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$5 Kogan Gift Card on a $50 Kogan Gift Card @ ShopBack (App Required)


Get a bonus $5 Kogan gift card when you purchase a $50 Kogan gift card

The $5 bonus gift card will be ontop if the 2% cashback taking total savings to $6 (12%)

Pro tip - You can use your cashback as a payment method

Referral Links

Referral: random (3849)

$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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    Is there an expiry on the $5 bonus card?

  • I can't see anything about it in the app, is it automatic?

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      In Shopback app, on main screen I scrolled down to Monthly Challenges and it was the first one there.

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        Weird, definitely not there for me

      • Followed that advice and found it :)

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    Looks targeted

  • savings to $6 (12%)


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      6/55 = 10.91%

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    Kogan is the worst site to purchase as they don't have any deal that is cheaper than ebay or amazon… IMO. i bought $100 gift card at 15% discount 2 year ago and still have $70 credit left…. as literally everything is either costly or have big shipping fees…. !

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      Hehe you don't know how to find a bargain . They are often the cheapest on a large range of products :)

      • Probably he used up Wish eGCs, but not Kogan.

      • +1

        Which product is good to buy from Kogan?

        • +1

          Honestly the only one I can think of is 8bitdo controllers for switch

    • additionally, their customer service is a big joke. Kosgammer & Jacker.

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    CMIIW, I remembered Kogan allows only 1 gift card to be used in a single transaction.

    • It works like Amazon these days, you claimed it as balance, so can use as many as you want. Once redeemed though, it only has 1 year expiry (unlike Amazon that has no expiry).

      • So is it like store credit? so you can add two lots of $50 and you will have $100 as credit, is that how it work?

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          Yes, but if you claim on different dates, they'd have different expiry for each (can see it under credit). It'd start using the oldest one first I think (not too sure on this, as I usually bought the amount I need, claim and spend them all)

          • @hny3: Be careful with the Kogan giftcards, it only allows 1 giftcard per transaction. I was just tricked. So I will need to find 3 other items form Kogan to use up the other $50 giftcard and the two $5 additonal Kogan gift cards.

            When I tried, I can't use the second gift card. @hny3 can you apply multiple vouchers to a tranaction?

            This is the term that I see after adding the $50 gift card into my Kogna account

            "Limit one per order.
            Cannot be used in conjunction with other Kogan.com credits."

            • +1

              @JOHNNO2013: Yes, I stacked like a dozen of them 3-4 months ago. Some were egift card from ShopBack, some from CashRewards (their Thrill gift card), and some directly from Kogan (using Amex offers). I think you mixed up with voucher? There's a little catch in memory that we need to pay a little with credit card if we also add Kogan First trial on the card (I paid like $10-ish with cc) - I learned from someone mentioning that we can't pay the entire order with gift card (I think was mentioned on Amex thread), possibly because they want our cc number for the Kogan First, but otherwise there's no limit as it became balance when we redeemed the gift card

  • Ruslan and Gerry are the most despised men on OzBargain by a longshot.

    Also happy birthday Gerry!

  • Is this a normal cashback or one of those cashbacks that you can't withdraw until you get $10 worth of "normal" cashbacks?

    • Hey @niknah, sorry for the delay,
      This is a Bonus Gift Card that is credited alongside the regular Cashback you recieve.
      You don't require $10 in your account to use/redeem the Gift Card from your 'Purchases' tab :)

  • Will the $5 gift card be emailed with attached t&c for new customers only, like the McDonald's "deal"?

    • Hey @heal, sorry for the delay.
      No email will be sent out for this, as the Gift Card will be credited to your account under the 'Purchases' tab on our App.
      Also, this promo isn't targeted to New Customers :)

  • Only use case for this I can think of is for Kogan mobile. Hoping for a bogof plan around black friday again this year. Anyone know if Kogan gcs work for those?

  • Nice to see the rep stuck around to answer queries 🙄

    • +1

      Hey @Chickenleg, I'm so sorry for the delayed response (I forgot to jump online over the weekend).

      Did you manage to find the challenge on the app?

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    Good luck if you deal with Kogan. You will need it.

  • finally managed to find something to buy from kogan just to use my unused credit sitting in their site for last 2 year + … ! Never again will be buying any kogan gift card.

    Shopback and Cashreward should ban Kogan store from their offering… literally can't find a deal and everything is super costly and if cheap then it comes with heavy shipping cost…! what i bought today wasn't cheap but i just want to use the credit so paid $20 extra then other site and finished the gift card..!