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[Pre Order, Switch] Metroid Dread Amiibo $44 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Received an email alert that these are available for pre-order at Kogan, delivery is from the 24th November and limited to 2 per account.
Secondary market hasn't gone crazy over these yet, but better than paying scalper prices.

If you have the targeted Kogan offer via Shopback, buy the $50 gift card to get 2% cashback and an extra $5 gift card to use later on.

Last time they had it available was the start of October and sold out pretty quick, so available stock for pre-order may be limited.

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  • Nice find!

  • They will probably be packed in a satchel though since its Kogan. So buy at your risk if you want the box in mint condition

    • Exactly, that's my story.

      • Yeah mine came from Kogan in a satchel and it was beat up in the corners.

        don't recommend if you are looking at keeping it sealed for collection.

    • +1

      Wish i had Sammyboy's wisdom going in. They do indeed come in a satchel, then my overworked postie launched it at my door just to make sure the condition would be poor. All the corners were bent and bonus points so was the plastic around Sam and Emi. :'(

  • Brilliant thanks OP. Still waiting on them to find the last one I ordered and got shipped a month ago. Maybe I cancel and refund that one and I get a new order in

  • +1

    These are being restocked at many retailers. Jbs around Brisbane have them in store (so assumingly nationwide) as well as Nintendo online. I wouldn’t be in a big rush to buy. Suck it scalpers.

  • +4

    Good luck, mine finally shipped from Kogan 4 weeks after release (preorder in July), no packaging protection at all, just shoved in a plastic mail bag, understandably it arrived completely crushed.

    • Make a complaint to Kogan, return and ask for refund due to damaged package.

    • +1

      Disagree, considering we are paying premium for these I would expect packaging to be intact, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

      • Would you also expect the packaging of a kettle to not be damaged at all during shipping even if the actual kettle is not damaged at all?

        • +1

          I have had Amiibos posted from other retailers (even with free shipping) in proper boxes and protection.

          I am not sure where you are going with your kettle comparison but at the end of the day we paid extra for shipping and shouldn't have come damaged.

          You pay for a service which should have extra care put in. If the guy packing them has no idea then he needs training.

        • To the consumer, I would care less about the kettle than a collectible item.
          The point is, if I am paying premium for a collectible item, it should be recognised so and treated like so by the retailer.

          • @Feedthetroll:

            To the consumer, I would care less about the kettle than a collectible item.

            This is a toy. It only becomes a collectible item when we project an artificial additional value on to the item.

            I get where you are coming from. I’d be pissed too. But I think legally a retail is only responsible for insuring the product is delivered undamaged, not the packaging (but hey, I’m not a lawyer).

            The point is, if I am paying premium for a collectible item

            You’re paying a premium because there’s high demand and low stock. For every collector that wants a nice box, I bet there’s a kid who just wants to play with the toy (not treat it like an investment).

            • @PainToad: Even if it's a toy I would expect it to be delivered properly packaged.

              I am not referring to legalities here. As a consumer if I see this crap I would not shop again at Kogans, unless it's super discounted.

              • @Feedthetroll:

                As a consumer if I see this crap

                100% agree.

                I would not shop again at Kogans, unless it's super discounted.


        • Yes.

    • +3

      Doesnt matter if it s a toy.

      You pay for shipping and you expect the product to arrive and packaged properly as it was like new.

      not all banged up.

      If it was a gift, you wouldnt want to give it to someone all banged up.

      • Would be interesting what rights consumers have with packaging.

        • I disputed it with Kogan and got a partial refund.

      • At this point I wish online stores needed to clarify what kind of packing they use. So I could know if its okay to order from them or not.

        Seems like often overseas retailers do a better job than local ones.

        I bought some stuff from Play Asia and got a lovely fitted box with a bubble wrap sleeve around the game.

        While EBGames sends the bare minimum that doesn't even prevent the internals from being scratched up.

        • How much was shipping from Play Asia?

          • @ow: Free the second time I ordered, and 7.90 USD for the first time.

          • @ow: They have a current promo for free shipping in November above $49 USD.

            Keep in mind they add 10% tax at checkout

            Use code "CENSORED" for 5% off entire order to mitigate a bit of the tax expense.

  • +1

    Also available directly from Nintendo:

    • +2

      100% go that way if you want it online. Nintendo might charge a little more, but their packing is top notch.

  • +3

    In stock everywhere, $39 at big w, Nintendo online etc

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