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LEGO Buy One Get One 50% off (60 Selected Sets) + $9 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $45 Order) @ Target


There are only a selected 60 sets included but 25% off per set is fine if you can get two sets at the same price.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    anyone wanna share a bonsai set?

    • They are good. I got one for my partner and they loved it.

      One of the pieces is very unique as well.

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    From a quick Google, most of the big sets I checked can be had for $20 or $30 less. So the real discount is less than what it seems, but could still be worth it. Just do your homework first.

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    OP, please put Selected Lego sets in the header line

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      Good call, sorted ;)

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    cargo train 60198 is a must buy.

    thanks to @popsiee

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      wont this train be cheaper on Black Friday?

    • But what else do you buy with it to get the best value?

      • buy multiples.

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          Uh… kinda defeats the purpose of a bargain when you only need one doesn't it?

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            @Genepi: PissLUR resells lego, presumably post-retirement. But for normies like us, yeah, no need for two copies :).

  • Thanks I ordered cargo and city train

  • Wow did not know Lego was so costly got a Lego table yesterday for sons Xmas something different but I have a feeling bits will be lost in no time.
    He is only coming upto 6 yrs old next year and don’t think I could justify a $250 Lego set but love how you can control that set.
    Im sure my daughter will have a go on his Lego table and she is 9 yrs old.
    She would be the one that would not lose all the parts where as son would have them all over the house.
    I would love to start him off with cheaper sets but something that’s got a bit of a build to it but not a $250 price tag.
    The Lego table has the plates on top where you can leave your builds on display.

    As it’s more sons Xmas gift be nice to get some Lego sets for daughter as im sure she enjoy it too.
    The table has storage areas to hold everything which is good.
    But any recommendations

    • Pfft. My boy was two when i bought him both sets. I won't give them to him until he's 6 but totes worth it

      Buy it and hold onto it.

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    It would be so nicer to say get %33 off lego.

    But hey.. that’s sales and marketing for you.

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      Would be accurate to say 25% off.

      But hey that's math for you

      • Would be more accurate to say "hey, that's maths for you."

        But hey, that's just Australian English for you.

        • -1



          I might not math well when im sleep deprived but I still spell Australian English like a pro.


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    Just be aware that for some of the smaller sets, like LEGO® City Wildlife Rescue ATV 60300, it's on the Target site at $15. So two at that price is $22.50. But they're almost always ~$9 each at Kmart and Amazon.

    • especially if you either has Amazon Prime or looking to spend over $39, Amazon has very good deals on small lego sets…ie over 30% off and free ship over $39 (Non Prime member)

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    being trying to secure a 60198 set. the ordinary good prices were between $185-$199. Current price at $249, buying two of them with this offer makes it $186.75/set. Good deal if can share the order with someone, apparently postage will be added up if not close neighbourhoods. Thanks for posting this anyway.

  • Bought two of 60292 for 148.50, while its inflated RRP is 159.99 for one, so that's not such a bad deal. Mostly I guess you're paying for the road plates, but I like some of the parts in it.

  • Just be prepared to have one of your items be unavailable leaving you paying full price for one set. Had this happen this time last year despite their online store stock saying that the product was still in stock.

  • going to wait for Amazon's BFCM deals on lego - starting early I hear and they are going to be worth it 😉😉😉

    • Lead up will be the day is normally a fizzer .

      • not what I'm hearing … anyway will have to wait n see

        • Were there any good deals in the end?
          I didn't notice any.

  • One word, or is it two? Regardless it’s important.


    • Does Brickhawk factor in these multibuy offers though?

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