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Adobe Creative Cloud (All Apps: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc) A$43.99/ Month (Min Contract 12 Month) @ Adobe


Deal is back, works for exisiting or new customers. Really aimed at people who use this to generate income.

Inb4 just use affinity/pirate it.

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    Managed to get my niece's kindergarden NSW student account activated so everything free.

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      Now this is what I call a true ozbargainer skill! :)

    • The student subs of CC can be activated on two computers, which I recently realized :). Useful, since my kiddo refuses to share his laptop anymore!

    • Do go on…. How does one go about getting their hypothetical niece’s (whom happens to be in kindergarten) NSW student account “activated”?

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        Thank COVID. Learn more about free Adobe Access for NSW students.. It was always a thing for NSW students but on those DET-issued laptops.

        If you are a student of the NSW Department of Education you can install the whole of the Creative Cloud for free.
        This includes:
        - All desktop apps - Yep, all the Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects that you could possibly want
        All mobile apps - you can start creating on your phone, then finish on your laptop or desktop. Turn your phone into a multimedia studio
        - Access to all Creative Cloud tutorials
        - Access to Adobe My Portfolio so you can create your own digital portfolio and showcase your work for the future

        I had to get it activated to cause the school didn't activate it on account creations because of obvious kindergarden. But showed proof of eligibility from onthehub and their computer teacher made a call with IT and got it working. Show my niece how to do animation but well procreate makes it a lot easier with layers.

    • I suspect this works in NSW only?

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        No, in SA students are allocated a schools.sa.edu.au email regardless of whether they are told about it or not.
        Just ask the kids school IT ppl to cough it up (tell them you want to access education discounts, they won't care)

    • oh wow! I've just realised I could do this with my kid's email addresses for their school!!!!

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    For those that are interested in the chance to offset this cost even more, SocialGood offers 100% cashback for Adobe (worth a gamble to pay yearly IMO, I've had no problems with tracking with them so far, touch wood).

    • Interesting SocialGood - never heard of it until now. How does it work and how useable is it in Australia?

      • It’s not restricted per country. But still the standard wait 30-60 days to approve much like CR and SB. Main difference being it gives back in its own token which may go up or down in value by the time it’s approved. You can then withdraw to exchange and convert to a stablecoin and cash out to fiat money. For the trouble and the potential upside, IMO it’s worth the trouble. I mean, even if the token depreciates 50% in value, you are still getting a lot more than typically through CR or SB, just need to set aside extra time to transfer out and sell.

  • Anyone have an opinion on Affinity?
    I have used InDesign for years (and before that, QuarkExpress) and not a fan of Adobe's business model.
    Is Affinity similar to use?

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      I've switched to Affinity in place of inDesign and Photoshop. The inDesign replacement (Publisher) is great, Affinity Photo is not as good as Photoshop (or harder to learn) but I'd wager it's 90% as good a Photoshop

    • I use the Affinity suite as a professional graphic designer and have rarely run into problems using it. I do keep a copy of Photoshop and Illustrator installed on my work machine, but I can't remember the last time I needed to use them.

      • What's the best price for Affinity?

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          Often goes half price. Never seen better than 50% off.

    • I have both and I've gone back to Adobe. It can't compare unfortunately and takes a while to get used to it.

      As someone who works in the web/graphic design industry in my own business, I don't have time to try and learn another piece of software when Adobe just works.

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    Photopea.com also works (if you want PS-like UI)

  • MS Paint is all I need in my life

  • Just upgraded an individual app subscription. I'm not sure if the annual contract resets and starts again from the date of upgrade or not but the terms do say 12 month contract for monthly payments.

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    Does this really work for existing customers?

    The T+Cs suggest not. "Offer available to first-time subscribers of Adobe Creative Cloud for Individuals All Apps"

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      It’s not working for me.

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      I was an exisiting subscriber, went to cancel and was offered the offer at advertised price.

      Do not click all the way to end.

      • hey jimothy, how far did you have to go? i've been presented an early cancellation fee, haven't been game to click past it!

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          all good, best i got was we'll give you two months free
          i ended up hitting the online chat instead, got it done, but had to push a little bit!
  • Just contacted Adobe and requested my full price plan changed over to the 40% discount without having to pay early termination fee. No hassles just straight up cancelled current account, waived the fee and and applied the new pricing. Brilliant.

    • of course, the alternative is to lose a paying customer at all haha

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