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BOGOF: 50pcs Disposable Face Masks Anti Dust 3 Layers Protective Filter $19.95 + Shipping @ Shopping Square


SoThere is A Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal.

Just add 1 to your art and you will see another 1 is given to you marked as “free”.

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    Does the Aussie flag mean made in Australia?

    Cos it doesn't say on the site.

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      Doubtful, probably just means shops from

    • Nah, it basically just means that you can get it shipped to you if you're Australian. Sometimes it means it's from an Australian reseller, but more often than not it's a meaningless bit of patriotism designed to trick people into choosing it because of the association with their country.

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    • Delivery times into Jan though

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    Don't send any to Qld……don't need them anymore!

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      Vaccines or masks?

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    • Might be a different story post 17 December :)


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        I'll enjoy it while I can then, I actually honestly have enjoyed wearing a mask the last few months. Normally I get sick 2-3 times every winter (yay for serving hundreds of customers every day!) and as soon as winter turns to spring my hayfever knocks me on my arse. But this year thanks to everyone masking up I didn't catch a single cold or the flu, and even my allergies are significantly less severe.

        I'm actually considering just keeping some reusable ones to hand, so during winter if I get a cold I reduce the chance of passing it on. It's really common in Asia and I don't think it's a bad idea at all.

    • Spoke too soon

      • Unfortunately masks are here to stay for a long time at least in some indoors areas :(
        I wish that wasn’t the case, but with this horrible virus things change so quickly that having a few extra masks isn’t a bad thing imo.

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      Wearing a mask is a pretty small price to pay to try to not be one of the hundreds of cases a day (that we're about to step into when we open up). Up to you, brother. Regardless of whether you think it is a scam, getting it is life complication that you can do without.

  • 9.95 for 50x (19.90 for 100x) is a pretty standard price these days. Not really a deal.

  • Mask mandate lifted for QLD

    BUY THE DIP! 🤣

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      I told you a hundred times! You gotta sell your pumpkin futures before Halloween, before!

      • You get it ! Haha

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