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Gigabyte M30 M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 1TB SSD $120 + Shipping @ Mybogo


41 units in stock.

Gigabyte M30 1TB SSD, M.2 2280, PCI-E 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.3, Sequential Read ~3500 MB/s, Sequential Write ~3000 MB/s

Product code: GP-GM301TB-G

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    FYI for others, normal price around $199, so not a bad deal.

    OP needs to add +Delivery in title, $12.54 for regional NSW.

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      added cheers

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    No DRAM?

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      "GIGABYTE M30 SSD is equipped with high speed DDR3L DRAM cache and does not need to reserve over-provisioning space, thus improving the random Read/Write performance. This means the users can use the full capacity of the drive. Moreover, external DRAM can be a buffer between controller and NAND flash for sustained performance when capacity is occupied by more and more data."

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    Do you have any 1-Gigabyte Gigabyte SSDs for a Gigadollar?

  • not a bad deal… $169 is the next lowest price i can see on this SSD

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      Looks about equal to a 970 Evo plus. Am i misreading it?

      I can’t find any benchmarks online like crystal disk or black magic. I wonder how the random read-write performance is…

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        That's pretty much the main question for an ssd too! I'm actually not super fussed if it can do 1, 2, or even 5gb/s sequential…if it can only manage 5kb/s at 4k IO, it's useless to me.

        • According to the gigabyte site and this youtube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3jjyKZ5j6s - Gigabyte are claiming up to 350k IOPS for 4K random reads on the 512GB drive and 308k IOPS for the 1TB. That equates to roughly 1260MB/s for the 1TB.

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          I know, right! A lot of tasks people end up doing, except one piece large media files, are all fragmented data, hence random read/write is so much more important.

          According tho this video in Russian, it seems to be almost on par with 970 Evo, if i am not misreading/ interpreting the numbers on both. It falls a little short tho, but still


  • Can I use this for synology NAS cache?

    • +1

      For read cache it'd be fine.

      I wouldn't use this for write cache, unless you overprovision it by a large factor. Even then I wouldn't use write cache on Synology at all due to the problems it has.

      • thank you for your reply.

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    Didnt need so i bought anyway…

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      Your Ozb membership has just been extended.

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    There is also a 1.8% surcharge for credit cards and 2.6% surcharge for paypal, just a headsup there.

    • Yep, tried to contact to cancel the order without anyone answer. Worse value than$255 samsung 970evo

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        I have cancelled the order and refunded your money.

  • Can I just chuck this in a laptop that supports M.2? I'm unfamiliar with what's meant by x4 PCIe lanes.

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      M.2 is the form factor. But there are still two sorts of M.2 drives, SATA and NVMe. If your laptop only supports M.2 SATA this SSD won't work in it. If it supports NVMe, it will.

      The "PCIe 3.0 x4" stuff tells you how fast it'll work. You know how PCIe expansion slots on a motherboard can be x16 or x8 or x4 x1 that's the number of "lanes". More lanes is faster. All M.2 NVMe SSDs use 4 lanes. The PCIe 3.0 tells you how fast each lane works. PCIe 4 is faster than PCIe 3 which in turn was faster than PCIe 2.

      So this is a quite good M.2 NVMe SSD from the previous generation. If your laptop supports PCIe 4, and you want the fastest SSD available, you can pay more and get an M.2 "PCIe 4.0 x4" NVMe SSD.

  • Shipping kills it for me sadly!

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    order total for Melbourne $133.95

    not a deal then, better to get 970 evo for $148 with Farcry 6

    • that's exactly what killed the deal for me too!

  • Never saw this store. Reliable?

    • No respect for any store calling themselves mybogo.

  • Thanks all for your orders so far. We have 10 left in stock

  • Looks like it is out of stock

  • All sold. Thanks guys

  • Hey Guys, we have had cancellation and have 2 in stock. let us know if anyone wants it. $120 inc + delivery

    • I've still not received a tracking number and it's been 7 days, are these being shipped from within australia or are they coming from a supplier overseas? Also, the Order-Tracking page does not work, it just shows a 404..

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        hello, everything was shipped and should have been delivered. what is your order number?

        • I've just sent in a contact-us request with that info if you're able to check that.


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            @lulzenberg: replied via email

            • @ilsan0: Thanks for that, looks like all of the emails from mybogo (account creation, order confirm, shipping, contact reply) were going to spam, I should have checked that 🤦


              This page does go to a 404 though, might be worth removing/fixing.

              • @lulzenberg: thanks. I will get that checked out. appreciate your business.

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