Best Place/Way to Print a Lot of Pages - Print out a 300 Page Textbook

I have a few pdfs of some colour textbooks that I want to print.
What is the most economical way to do this? I was considering OW and then thought that there might be cheaper places.

The textbooks are colour, so colour is preferred, but if you know a black and white place thats fine too.

Should be in greater sydney

Thanks a lot!

edit: looks like printing potentially copyrighted material is a no go for OW and most people are saying that I should either print it myself using a laser printer or just use my ipad.
Ill probably get an apple pencil and use iPad.


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    Commercial printing will probably refuse due to potential copyright breaches.

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    I would just buy a mono laser printer

    • this is cheapest option …

      inkstation for more toner, get a printer for 100$, extra toner for 30$ a few reams of paper … print as much as you want …

      alternatively, get a job in an office :)

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        Not worth getting fired for haha

        • Unless you're the system admin :)

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          Maybe print 30 pages per day?

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    most economical…

    friend or family's work place.

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    Most economical would be to find a second hand copy of the textbook to buy

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      Or just work from the PDF

    • Agree with this

      Or second hand textbook shops on campus?

      Studentvip website also has textbooks for sale

      Could also try the Gumtree or Facebook marketplace for giveaways and "requests" if that's allowed

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    What is the most economical way to do this?

    Don't print it.

    Read from and markup using a tablet (iPad or Android).

    • Tablets aren't cheap though.

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        Luckily they're reusable.

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    you absoloute madlad.

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    You would be chopping quite a few trees to print 300 pages. Consider alternative options mate.

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      3% of a single tree

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        So, just use tree prunings to make the paper?

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      Must be a very small trees.

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      I hear if he prints it against copyright laws, he could end up in prison. The worst thing about prison is the… is the Dementors.

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    Officeworks won't let you print Copyrighted works
    This is an ink tank printer for $394 the best economy you can get, suitable for the colour you want

    • Everytime I went to Officeworks to print alot of bank statements (don't ask why but it was required), no one was around the printers, in fact no one questioned, peeked or wanted to check on the way out.

      You could also go and print 100 pages over 3 days.

      You need to check if it's cheaper buying a printer and ink or if it's just a one off.

    • Best economy is a CISS kit off aliexpress and a regular inkjet off gumtree. Then just print until it blows up.

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    yep - save money - DON'T print - especially colour.

    when I was a teacher a student once handed me her printed (30-50 page?) assignment saying it had cost her $200 to print

    I was WTF !? - she said she had used up maybe 4-5 colour inkjet cartridges in test-printing versions before she came up with the final version

    so don't do that.

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      sounds like she really wanted extra marks and/or brownie points for the effort and spend.

  • If you know you will need large scale printing every year, then invest in a laser color printer and buy third party toner from ebay. Just check if third party toners are available first before deciding on a model. Avoid Lexmark as no compatible toners available due to proprietary chipset on toners.

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      O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  • Print yourself. It's why every university printer is hogged for hours by the same student printing hundred page textbooks.

  • Just take the F and go watch a movie.

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    Unless you're definitely going to be using it, don't bother…. I got caught printing a 600 page textbook in colour in one of the student guild's laser copier and printer and had to pay $600…. The library printers were charging $2 double sided with colour and 20 cents black and white double sided but the guild's printer was free…..apparently not if you're printing 600 pages…..

    After paying $600, I only like used it like once or twice a week for only like a month and then that's it….

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