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AWS Courses: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Cloud Practitioner, Sysops, Practice Exams & More from A$10.99 @ Udemy

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  • Wonder why these course are so cheap! Where is the catch as my time is valuable!

    • These ones are worth it. Many of us here can recommend Neal's courses.

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      No catch, they are independent (and excellent quality) trainers. They don't have high operating costs, and aim to sell large quantities to make money. They are highly recommended based on experience.

  • How does AWS compare to Azure in terms of certificates value?

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      Both are good, Actual experience is more valuable though.

  • Isnt one year of udemy access fees better than buying each course?

    • There's no such thing (unless you're a business, then there's Udemy for business).

      • There is a personal plan as well

        • It seems like they're starting a personal plan. It's in pilot stage and not open to everyone (not to me at least…) Saying that, I like time based subscriptions cause I have access to much more stuff that way.

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    I don’t need courses, wish the exams are as cheap.

  • One major con of Udemy courses is, there are too many videos with too few exercises, you may feel you have learned it, but actually you haven’t , must find extra exercises yourself to solidify the skills you think you have learned.

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