Netflix Price Increase

Hello oz bargain just thought i would inform you most Netflix plans are increasing here is the information from

Netflix will increase the price of its Australian subscriptions from today.

The American streaming service will jack up the fees on its standard and premium plans by up to $3 a month.

The price for the standard plan changes from $15.99 a month to $16.99 a month. Customers on the standard plan were already slugged with an increase in late 2020.

The price for the premium plan will go up from $19.99 to $22.99 a month. The premium plan was most recently increased two years earlier.

The basic plan remains at $10.99 a month.

Netflix’s changes will be rolled out from November 11 for new customers but it won’t apply to existing members for at least another week, kicking in at their next billing date after November 18. Netflix said it will give members 30 days notice by email and notification.


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    • I cancelled, although I had a discount giftcard that will keep me running until feb, enough time to get me through season 2 of the witcher.

      The whole thing is turning in crap movies, comedy specials and appealing to new audiences to grow subscribers. They’re only making good shows in markets they’re trying to grow, Squid Game was just Netflix looking to grow their Korean audience.

    • Dark
      Final Space
      Cowboy Bebop

      But yeah, it gets thin after you go through the cream.

    • -1

      “myname” check it out really good series

  • +7

    I reckon I spend 20% of my Netflix time just looking for things. I don't believe it's worth that amount of money unless you are a new customer

  • +1

    Looks like I will now looks to start sharing my Netflix subscription cost with my family members.

    Being ethical I had avoided this to this point however to this point - prices were also reasonable.

    Now I need to take measures for affordability.

  • Very time I tried to subscribe to Argentina or Turkey, I managed to get through, but then I received a cancelation email.

  • +2

    sonarr+radarr +plex/emby +usenet indexer/torrents = win
    automate it, baby!

  • We play Netflix using our appletv box. How do we use a vpn to access the netflix in turkey? Any ideas?

    • Edit: I have the answer from one of the commenters. Thanks!

  • +1

    I don't watch enough Tv to have any subs

    I only Have Amazon prime because of the free delivery

  • +3

    Ridiculous. They are overreaching. Infact having to jump between the dozen streaming services to find what you're after is a joke too.

    Back on the seven seas I go. Yarr.

  • +3

    Netflix have more customers than ever before. What people did during the pandemic? Watching Netflix was a big thing, how greedy they think have to be? Give then a lesson and use on the workarounds other have suggested.

  • If I would be PM I would make a user pay system for the internet. Large streaming services would have to pay for the mess they create. Would that be fair?
    Also I would allocate new domain names with a direct .au suffix on a pay most tax come first base. Strictly limited to commercial organisations that pay all their taxes in Australia. Then slow the cheaters down to the point that they can only see HN deals and JV comments!!

    • People and companies can now buy decentralized domain names. This means that bodies like auDA no longer have any say on what can and can't be used on the Internet.

      • Someone clearly doesn't know how the internet works if he think he can police it.

        • Ok I have no issues with people outsmarting me. I am thinking on an ecconomic scale. Our comms minister totally ignores the value of the net with a head in the sand. Outvoting the present ruling lot is unlikely going to bring back honesty.

  • +1

    I just got charged $19.99 yesterday. I guess it hasn't kicked in yet?

  • FYI

    The Chromecast with Google TV and Netflix bundle offer for $139.99

    now comes with $101.94 Netflix credit (6 x $16.99)

    So the device only costs you $38

    (Google sent me a $10 voucher recently - check you emails, so it only cost me $28 for the device)

    Offer expires 31 December 2021 11:59pm AEST

  • Merged from Netflix Premium New Pricing $23 a Month

    First Disney now Netflix…

    New pricing
    Hi Ozbargain,
    The cost of your plan has changed. This change takes effect Wednesday, 9 February, 2022. You can view your updated membership details by visiting your Account page.
    New plan price
    We hope you’re enjoying Netflix, and we're always adding new TV shows and movies for our members to enjoy.
    We're here to help if you need it. Visit the Help Centre for more info or contact us.
    –The Netflix Team

    Considering moving to Argentina. Are there any downsides to doing so apart from losing my preferences and does it still work afterwards without VPN?

    Poll Results (Before Merge)
    7 - Move to Argentina
    3 - Moved to India
    102 - Move to Turkey
    14 - Keep paying $23 a month

    • +23

      laughs in Turkish

      • +1

        Indeed. Took a lot of faffing around and accidental charges trying to use aus card but got there in the end. Worth

      • +5


    • -1

      FTA FTW

    • +2

      Considering moving to Argentina. Are there any downsides to doing so apart from losing my preferences and does it still work afterwards without VPN?

      • I believe Argentina has sales tax, which are only shown during the checkout process. Many of us here are paying in Turkish Lira, which has none.
      • If you're switching currencies on your main account, you'll keep your preferences but the switch itself is tricky. I made a new account to avoid this, though I did have to take note of my watchlist before abandoning the old account.
      • VPN only required during the sign-up process - not required during streaming.
      • What is the process required for switching AUS Acc to Turkey?

        • +4

          you have to book a flight to Turkey, open a bank account in Turkey, before you can open a Netflix Turkey account.

          ah. you also have to abstain from eating turkey during xmas.

        • Letting the current subscription (in AUD) lapse, then re-activate by using a VPN set to Turkey. Lots of comments on here, go have a search. YMMV.

          Details here -

        • Cancel your current au Netflix account. Make sure you have a valid card with long expiry date.( i say this because if your card is to expire in next few months, you need to repeat the steps again, which is not ideal)

          Wait for your subscription to end. Wait a day or so after your subscription ends- for good measure.

          Vpn to turkey. ( use any VPN client you prefer) .
          Check and verify your IP, that it is indeed from turkey. Once you are certain, login to Netflix turkey.

          You will get a “welcome back” screen Netflix. Click next .. yada yada select the premium plant for 55 Turkish lira ( this is about $5-$6 depending on exchange rate). Click reactivate. DONE !!

          you only need VPN once to activate, after that feel free to use Netflix au .

    • +1

      Wasn't this announced back in Nov?

      • Only applied to my account next month, maybe grandfathered

        • It only applies to all accounts from next month but the price increase was announced in November 2020.

      • Yeah and shared in forums.
        This is a dupe post

    • +18

      Most of the new shows are on torrent sites within hours of release.

      Inconvenient but free.

      • -6

        And illegal.

        • What does that mean?

        • +4

          Ill eagle? Get that burb a doctor!

        • +6

          Screw companies who don't pay tax here man

        • -5

          Wow (at the neg votes), the number of people who think it's ok to steal is alarming.

      • Kodi or Stremio + Real Debrid

      • Netflix uses the binge and unique views for each season to decide whether to renew a show, not to mention the obvious of using subscription revenue to actually fund shows.

      • Inconvenient but free

        Seedbox + Plex+ sonarr is not inconvenient but does cost me $20 per month for a server slot in Amsterdam.

      • +5

        Yup, this is what everyone should do. The whole point of Netflix and respect to them, was to offer such a cheap option that people will move away from piracy as opposed to the pricey cable TV options around back then. Netflix also had a lot of content from various studios.

        Then all these studios waited till Netflix got a big market share and reduced piracy (which greatly benefitted the studios) as well as getting people accustomed to streaming content and how it works / binge watching etc. and then the Studios swooped in, decided to cut out the middle man and each one decided to start their own streaming services and make their content only available on their streaming service ( I am looking at you Disney). This then screwed up Netflix and the only way for them to then have enough content to stream and keep customers was to create their own content and aka price rises from what was once around a $10 deal.

        there are other variables at play of course but i see this as the biggest insult. People should go back to piracy as now having to subscribe to numerous streaming sites just to have access to a variety of content that was generally available from 1 - 2 streaming sites in the past has now made it as pricey as having Cable tv.

      • +1

        i pay 8 dollars a month for convenience and smooth playback, sure there are sites where you can see the show like a day or two later after its released on netflix, but sometimes it lags even on 100mbps so 8-9 dollars for a 4k netflix account for immediate play without stutter or pause is worth it for me.

    • +11

      You can get Disney+, Amazon Prime, and two grams of weed a month for that price.

      • +1


      • +8

        Where’s the link to subscribe to the monthly weed plan?

      • amazon has trash movies besides for a handful of them, its filled with movies that dont even make it to tv let alone cinema, like some of these movies are 1 or 2 on imdb

    • +1

      is there anything to watch in Netflix now ? had a shared plan with friends but cancelled it recently.

      • +2

        It’s subjective.

      • +2

        Korean dramas

      • Singles Inferno

    • +4

      Don't need to subscribe when someone at work will eventually summarise the shows for you.

      • What if OP is that someone?

    • +1

      5th option, buy a chinese xiaomi box from gearbang for $50

      Funny people want to use a gray import vpn trick to stream, yet can just watch the chinese government back gray streaming services.

      • Wouldn't you still need to buy a subscription package to watch these streaming services? Sorry, don't know much about this xiaomi box

        • Box comes with chinese streaming apps, most Western content is under free, some Chinese shows and movies cost money and some shows like peppa pig are geolocked.

    • +1

      OMG, I received email few days back that my Indian plan price has decreased :D

      • Is it cheaper than Turkey now?

        • I am not sure about turkey, but it's Rs649 for premium plan in India

    • I had six mths free Netflix with google tv purchase. It lapses mid feb.

      Will it be easier to change the existing account to Turkey, or scrap it and get a new account? I don’t mind either way as long as it saves me $.

      Is there a free vpn recommended (I don’t have any android phones, only iOS and windows)?

      • Easier to start a new account.

        Windscribe and Tunnel Bear (both Windows) work well.

    • +5

      Everything goes up in price… Yet my income stays the same :( …

    • What is the cost for a single device in the Turkish Netflix? I can't seem to go to the Turkish website, it keeps redirecting me to the Australian one?

    • I've got great story ideas. Does anyone know how I can present it to and get Netflix to produce?

    • What was the price previously?

    • +3

      Instructions unclear. Flew to turkey

      1. get a Turkey vpn. WorldVPN has a free trial
      2. get some Netflix Turkey gift cards. there are services with instant delivery online.
      3. open with your VPN . use your gift code to pay.

      takes under 5 minutes total

    • turkey is nice this time of year

    • Arrr me hearties, I'm off to sail the seven seas

    • I dumped them the fee increase before this one.
      Over $15 and torrents become my go to. Plus it’s been awhile since Netflix had a lot of shows I wanted to watch.
      Disney+ and Prime still have my business.

    • Steps I took from the last post about this to pay in lira.

      1) Let Netflix account lapse.
      2) Installed Windscribe VPN to browser (Chrome) and changed country to Turkey (Free)
      3) Opened Netflix and it prompted me to renew subscription, so followed the steps for that and it renewed with my CBA Debit card for $6.35 for the Ultra 4K plan.
      4) Logged out, turned off VPN and we are cooking with gas now.

  • Consider sharing subs if you aren't already. Most services allow you to have multiple streams going at once, so it shouldn't be a problem sharing amongst a few households. The sub fee doesn't sting as much if shared, or you're getting another streaming service in return. Also consider only singing up to one service at a time, binge the content on that service, then move to a different one. Way cheaper and also removes some choice fatigue.

    Or if you just want to be done with it all, spend an afternoon setting up usenet + sonar + plex.

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