What is the best eBook reader as per you?

Greetings all,
Have an Amazon Kindle Oasis 10 gen, but is is just black and white, and I have technical books with colour diagrams. Love it, but I often have to go back to laptop to read the books.
Also, what miffs me is my lack of familiarity with the option to arrange the books, as it does not follow the folder structure that I have created in downloads- just groups all books together when viewing. There are manual process to create a reading list, but should there not be a folder structure ( logical grouping)?

With the BlackFriday sales coming up, I would like to understand from other users if there are better alternatives around? Something that allows colour, has plenty of storage. Prefer something that is not locked to an ecosystem, and supports a variety of formats.
Only English language support is fine.
I understand that this is a request to solicit your opinion, so there will be suggestions that not everyone will agree to, which we can discuss (in a civil manner).


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      Do you really think OP waited 14 years to spam you?

      • Patience is a virtue…

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    “that is not locked to an ecosystem” rules out a good maybe 9/10 available options in one hit. Then what remains needs to honour your folder structure for reading, and probably rules out > 9/10 options on its own. Tall order.

    Does said ideal device also need to be able to read Kindle DRM-protected content? Or only/mainly PDFs?

    • PDF would suffice.
      If I did not have locked to an ecosystem requirement, but needed the folder structure, what would you recommend?

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    Only way I see you ticking those boxes is an Android tablet or iPad.
    (With the obvious downsides compared to eink screens for normal reading)

    • Agree with this. Horses for courses.
      Get an ipad/tablet to view/edit documents.
      Get an ereader to read ebooks.

      • Editing the doc is not a requirement for me

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    Documents app, “get” books as PDFs.

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    I have a Paperwhite but my phone is what I use to read most of the time because it's the device that's closest and always on hand.

    My stuff are usually text based so my phone is fine for that. I've occasionally used a tablet for colour or image heavy materials.

    Haven't touched the Kindle in a long while, but I think I had to edit the metadata using Calibre to achieve a listing order that I was happy with.

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    I use 2 different devices. Kobo Libra (for epub), and an iPad (for pdf, cbr/cbz files).

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    Prefer Kobo's managed by Calibre

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    Ipad mini

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    I use the ReadEra- book reader app. which I downloaded from Google Play Store.
    Read books PDF, EPUB, WORD, KINDLE, MOBI etc.

  • Used to use a dedicated eBook reader device, started using my phone and tablet and it's so much easier. As to which eBook reader, Moon Reader has done well for me.

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    Thanks everyone for your advice.
    I have an old Samsung tablet as well, but don't like it as a book reader.
    Surface book meets almost all the requirements but the size is what lets it down.
    Will have a look at Kobo.
    Thanks again.

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      Good choice - I’ve moved from a Paperwhite to a Kobo Clara for reading books.

      Best part is you can borrow books from the library on to the device via Overdrive / Libby.

      • Libby works on tablets and phones, too.

        • Yes it does - I use Libby on my phone to browse/borrow books and then the Kobo automatically downloads them.
          But the best reading experience for books is on the Kobo by far. Phone is too small and Tablet is too big/heavy.

          • @cuteseal: Makes sense. I was just letting others know you don't need a special reader for Libby. Have to say, it's a great option. Saving heaps on magazine subscriptions.

  • Does anyone have any experience in using Boox
    Note Air 2 or similar? Seems like a good product.
    Also available via Kogan.

  • I use my Epson printer…

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      Printer uses paper that is not too environmentally friendly…
      Besides storage considerations…

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        Printer uses paper that is not too environmentally friendly…

        I only use recycled paper.

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    I use a kindle dx (kindle version 2) as a reader, file structure doesn't matter much. Read a book, scrap it. I like an a4 reader, the smaller kindle needs too much swiping. If I want to mark up anything I use Adobe or word. I don't understand why Amazon does not make an a4 reader, the arrogance of Amazon I guess. They know better what is good for the customer.

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    I used an iPad for textbook type reading most of my uni years, highly recommend it.
    It was easy to use and allows downloaded material as well as their own ecosystem and file management.

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