This was posted 8 years 10 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nokia N9 16GB - Vodafone $29/Month 12 Months Plus One Month Free + Others


Nokia N9 16gb
on voda
12 month plan at $29 a month plus one month free
or this though not as good
24 month plan at $29 a month plus 3 months free

12 months is better I reckon
don't want to be stuck for 24 months.

also available on the same plan are the
HTC desire HD
Nexus S
Xperia arc
thanks escimojoe

<del>EDIT: is it me or can you not add it to cart?</del>
my fault stupid settings, yeah it works

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  • works fine for me

  • Whoa

    Good deal!

    Wanted to get this just to see what meego was like!

    • Thank you Vodafone I saw the bargain a couple of days ago and was disappointed when the sale only had 24mth contracts and wouldn't beat eBay :-) now it's cheap enough to justify toying with me ego for fun

  • +2 votes

    They also have the Desire HD and Nexus S. Which is better out of the 3?

    • The HTC is a better looking phone as in Aesthetics, compared to the Nexus S.
      Bringing the N9 in the middle is a bit unfair, as the MeeGo platform Heavily lacks Apps.
      The N9's Aesthetics are superb and so are the functions, which are very smooth and responsive, Nokia thought about everything for the N9 in terms of features and sits on a pretty stable OS.

      In the end its really upto you and what type of user you are…

      If at all you are desperate to get Android, then the N9 geeks are already working on ICS 4.x ports…

    • Don't get the Nexus S - it doesn't support 3G 850MHz.

      If you want a great phone with limited application support - go the N9. It's an awesome phone, but don't expect to be able to play Draw Something on it. If you want an Android phone and all that comes with it go the Desire HD or the Xperia Arc.

      Personally I would go the N9, followed by the Arc.

    • Desire HD's on board OS is absolutely crap!!! So slow and laggy I had to go back and refund it! Can't believe I bought it outright when it came out.

  • any additional discounts? are SAVE10 and NRMA discounts still valid, or have they stopped these?

  • crazy johns has been doing $25 per month for a while

    • Thats for a 24mth contract, this is a 12mth contract.
      Click on the 12mth option and it becomes $35+$25 = $60/mth

  • How easy is it to get the phone unlocked? I just want it for my already existing Telstra a account. Cheap cor brand new with the two year sis warranty

  • Big plus for me. Great deal! Got the Desire Z from last sale otherwise I would defintiely buy one.

  • Great deal, and the $29 plan is almost useful. You just need to add a $4/month data pack, and make longer calls over VoIP. The VoIP integration on the N9 (skype and SIP) is excellent. though no video calls for some reason.

  • Does anyone here know what this Meego OS is like, for typical smartphone use?
    I guess it's not bad value but then if the Desire HD is the same cost, you get a higer-res, larger screen phone with ICS coming via both xda developers and eventually official ones if VF can be arsed to release it.

    Comments on HTC Desire HD vs Nokia N9? Mrs has a Sensation and it's similar in many physical specs to the Desire HD.

    • Its really slick and responsive, I used a demo model some time back…, checkout some videos on YouTube !

    • The N9 has slightly more pixels, and generally better hardware specs. The Desire HD is an older model.
      But the OS is what you really should be choosing by. If you like Android, and use apps a lot, get the HTC.

    • DHD is quite ordinary and dated. It has no LED, no front facing camera and only a 1200mAH battery (pure idiocy from HTC)

    • did you see whats not working… lol :P

      • USB ADB driver
      • sensors (compass, als, proximity etc)
      • lights HAL (led)
      • wifi
      • audio (a2dp, microphone), voicecalls
      • video decoding (HW)
      • vibra
      • camera
      • GPS. GlonASS also
      • a lot of other things
      • reboot/halt (in R&D / regular mode) few minutes after entering suspend [realized; NOT FIXED]
      • battery status

      But, I seriously hope such hardware doesn't go WASTE and some Android solution comes about ! :)

  • Can one apply Buckscoop $100 off + vodafone 10% off for additional connection as well? If yes, then the price of the phone becomes $319 -$100 - $13.9 = $205.10. Then it's a pretty cheap deal for this phone…

  • hmmm i posted this a week ago and no one was interested…

    • +2 votes

      It's probably cause you failed to mention the 12month contracts and only the 24months ones.

  • Do you guys reckon more phones will be added to this clearance?

    • +4 votes

      At the moment this is the clearance range available but we will be looking to add products in the future.

      Be great to understand from our trusty OzBargainers, what sort of devices you would be looking for.

  • Now that Sony's Xperia is expected to get ICS, ( it seems like a great contender to Nokia's N9.

    Which one do you think would be a better choice? Personally I'm all for ICS, but theres something attractive about the N9 that I cant put a finger on… Comments?

    also to read:

  • No option for Bpay it seems… do you have to set up direct debit for online?

    • I'll answer my own question; Vofafone chap on the phone said after 3 months you can use BPAY.

  • can you use moneybackco to get 100off?

    • I looked at my buckscoop account and it says the $100 has been 'tracked' so good indication that it might go through,

      You can also get 10% off if you are an existing customer. So after 11 months of paying plus the $100 back it will possibly cost you $187.

      Pretty good deal if the cash back goes through.

  • Can we buy the Nexus S for 269$ prepaid anymore from Vodafone.

  • I've just cancelled my Vodafone plan with 14 months to go. Constant line drop-outs and poor reception in suburban Melbourne. Shame because the plans are quite inexpensive. Now have to fork out the extra to go to Telstra. :(

  • Seems like a great deal. I bought the Motorola Milestone 2 from the previous Vodafone clearance and my account shows now that the $100 cashback has been approved (not paid yet though). Well, I really want the N9 now, but I can't say I really need it as I already have a Nexus S and the Milestone 2. And Nokia N900 and N8…

    • +1 vote

      I guess what you really need is the Nokia 808 PureView? ;)

  • I bought Nokia N9 through buckscoop. However, It is not appearing in my earnings. can someone tell me how long it takes? and how to track it ?

    • it takes up to 10 hours for it to appear on your buckscoop.

      I ordered mine last night and it didn't appear till this morning!

  • I bought a xperia arc but am waiting on it too. Says it takes 2 to 4 weeks.

  • I need it for video call, I think only Nexus has camera in front. anyone know if xperia has camera in front?
    Btw, N9 only support microSIM quoted from GSMarena and the OS is MeeGo. Sorry not sure about Meego, do they have alot of apps and games? how's compare to Android?

    • N9 has front camera, but only used for Google-talk IIRC so far. Not 3G-video, not even Skype.

      N9 only support microSIM

      Do you own a pair of scissors? Adapters are cheap to go the other way.

      do they have alot of apps and games?

      It has Angry Birds. Next question :) If you want games, I hope you like retro.
      Emumaster does NES, GBA, PSX and SNES.

  • I am having trouble entering my 6 digit westpac bank account number, it doesnt seem to recognise it. Does anyone know why its not working for me? :\

    BTW great deal on the nokia n9 i hope i can get it to work before the 27th

  • Some dude got ICS running on the N9…

  • Dam it says N9 is sold out.I know its clearance but is there any chance of them restocking?

  • +4 votes

    Good to see the N9 deal is proving popular. We've sold through our initial quantity but will be getting more in next week and item will be back in stock.

    Send a private message if you'd like to be notified when they're back in

    • If my vdf contract expired in June, can I continue with this March clearance contract so Vdf will ignore the rest of the 3 months of my current contract? please let me know if you think it is possible and how to proceed?
      note: how to send private message?

      • Yeah I'm in the same boat, June as well. [edit: Oh, except I'm still with 3, not voda.]
        I want to take up this deal but I'm afraid these will be sold out way before June comes around.

    • umm, I'm new here; how do you send a private message?

  • Does anyone know if it's the Xperia Arc on sale or the Arc S. I am confused since the phone specs on the website says 1.4ghz processor, but i believe that is the Arc S model since the Arc is only 1.0ghz. Can anyone confirm this please?

    • It's definitely the Xperia Arc. Vodafone don't stock the Arc S.

    • one other thing.. Is this the LT15a (American 850ghz) or LT15i?

      • I just came back from the vodafone store, it is the LT15a. Very impressed with the device, only gripe being lack of front facing camera.

        • thanks immumo. which means after 12 mths, we've to stay with either voda or telstra to make full use of the phone? something to consider for those planning to use this on a optus network after the 12 mths.

        • Why cant you use Optus? Just rely on their 2.1ghz network (not that its very reliable) I see it as having more choice

    • Here is a useful review of the Xperia Arc. Yes, specs on this phone is 1.0 not 1.4Ghz - I think the Arc S may be 1.4.

      Yes I also noted that Vodafone is selling a 1.4gHz product which all review and info sites state is only 1GHz! We should save a copy of the we page since we are being offered the 1.4GHz version. :)

  • We have some limited amounts of the Nokia N9 back in stock but it won't last for long - so be quick!

    • Thank you! I ordered a Nokia N9 just after this post. When i was given my VF order number at the end of transaction, it said i would receive an email with the order confirmation, but i have yet to receive this..

      • Well, I couldn't resist either. I really don't need another mobile, let alone a plan, but couldn't help myself. Anyway, I did receive the order confirmation to my email pretty much instantly.

        • Yes, it was very tempting, such a good deal. Well i haven't received a confirmation yet, so i just called vodafone. They told me it could take up to 24hrs to receive it. But somehow i have a feeling there may be an issue with my credit card details. I really hope not, since this deal seems to end tomorrow :(

  • Ordered the N9 on Friday 23/3, Vodafone had already stuffed up my order today (26/3). Wonderful.

    VF order number wasn't working, so I called them and it turns out they had another customers details linked to that order number, had to get all my details again and they told me that they had tried to contact me (false) when the credit card details didn't match the other customers name.

    Same old Vodafone service, beware.

  • Its out of stock again, damn it, missed it the first time and now again. Looks like fate has picked me a non-vodafone path.

  • Ordered on Friday and my phone just arrived!

  • Grat phone arrived in a bigger box than usual. When I opened it up it was bundled with a Nokia Speakerphone HF-310 which seems to be $40 extra value. This is a link to the product:

    Thanks Vodafone

    • Well done! Is the speakerphone much good? Still a bonus I guess.
      I ordered Friday night so expect to be a couple of days behind. The Xperia, not the Nokia.

  • xperia out of stock I think so we may need to wait a bit (according to voda rep)

    • it is back in stock, just ordered one last night.

      • You can order it but its a wait as their warehouse is waiting for stock. The website would show fine

        Btw. You realize I'm talking about the xperia and not the Nokia that did show out of stock on the site

        • Oh I see… Where do you get to know that it is out of stock? any estimates on the wait time?

          and Yep I'm referring to the arc. I cant wait to have it!

        • you'll get in sometime in april. Like i said was told by a voda rep. Not the one on ozbargain. Perhaps he/she can clarify

        • Ordered the Arc this Mon at 19:00, got it delivered today. My Buckscoop $100 off didn't track though…

  • I bought the xperia arc because the n9 doesn't run android. Hoping it doesn't take too long for delivery.

  • This might be of interest to those that like moding their phones:

  • Its been over a week and they are still processing my order :/ called them up several times and they still haven't done anything.

  • Does the 10% discount to existing customers adding a new plan still apply for this promotion? I've tried using the promo code of SAVE10 but got rejected.