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Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron GC5031/20 $149.25 Delivered ($99.25 after Bonus $50 Cashback) @ Myer


I was looking for an iron and saw there's a promotion on this iron. Normally it's $199, currently on sale for $149.25 and it can be stacked with the $50 cashback from Philips that ends 24th December.

Further, there's Cashrewards offer for 10% off between 2-6pm AEDT, which can bring the price down to $85.68.($149.25/1.1*10%=$13.56 + $50 cashback = $63.56) ($149.25- $63.56 = $85.68)


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  • The price and pictures make me think it levitates

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    Just did the Choice comparison:

    Kmart Anko Digital Steam Iron KB-602E2 $35 "Recommended" -> Expert Rating 89%, Performance score 93%, Ease of use score 81%
    Philips Azur elite GC5031/20 $199 "Recommended" -> Expert Rating 91%, Performance score 95%, Ease of use score 80%

    Bargains are relative, eh? :)

    • This product is no longer available, but rest assured, there are plenty more items to love. Browse through our departments or use the search bar to see more fab finds.

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      Choice are conflicted in everything they do and say.

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      Haha, I actually had the Anko previously and while it was definitely worth the price had some annoyances such as a relatively short cord and after a while it started clogging up fairly quickly and either just giving a warning beep or leaving black specs - would run the self-clean but it wasn't a quick easy thing.

      Have had the Azure for over 6 months now and a much better experience.
      A couple minor points of note with the Azur:
      - It does take a while to heat up at first
      - It is pretty thirsty so you'll need several refills for a full load of laundry

  • The colour's sick, can I get it for my car!?

  • My Mum didn't like this compared to our previous Philips Steam Generator. I went with the 7000 series steam generator instead. No difference I can tell with the 8000 series besides where the de-calc hole is.

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    i bought this about 2 years ago, i dont mind it at all. Left it running a couple of times and it shut itself down. For this price, it's a no brainer

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    Don't forget the $10 cashback on CommBank rewards if you were targeted for it.

  • Thank you!! Been waiting for this one!

  • Damn I wanted this one, but settled for the PerfectCare model last black Friday, and it was $86 also. Nothing wrong with that one, but this woulda been better.

  • Nice I wanted this too and thought I would wait til amazon had it $150 again. With CR grabbed it.

  • our iron just started spitting brown water and is loosing Teflon coat so grabbed this with $10 cashback on CommBank rewards - thanks

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    Pro life tip: always use demineralised water

  • Havent used it to iron but ive blasted many aliens with it playing halo

  • Gotone
    Missed the 10 CR
    Used Myer 6% voucher from work portal, let's see if stackable with 5% CR.


  • +2

    Need to get this! Need to get this! Sold my previous iron during lockdown. Gotta get my office attire ironed up. back to office soon. Oops, forgot that I donated all my office attire.

    • Donated all your office attire? Sold your iron?

  • Perfect. That's my Xmas shopping sorted in one fell swoop.

  • well that was an anti-climax. Myer cancelled my order today and yes, it was showing as in stock when I ordered it.

  • Back at $159

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