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New Signup Bonus $30 for Referrer and $45 for Referee (Min. Spend $20) @ DoorDash


DoorDash has increased the new signup bonus for referrer from $20 to $30.

Don't forget to use ShopBack for $10 cashback (new DoorDash users only). Basically a free meal with several $ back for a new sign up if you order just over $20.

T&C (not full)

Get A$30 in credits when someone signs up using your referral link and places their first order over A$20. Your friend also gets A$45 off (A$15 off each of their first 3 orders).
Referrer will only receive Credits for the first 25 Customers they refer that are located in the same country as the Referrer.

Referral Links

Referral: random (2186)

Referee gets $15 off first 3 orders over $20. Referrer gets $30 credit once referee places an order over $20.


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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    Lunch time:)

  • Thanks OP

  • For new users always lol

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          Yep they've smartened up…

          From my recent experience, it's a case of needing a new mobile, email, and even credit card.

          My last test… I did a combo of new mobile, email, BUT reused a credit card. The new account got the $15 x 3, but the referring account got squat!

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            @AnDyStYLe: revoult!

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              @mokr: They've also smartened up. I noticed doordash and ubereats no longer accept revolut

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            @AnDyStYLe: Sorry clarification….

            My last test… I did a combo of new mobile, email, BUT reused a credit card and it triggered a warning. Inputted in a new credit card. The new account got the $15 x 3, but the referring account got squat!

            So my opinion, use a new mobile, email, and even credit card to ensure success both ways.

            • @AnDyStYLe: I also tried a new email and unused credit card and new account got $15 x 3 but referrer got zero in credit. Could it be that the new account needs to actually spend $20+ (so not using the $15 credit) in order to trigger the credit for the referrer?

              • @No Child Support: You have to spend $20 and remove cashback sites tracking for credit to appear.

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                @No Child Support: Good point, which I didn't think to mention until your post…

                I did also consider the same, I had made orders of $21-$15 = $6 twice. Had one last chance to test this theory on the third, made an order of $40-$15 = $25 (so +$20 spend), referrer still nothing =(

                If I remember correctly, I don't believe I ever had an issue with previous $21-$15 = $6 orders to trigger the credit for my referring account. But I've done so many I lost track of count lol… I know I'm still way ahead =D

                Have you maxed your 3x orders yet? Might be worthwhile to try a +$20 spend (after $15 credit) to see what happens!

                • @AnDyStYLe: Ah bugger, guess it needs a unique phone number then. Odd they even let you create a new account with the same number though.

                  I have one more $15 discount. But since you already test it, i might put an order $20+ with no credit apply to see if that works. I'll report back

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                    @No Child Support: Ohh so your combo was new email, new card, BUT same mobile?

                    Yeah, this is definitely the gotcha! I wouldn't think your referring account will get the credit even if you put an order $20+ with no credit apply. May as well knock off the last $15 credit and start over with all new email, card, AND mobile.

                    Thanks to easternculture, I just got myself another new mobile =D

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          i still use a method that works perfectly read below for steps

          1- you need a new number for only once if you dont do any mistakes upon signing up
          2- clean account with no issues that you can use for referrals which will be your main account
          3- on the new account you need to use different names and lastnames dont use the same ones again like if theres 2 josh signed up through your referall it wont work and use the fresh number i use $5 aldi starter pack you can use anything similar or even cheaper
          3- make sure that you dont get any errors while signing up and making your order if you encounter any issues with payment or signing up this will trigger a block on the account and you wont get the referall bonuses
          4- revolut app for disposable cards if your cards dont work start over and this time use paypal with your disposable card
          5- once your order has been completed go to your account details and change the mobile number to a random mobile number and confirm it via email or your mobile this allows you to use the same number on a new account this step is important make sure you dont forget this step

          i personally dont use the paypal step because mine works without it if yours dont work make a new account and use paypal this time

          enjoy your meal

          • @xauke7: Or just delete your account?

          • @xauke7: Hi, I have never used Revolut.
            What's the best way to add money/card to revolut for doordash purchases?
            Do you link your credit card and put money to your Revolut account then, spend it via a virtual disposable card?

            Thank you

    • I am always a new user with all the free SIM cards I get :)))

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    do they check for same credit card?

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      Yes, only one credit card number per referral use

      • So if it's same credit card then it doesn't get treated as a new account?

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          Well you can make a new account, but the system detects the already used credit card and blocks the use of the referral credit until you enter a CC thats never been used on their system

          • @easternculture: Is it true that you can use the same number as someone mentioned but have a different email address?

            • @nightelves: No. It also blocks the referral credit but usually works with other one time promos

          • @easternculture: On Uber systems it says this card has been used to many ones on to many accounts

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        Is it mandatory to provide one? I added giftcard last time.

        • +1

          For now gift cards are allowed, but i see them patching the loophole soon , better ask mods to delete your comment.

          • @easternculture: Dont worry. Only the minority pay attention to comments below.

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      Use Revolut. It let’s you create unlimited virtual debit cards. Once you see virtual debit card is not required delete the existing one from app and create new when you need it. Doordash also checks for mobile number so anytime you see these free sim promotions on ozbargain just grab one. I recently grabbed 2 Gomo e-sims on my pixel and iphone just for these benefits. Hope this helps

  • How to use shopback while you are use REFERRAL LINKS ?

    • Sign up with referral link. Then shop with shopback.
      If you refer yourself and use shopback for first order, you wont get the $30

        • +1

          I have no idea. Maybe its tied to some type of algorithm or something. I was shocked too

  • Zip single use cards still work.

    • Great was just thinking thank (profanity) I can do different Zip cards.

  • +1

    The worst customer service after UberEats.

    Order and hope nothing goes wrong.

  • Will it detect if I use a different card number but from the same bank. So for example I use a westpac card on Doordash Account #1, I then get it promo banned and request my card was lost/stolen to Westpac. A couple of weeks later I get a new westpac card with the same details except the card number and expiry date is different. I then use this new card on a referal offer on a new doordash account #2. Will this be detected in their system ?

    • Each credit/debit card can be used 4 account in total before having your account deactivated and phone banned.

      The problem is with the phone not the cards, your phone gets completely blocked, don’t get confused with the Paypal and credit cards.

      • What do you mean with the phone? I was able to sign up to a second account using the same number but diff email and credit card fine. Are you saying if your number appears in their system 4 times, it will be blocked?

      • safer to just use different one, plenty of disposable sim for numbers and just set aside a few different CC and get replacement ever now and than. Personal i like using visa or master giftcards and just have $5 on them to pass verfication.

        haven't used door dash as prefer the $30 from ubereats. With this it's a $7 meal as best as they now charge a 10% service fee.

        • +1

          I cant really get the $30 as easy as doordash, uber is much better of detecting new user :(

          • @fomal: I thought apps on IOS couldn't access sensitive Device data such as IMEI, S/N and that the Device ID changes after Reset?

  • Is it lawful making multiple accounts to take advantage of referral system?
    I believe DoorDash won't chase us up, just discuss this theoretically.
    Saying we take advantages of $10K for ordering a year with new accounts, and Doordash decided to take actions, what problems could we face?

    • +1

      I would imagine you as an individual are not going to be anywhere near a large enough concern that they even contemplate legal action

    • that's a lot of effort for 10k worth of food!!!

  • I have zip. How do I get single use? Does it generate a new number every time? :)

    • +1

      Go into cards, and theres a shop online button at the bottom. Generates a single use number on each purchase.

  • -1

    Any idea if that first 25 customers is a new term?

    I have around 26 already under my belt :(

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    I have 2 iPads two iPhones, 3 android, 2 net books and 2 laptops, my experience you can have up to 4 account per phone before I mei number is blocked, there are more sketchy thing you can do for free food but rather not post them. Just make sure you don’t log into any new device with a current account as that device will be blocked as well.

    Actually I did help a few friends out for 6 more phones but you get the point.

    As for registering a new number with a current number for a new account there is a glitch on the system for androids I assume, it will not even ask for the verification sms text and let you creat that new account but as for referral promotion will not be applied.

  • now to create a new virtual device, card n a $2 sim.

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    I tried a new Uber Eats and Doordash account with new email, phone and card and both were denied at checkout. I contacted help and they said I already have account and I violated the terms, no matter how many times I denied it. Not sure if it picked up on address or maybe device. But the rest was 100% never used before.

    • +4

      Wow… that's ballsy. Trying to cheat the system and still going to customer support…

      • +5

        This guy deserves ozbargainer of the month

        • Not a guy, but irrelevant I guess. I spent over $5k on UE alone during Covid. I thought I deserved a bonus but apparently not. Not a single code on OzB has worked for my account. No bonus for loyalty from them at all.

      • Ballsy how? What’s there to lose?

        • -1


          • +1

            @Boscom123: Oh wow, didn’t realise the moral police would be active on ozbargain. This whole post is filled with people talking about creating multiple accounts. I attempt unsuccessfully to create one after spending thousands with them and I’m lacking integrity. Lol. Thanks for setting me on to right path with your moral superiority!

            • -1

              @UndeclaredFreak: Haha. I think the part where you went to Customer Support to lie blatantly to their face set you apart from the other users. No worries though, you do you.

              • +2

                @Boscom123: Interesting morality scale you have there. This thread is filled with people creating 20 account, referring themselves to get bother referrer and referee credit. Likely never paying full price or using the services at all. But myself whom has spent thousands with them tries to create one extra account using the random referral generator but contacts support via email when the promo fails…that’s crossing the line. Lol. Right, good one.

                • -1

                  @UndeclaredFreak: Please just stop trying to justify your actions… Whatever helps you sleep at night.

                  • -1

                    @Boscom123: No justification needed. Merely pointing out your flawed logic. No worries though, you do you.

    • how can the system tell as you are using new email phone card

      (maybe use fake name?)

      can choose another address if you pick up

      • Fake name was used also. The only thing that was the same was the device and address. Which is silly due to the fact that people have roommates and move. Etc.

        • Uber eventually block the address.
          In the meantime you need to generate a new device id for each set of payment/phone/email.

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