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Bonsoy Soy Milk 1 Litre $3.90 ($3.51 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Just noticed this was back. First time posting so go easy on me :)

$3.90 deal is back again, $3.51 if you subscribe & save - the usual setup!

Max 6 per user.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Excellent post, correct title and all. If only we had more L-platers like you, OP.

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      He still said

      First time posting so go easy on me

      Not good enough

      • They always fail at that one.

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        tiger parent

  • Thanks op! Was just starting to run out from my last 6.

  • Just curious - after ordering the maximum of 6, when does the system allow you to make another similar order?

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      In my experience, it won't let you order again until they re-jigger the prices next. It usually tells me something generic about there being problems with items in my cart until that point.

      • Ahh fair enough - always wondered, but never got around to trying.

        Cheers OP, nice first post btw :)

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    Just came on OzB for the first time in about a week. Saw this post first and a purchase is made. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP. I suspect Amazon is price matching Woolies. They have them as $1 off this week.

  • I like these posts because it tells me when they are price matching with another shop. Woolworths this time around :


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    Don't understand why this is so expensive, I bought it with the $15 off but wouldn't buy it at regular price, not worth it imo

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      I agree this soy milk is somewhat overrated. But it’s a premium produced with “organic soy beans” and “Japanese technology” so I guess that’s why it’s priced so high :p

      Also, from what I remembered, this soy milk is actually pressed straight from beans, compared to other brands usually uses concentrated/ powder and then re-constitute back to milk form.

      • Thanks for the info, I usually buy the $1.60 colesworth organic so guess missing out on the Japanese technology 😀

        • Haha I am not that picky with soy milk, and i dont think they are that good tbh

          • @henryph-am: No, not worth it, just bought some bonvit powder, pure soybean, bit gross

    • It depends on how picky you are about soy milk. This one in particular is popular in cafés because it textures very well for use in coffee and has a more subtle soy milk taste compared to other types. In saying that, I wouldn't bother paying this much for it if you're going to use it for your cereal/muesli and stick to using something cheaper.

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      Don't buy bonsoy unless you're using it for coffee. It's the best for coffee but otherwise I'd buy the cheaper stuff

  • I thought this was a chocolate bar and got excited…

  • How long does it keep once opened?

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      7 days in fridge

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      Mine usually easily last 4-5 days once opened.

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    It's $3.99 all year round at Aldi.

    • ^ this

      Unless on specials and even cheaper.

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    You may not want to buy this given their history:


    • says NO KOMBU on box now.

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    Bonsoy Almond milk is the same price.

  • Wish we could buy more than 6.

    • Is it $3.50 at woolies or coles this week?

      • Woollies

      • It's 3.90 at woolies

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    I never understand the hype.

    This tastes 'good' for coffee because it has filler and additives like tapioca syrup and hato mugi.

    If you grew up consuming homemade soy milk, this tastes like powdered milk with zero soybean aroma.

    • Home made soy is great for drinking cold, I wouldn't drink this by itself. But have you tried home made soy for coffee? It's horrible.

      • Have you tried bonvit? If so is it similar to home made?

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