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Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition 700ml or Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition 700ml $55 (+3000 Flybuys Points) @ First Choice Liquor


Other option

Currently both of these whiskeys are on special down from $63 to $55.

Couple them with the bonus 3000 FB points on >$50 spend on selected items, that gives a "bonus" of $15 back.

In addition to this shopback have 25% off (gst exclusive). This would be an additional cashback of $12.50.

You will also get the original 55 flybuys points (worth 27.5 cents).

So net price is $63 —> $55 —> $42.50 (cashback) —> $27.50 (FB points) —> $27.22


+ Delivery ($0 C&C/ $150 Order)

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  • Has anyone tried this - any thoughts ?

    • +1

      The stout one is quite smooth and does have that malty stout overtones. i didn't rate the ale/IPA one as much.

      • Thanks

    • The stout version is my go to at the moment. I love it

    • It's good. It surprised me because I don't normally care for Irish or cheaper bottles. But this far exceeded my expectations.

    • Agree with M00 in that it's very smooth. Sweetness on the nose and palate. Do get a slight extra sour type note at the end which I presume is the stout influence.

      For 42.5 + 3k flybuys Points it is outstanding value

      Just waiting on the points now

  • Bought the ballantines 12 yr for $51

    Bit of a gamble if we don’t get the 3000 points since it didn’t come up as a separate banner

    • Been playing around with the website and maybe the 3000 points is a glitch in the website. Shows first time on mobile website. Shows as banner in desktop website, or if you click Market Frenzy Shop Now, shows wine bundles. Then select Market Frenzy Shop now again from the wine bundles page you get to the selected products.

  • Stout or IPA going to go better in a sour?

    I also don't mind the odd highball.

    • +1

      I preferred the IPA in mine

      • Sold! Thanks for answering.

  • I'd have bought the Jura 10 if it wasn't just selected products to qualify for 3000FB

  • +1

    Took up the $9 SB Challenge (spend $20 min @3 online stores)
    Surprised to find it completed after this order.

    Another $9 cashback off this bargain price👍
    Order ready to collect!

  • Anyone get the 3k points yet?

    • Not yet. Doesn’t look like it’ll come in since the regular 1 for $1 came. Might call flybuys tomorrow

      Other past bonus points promos come up almost instantly for me

      Holding off picking up the order and might even let it get cancelled since can’t be bothered chasing them up

      • Yh I'm in the same boat. Just make sure they refund you. I have left orders at first choice liquor stores and had them cancelled but no refund. When I enquire the store always claims item has been picked up…

        For some reason liquorland never tries this on

    • +3

      Such worry about points!
      Looked up previous Flybuys 3000pt on $50 spend offer @FCL on account:
      TRANSACTED 22/7/21
      ADDED 2/8/21
      Took 11 days to be added
      Standard points were added the next day.

      Flybuys explained then, there is a delay in processing by business partners for bonus points offers. Will be added shortly after Flybuys receives notice. Can be up to 14 days.

      Expect bonus points in about a week.
      Standard points were added after 2days.

      • Thx for this info!

        • I find stress doesn't improve the appreciation of whiskey!

  • Stout Edition is currently $55 at BWS and if paying with 28 Degrees there's $10 cash back, so beats this offer by not only providing a bigger discount but you also get cash (refund) as opposed to FlyBuys points.

    • with 28 Degrees there's $10 cash back
      Targeted. Not on my 28° card!

      so beats this offer
      $27.22 at time of posting after cashback & Flybuys.

      Your best price: $39.50
      $55 (-$10 if targeted) (- $5.50 CR) (+55 pts with Flybuys)
      Currently 10% cashback with CR

      Glad I bought at $27.22. I don't mind waiting.

      • This isn’t top shelf so what’s a preferred mixer with the stout edition?

        I love plain Jamo’s with dry ginger ale.

        • Mixer?
          I just drink this with some melting ice in the current heat.

          I refer to ordinary Jameson as "gargling" grade whiskey. Cheap enough for everyday, good, but not special.

          Mainly have ordinary Jameson in my coffee.
          [Known on travels as my "happy drink"! On resort islands with expensive alcohol only available at the bar, having a "coffee" laced with contraband Jameson was a cheap indulgence. They never suspected…]

          With a little ginger syrup is fiery good in Winter. Find dry ginger ale waters it down too much.

          1L bottle was on sale $67 at LiquorLand plus 25% cashback. Bought for under $52.

  • Has anyone received their 3k points

    • Yes. On both accounts. Took 13 days.
      Said would take about 11-14 days
      So didn't bother checking until today.

      24 November
      First Choice Direct
      3000 Bonus points on Selected Products
      Transacted on 11 Nov

      • Yes mine came in today too.

        • Pity those who panicked above & returned their order!

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