyhound is what I'm watching so far

  • +1

    Redeemed 3 free months successfully on my B7. I had a previous active subscription to atv+ so not a “new” customer.

    • Good to know.
      Normally I would have just created a new account.

  • I keep getting an error, even after I deleted the app

  • Got a notification on my c1. Went to the LG app store on the tv and completed the signup from there. A promo code is displayed when you click on the offer which needs to be used for redeeming the 3 months subscription.

  • When I used the code it gave me 7 day trial+ 3 months free.

    • You need to go into the apps and click on the banner that says 3 months and it generates the code for you to copy you just went into the app and signed up for the 7 day trial

      • +2

        Yeah, when I signed up I got the 7 day trial+ 3 months free.

        • Oh my bad totally read that wrong nice !

  • Worked on My LG C1 I purchased about three months ago - new Apple TV subscriber.

  • It appears as a code that’s entered as an Apple GC. Although it can’t be used to stack on to a current subscription. Definitely for new or expired users it seems.

  • When are people cancelling? Once the free 7 day trial finishes and into the free 3 months?

  • +1

    Activation Date extended to 13 March 2022 for anyone else holding out as long as possible.
    I'm hoping to catch "Master's of the Air" in the free period.

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