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Miele eBay 20-21% off (e.g. Washing Machine WDB 030 $1099) & Free Delivery @ Miele_official eBay


Was just browsing for single days item, came across this deal on Miele official eBay.

Also have a few dishwasher but I didn’t look into it

Can stack with
- SHO50FF (5% off)

Disclaimer I don’t know anything about this model, i have a Miele WKH132 bought from Miele unbox centre in Sydney and have been very happy. Was hoping for a dryer but they don’t have one

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  • Would this be better than a Haier or a Midea?

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      Like comparing a mercedes to a hyundai

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        But , Hyundai is a Korean “Mercedes”

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        More like Mercedes vs Geely

    • Lol of course those 2 are complete garbage I mean rubbish as you brits call them.

      • I think the post was being sarcastic hehe

    • Definitely!

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    Worth noting that this is a discontinued model as per the description of the product listing on eBay.

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      Except for it isn't mentioned in the description of the product listing on eBay.

      • Except its not mentioned there now, it was mentioned there this morning when I posted my comment.

        EDIT: If you look at this listing on the eBay app (which is what I did), and scroll down to the heading "Item description from the seller" it says it in there.

        • I have no idea about the app, but the website doesn't have it, so it might have been corrected.

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    Worth updating the title to note that this is a 7KG machine and the price to $1044.05 with the discount code you've noted.

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    bad review for this one, too small

    • And also slow…

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        Slow? Seems it has a 20-minute express program, if you need some laundry done quick.

        • Yes, that's true but you can't use a 20-minute program as your daily program, especially with its "Honeycomb Drum". Just check how smooth it is and imagine if it can clean your clothes within 20 minutes. If anyone wants a Miele washing machine, at least go for the one with Powerwash..

  • I have used a few Miele washing machines and they have been terrific. Don't know what sort of magic they use but really cleans clothes well.

    • Miele is the best when it comes to washing machine its made in Germany always buy Japanese and German brands.

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      Yeh I have a Miele W1 6kg model I bought for 1200 and the PCB died after 8 years. 20 years of life my a**.

      $800 repair quote from Miele.

      Power Control Boards shouldn't fail…

      The amount of carry on I had to do over 2 months to have them fix it under consumer warranty means I will never buy Miele again… I needed to engage Fair Trading and carry on for them to honour the longevity of their products they have all over their marketing. They were more interested in selling me a new machine.

      Not a fan that I needed to pay ~$300 more in the model up to have delayed start.

      Will be buying premium Bosch in future.

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        If you think a different brand is going to give you a better experience with your white goods, you're in for a disappointment. The best customer service you're likely to get is returning an Aldi brand for a full refund if something goes wrong…

        • Although I am not a huge fan of carrying washing machine upstair up to the top floor and then back for a full refund. :)))

        • I had a samsung machine break after 8 years. They sent a tech around to replace the mainboard for free the next week

          But that was a rrp$2000 machine (though I payed closer to half that)

          • @outlander: That is amazing! My Bosch Series 8 is all rusted through on the front body panel and they didn't want to know us 4 years later.

      • Having electronics die is always a risk. Even the best quality computer power supplies can die within thier warranty period.

        Having said that going a good Bosch model is also never a bad idea, and probably better value for money.

        • I think I'm slowly learning the hard way that maybe that's partly true, and maybe that's just their well-funded marketing team doing their job….

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        I believe Miele is a high quality brand (if not necessarily good after sales support), but it's important to note that the ad says "tested for the equivalent of 20 years use". It does NOT say "and it still worked at the end of the test" ;)

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    I'd encourage anyway to do some research into this model via productview or google. These newer W1 classics aren't anything to rave on about, they aren't as good as the older models with the manual turn dial. We Sold ours after 23 months. It was damaging clothes even on a delicates mode. For price of this entry level Miele i'd go a Bosch i-dos 9kg. Built in Germany proper good, Auto dispensing liquid and fabric softener. Same price Miele with twin dos is X3 the price. Unless you want to talk twin dos these entry levels Miele's are not better than a entry level Bosch, LG or Beko etc if you ask me. Anyway I'd drop an extra $200-$250 and go the Bosch WAW28620AU. Got mine for $1300 which is higher than OzB price but I sold my Miele on gumtree and needed instant watching machine.

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      And how's the Bosch performing so far? Is it better than the Miele?

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        I am on just under 1600 washes in 2.5 years. I haven't had an issue or damage to kids or wife's clothes. I did not buy any extended warranty.

        If I am going to complain though, which I can as this is OzBargain. I would have a minor rant over the below:

        1. It doesn't like to be overloaded with towels on a cotton wash. I would say max is around 4-7 bath full size towels.
          Maybe that is the weight of 9kg when wet I am not sure, anymore it won't spin.

        2. The rated 9kg is for a "full cotton" 2.5 hour wash, if you are on doing a speed wash 1 hour it is reduced to a weighted capacity of 5kg. I find that a bit misleading. The only true 9kg capacity is the cotton cycle without speed reduction.

        3. It is also reduced weight on all other modes: mixed is 5kg max, easy care 3.0kg (from memory) etc etc

        4. It does leave some water around the seal at the competition of the wash but I do leave the door open and wipe with a microfiber towel.

        5. Bosch call centre are useless, normally it is Karen from the UK who sounds like she is hungover and has no idea around any issue with the i-dos.
          They told me to wash a max of 2-3 towels at a time to stop it having issues with the weight. Kidding me right? Still better than dealing with Miele IMO. I have other Miele appliances and Miele barely pick up the technical support line without a 1 hour wait. You get through to the Bosch UK real quick which is good.

        6. I twice had to remove and disassemble the tray as the liquid wasn't sucking in the fabric softener compartment, in which I use laundry santizer anyway. I just wiped it down and it was fine. Mind you I am on ~1600 washes that is a lot of detergent pumping through that unit.

        7. Apparently it only truly auto doses (via weight and soiling) on the automatic mode 40c not on the other modes and it uses the preset amount you have selected, which is 40ml for me.

        However in its defense there is no damage to kids clothes or my wife's delicate clothes which I could not say was the case with the Miele.
        Very happy with Bosch. Auto dispensing liquid is a game changer for me using it so much.

        It has been as low as $1175 - $1250 range. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/bosch-waw28620au


        • Thank you very much for sharing that!

        • Can I ask how your towels come out when you hang them up? I had a bosch years ago and it always made the towels like cardboard. I did all the tricks, hardly any detergent, low spin, extra rinse , vinegar as softener and nothing worked. It also used so little water the clothes were barely wet even in the rinse stage which i think is why the towels were always so stiff. Interesting to see if they have improved.

    • Just wondering what watches ? Rolex? Seiko? Or does it have a camera built in it ? How much did this watching machine cost and where can I buy one ?

  • Wish they had free-standing dishwashers.

    • try their store

  • +1

    "20% off miele" is a bit misleading.

    They only have two fridges, three 60cm dishwashers, and this washing machine.

  • OP where is the Miele unbox center in Sydney?

    EDIT: found it all good:

    60 Wallgrove Road
    Eastern Creek NSW 2766

  • Where are these made?

  • $999 with PLBFSS - $20 for shopback cashback - eBay gift card 3% = $950 delivered not a bad deal for a German made machine!

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