YNAB (You Need A Budget) Price Increase Announcement


This created a fair bit of fuss on reddit.

For those of you who are using YNAB, what are your thoughts on the recent price increase?

We have been using YNAB since 2011 and were paying US$45/year since the online, browser based version was released. We also recently started using BankSync for $3/month since YNAB doesn't have native automatic bank sync (for Aust customers).

YNAB has been a great tool for us but with the cost doubling and the lack of native automatic bank sync, I've begun looking at alternatives.

Our requirements were browser based, automatic bank sync, accompanying mobile app and envelope budgeting method (with rollover ability). I'm currently looking at Pocketsmith after looking at this comparison spreadsheet.

There are obvious free tools (Excel and Google Sheets) but I'm happy to pay for the user interface and experience (automatic sync, mobile app, etc).

Anyone else trying anything different?

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You Need A Budget
You Need A Budget


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    I've been using getpocketbook and it's been alright.

    • +1 for PocketBook. Has been excellent in tracking spending through set periods, setting budgets for different categories. It's a great app that notifies if you've been charged bank/cc fees.

      Syncs with most banks for account/balance/transaction details.

      • Yeap. Has been great help. Technical service has been excellent as well. There're only very few type of accounts that pocketbook can't sync: mainly share tradings and super. But I can't find any other products (free or paid) that can sync with my super accounts.

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    Some guys on reddit (I think Ausfinance) made a cool little excel sheet that you input all your transactions (manually unfortuantely), and it would map it all out for you.

    Was too much work though so I gave up on using it.

    Im not sure I'm up for spending US$45/year for an app to show me I'm bleeding money from excessive pokies (more chilli), darts, crap multi's, and Kfc ultimate zinger boxes but I have always been reading good reviews about YNAB.

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      bleeding money from excessive pokies (more chilli), darts, crap multi's, and Kfc ultimate zinger boxes

      Lol… let alone US$99!

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      this one? I use it. It's great.

      • Looking into this one. Thanks for the heads up

  • Edit: meant for reply

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    You need a budget to pay for you need a budget

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      Budget more….. :)

  • I'm still using the version of YNAB that you could buy on Steam that was not subscription based, still works fine. I also find manually inputting each transaction makes you far more conscious of where your money is going.

    Not shy to admit that YNAB was/is life changing in the last 7-8 years i've been using it. Probably the best bit of software i've every spent money on (and hardly spent any money since!).

  • I use YNAB, only because my wife wants to know what I spend on lol

    But I am using Microsoft Money Sunset to do my record keeping and reporting. I have been using this in the last 8 years and it has been great. It is free.

    It is not cloud but recently, I can make it accessible via OneDrive. This effectively makes it Cloud accessible and so I can access MsMoney with my Windows Tablet/Laptop anywhere in the world.

    It is manual (you cannot import the transaction into it unless it is QIF standard and even that, it's a bit unintuitive) but that's okay. The reporting and the free price tag make it very worthwhile especially now with added cloud accessibility.

  • Glad I am still using my old pay once YNAB before they went subscription based!

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