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Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless (Green Switch) - Nordic Layout $146.27 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Really decent price , seems like historical low for Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro Wireless
Please note it's Nordic Layout
But worst case just getting a set of keycaps?

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    But worst case just getting a set of keycaps?

    Won't solve the issue, as UK has a different keyboard layout (ie. the enter button).

    • I think OP is referring to just changing keycaps so it's in english rather than all the extra nordic keys. ISO keycaps are definitely less common, but it's not impossible to find a set.

  • Green Switch, Nordic Layout

    • Razer green switches are the clicky keys (orange switches are silent keys, yellow switches are linear and silent)

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    Eh? Tell us how you go with your new set of keycaps…

  • I actually prefer the UK layout as I like the double row Enter key.

    I'm looking at my UK keyboard now and trying to work out if the physical keys location map 1 to 1, and it appears to be. The accented characters are where the symbols are, which is okay to reshuffle the keycaps, but the issue is and they have different combinations (e.g. in UK ";" and ":" are on the same key, but ";" goes with " ' " in Nordic - to fit the accented characters it looks like the layout squeezes more symbols onto the same key e.g. "<\>|").

    It's one of those "its 90% there, but the remaining 10% will annoy you forever" things. It means ordering keycaps to replace the unusable ones or ignoring the keycaps. hmm..

    • found a UK layout TKL v3 for $110, bought that one. Still +1 to OP for a heads up on the deal. https://www.amazon.com.au/Razer-BlackWidow-Tenkeyless-Mechan...

    • So I have a backward L Enter key keyboard (imagine the Enter key and \ key are fused together to form a bigger enter key). That moved the \ key next to /, and shrunk the right shift by 1U.

      You wouldn't believe have many typos I have made because I was trying to press shift and I pressed \ by accident on that keyboard. I basically press towards the left edge of the right shift with my pinky finger when I type.

      I imagine something simliar will happen with that small left shift key if you are used to pressing towards the edge of the key to press the shift key.

      • layout is everything.. even when you get used to the ISO layout, you'll go and use a regular ANSI keyboard somewhere else and everything will get messed up.

        Deal isn't worth it IMO, not worth getting used to ISO layout when ANSI layout is the norm here..

        • btw thanks for pointing out that physically its just ISO vs ANSI - I never really noticed that there are only a limited number of physical layouts (whilst many visual layouts - keycaps for UK, Nordic etc). I kept searching for 'UK layout' when any ISO keyboard could suit

      • Interesting - I never really noticed the smaller shift key till you mentioned it, but then I lived in the UK for 11 years before coming back that's why I preferred it.

        But yes, you are right there is only so much physical space, so giving one thing extra means taking away something else.

        I think a takeaway is that ISO layout is hard to come by here in Aus without paying a lot of shipping. So if you are after one, and come across something like this then grab it.

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          I don't think it being a ISO layout is a bad thing. I think as long as you are aware of what you are getting, it'd be fine.
          I was just sharing my story because those minute differences actually could be the thing that makes the experience pleasant (or unpleasant). Since you know, it was a minute difference, that caused few issues. So I don't think it'd be a simple, change few keys using the Synapse (Razer's keyboard software) around kinda solution.

          So I guess that was to say, if you are used to ANSI and want to just get a cheap keyboard and go for ISO for that reason, it might not be worth the hassle.

          I think I kinda want to add this. People do get used to different layouts as well. People do use Dvorak, Colemak etc etc which are even less common I believe? I think those normally require you to actively learn a new layout and they don't even follow QWERTY layout.

  • Kamelåså

  • I have one of these - paid 219 (free shipping from wireless 1) - so great price here. Love the feel of it but for general typing duties I find I do a lot of double hits on the keyboard, especially when using the number pad. Not sure if its just me but it seems to be super sensitive.

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