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2% Cashback on Purchases at Amazon, eBay, Catch or Kogan with NAB Personal Credit Card (New or Existing) @ NAB


Until 12 December 2021 you can enjoy more value on purchases made on Amazon, eBay, Catch or Kogan. By using your personal NAB credit card at checkout, you’ll automatically get 2% cashback every time you make a purchase.

Start shopping today
This offer’s now active on your card. There’s no minimum spend and no limit to how many times you can shop.

So, whether you’re shopping for yourself or getting ahead with Christmas gifts, simply use your NAB credit card and we’ll give you 2% cashback on every transaction settled by 12 December 2021.

How this cashback offer works
NAB is giving 2% cashback on purchases made using a personal NAB credit card at select online retailers from Wednesday 10 November 2021 through to Sunday 12 December 2021. The retailers included in the offer are:

  • Amazon Australia (including Amazon Prime, Audible and Kindle)
  • eBay Australia (including eBay Plus subscriptions)
  • Catch Australia
  • Kogan Australia

A cashback credit will automatically be applied to your credit card within 30 days of purchase and is not redeemable for cash. You do not need to apply for it. It will show in your transaction history or on your statement as NAB CASHBACK BONUS AUSTRALIA CA.

Eligible cards
This offer applies to all personal NAB credit cards, including any active off-sale NAB credit cards. All personal NAB credit cards are automatically enrolled in the cashback program.

This offer doesn’t apply to NAB Visa Debit cards or business credit cards.

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  • +1

    The four dominating marketplaces assessed by NAB?

  • +11

    Too bad at current rates you can buy the gift cards for them all at a much higher rate .

    • GC means commit extra or less than needing to spend. With the cashback offer getting exactly 2% back and a guaranteed back (even after any refunds).

      Also not to forget that if refund situation arises, you wont be stuck witha useless GC by paying with CC

      • Rather use me CRO card for 2% crypto then

  • +14

    So really 1% given the visa charge

    • +1

      The visa charge is 0.5%

  • -1
    • This offer doesn’t apply to NAB Visa Debit cards or business credit cards.

      • -2

        I know. I’ve been getting 1% cashback for years.

        • +3

          Capped at $10, lol

          • -1

            @huey: Yes, however it’s better than nothing.

        • +5

          Damn really making you work for $10

  • OMG about bloody time NAB! What has taken NAB so long? Amex and CBA have been giving cashbacks and discounts for years.

    • +7

      Isnt NAB account the only one among BIG 4 that has no monthly fee? Others have conditons.

    • I’ve been getting cashback from them for years. Where have you been?

      • -1

        It is capped at only $10 per month which imho is not much

      • AND where have I been too? 20+ years customer. I have a normal(?) NAB debit card connected to my bank account.
        And so do I just apply for NAB Platinum Visa Debit card, connected to my bank account, and cancel their standard debit card that I have?
        Do you also get 1% rebate for online purchases? Thanks.

        • +1

          The Platinum Visa Debit has the 1% cashback on contactless payments made in store only, not online, and the 1% cashback gets applied back to your accounts at end of the month.

      • +1

        Wow, I must be missing out. I have had a NAB Platinum Visa card for over 5 years and have never received any notifications about any cashbacks or discounts. What sort of Cashbacks have you received and how were you notified of these cashbacks Sqeeks

      • +2

        $10 Monthly card fee offsets $10 cash back cap per month.

        • No wonder I didn't bother before. What a rip-off.

  • This is interesting and surely the beginning of the end for the cashback providers. It removes a whole step in the chain (tracking) and arguably the one that causes the most issues

    • +3

      What's stopping you from stacking both?

      • Nothing now, but the implication is that they will discontinue tracking for third parties like CR and SB in the future.

        • +5

          This deal ends in December, I would get too carried away with conclusions

        • Impossible. Cashback sites are effectively using the AdWords et al model.

          Cashback sites may not be as lucrative in the future, but they will not disappear.

  • No point. Catch and Kogan 10% giftcard. Amazon 3% gc eBay 10%.

    • +6

      Where are u getting 10% eBay gift cards?

      • +1

        Not sure about 10% but you can get 7% through Shopback/Revolut. 3% ebay GC through shopback and if you pay for the GC using revolut it's an additional 4% cashback.

      • -1

        5% everyday of the week beats 2% Bud .

        • Uncapped beats capped

    • This can be stacked with Catch high cashback promo while giftcard cant.

  • +4

    Credit cards only? i'll stick with my crypto.com 2% online and HSBC 2% tap-and-pay cashback

    • same here mate; plus Latitude priceclaim for bigger purchases

  • And the cashback has now started to flow to NAB customer bank accounts. OMG I should stop spending!

    Stop it I like it😜

    • Damn, forgot about this….and used PayPal for my recent catch purchase.
      I gather no cashback for PayPal on Catch with NAB credit card
      "If you make purchase with a third-party establishment or payment processor like PayPal or AfterPay, we may not be able to determine which online retailer you shopped at. Alternatively you may use your NAB credit card via the following digital wallets (i.e. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Garmin Pay) to ensure you receive your 2% cashback."

  • @MiCCAS Any chance this offer will be extended? Or increased to include any other online retailers?

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