What Foods Make You Feel Nauseous?

There are some things I don't like to eat at all, eg. fish or other seafood. However, it doesn't make me feel like I want to vomit.

I don't know why but quiche makes me feel like I want to vomit. I get that stirring feeling in my tummy and my throat tightens, even just smelling it. I like lots of food with egg, bacon, flour and spinach, etc. But I can't handle it as a quiche. This happened today at my kids' playgroup where morning tea was homemade quiche. I didn't want to be rude to the lady and tried my best to eat one but I started feeling like I was going to vomit. (Luckily my son liked it and finished it off.)

Quiches are very popular at bakeries in New Zealand in place of the cheese and bacon rolls we have here in Australia, and I remember almost vomiting while trying to eat one over there because of the same feeling.

It is obviously not an allergic reaction since I eat the ingredients on their own all the time, I just can't explain it and people think I'm just being silly but it's a real feeling I can't seem to control.

Does anyone else have such a bad reaction to a particular prepared meal?


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    The smell of raw meats and raw fish in markets. If it's just on its own at home, not too bad but, that combined smell makes me gag.

  • I generally like eggs, but for some reason omelettes and quiche have never sat well with me. The peak of this dislike is zucchini slice, which is the only food that I've ever vomited immediately back up after eating. Again, I like zucchini, but something about the combo of those foods and how they're cooked really doesn't jive with me.

  • Moon cake, I don't know what it is in that but when I taste it I feel like throwing up, and I eat pretty much anything. I actually gag and have trouble swallowing, and if I force myself to eat it I feel immediately sick. It's never happened with any other food

    • That is exactly what happens to me with quiche.

      • It's strange, it feels like every part of my digestive tract wants to reject it. even after I swallow some it's like my body just wants it to come back out. I don't know what it is, it does have eggs yolks in it, but I love eggs and any egg products. It would be good if someone could tell me what it was that might be causing my reaction cos I've always wondered.

        • The smooth kind our or the lumpy kind? Love me some smooth red bean or green bean moon cakes. But it's probably the oily pastry that's getting to you.

          • @freekay: I am usually good with pastry. Come to think of it I didn't know there was red bean in there, I can't do red bean either, it's probably that. I'm not allergic to anything else but it seriously makes me convulse.

    • How much did you eat? The whole thing in one go? 1/4? 1/8?

      • Usually the first bite. When I have been able to force myself to eat a normal sized piece on the rare occasion I have felt sick for hours. Usually it's because someone has offered it to me while explaining its cultural significance and I just feel racist if I refuse it (I know, It's like some modern day woke guilt)

        • First bite into the whole piece? The proper way to enjoy moon cake is in slices, you either cut the whole moon cake up into 4 or 8 slices and you eat just one or two slices. Not the whole thing like a burger.

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    Well done steak.

    • Guess car tyres wont be on your plate anytime soon

      Sad Bridgestones noises

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    After battling the slums of India then spending 3 days at the Ghats of Vanarasi I am happy to find clean food free of blood and rotten stench. Can handle Keto of Vegan but if having a choice the latter makes me feel so much better!

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    Seafood for me, I roll up me windows when I drive past the fish markets because that smell to me is putrid

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    Onions! Can't stand taste or smell

  • Bloody chicken

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      Thats why you always save the blood for your next red cross donation

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    Onion. Shallot.

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    Food that you had a bad reaction to and especially any food you suffered food poisoning from trigger the formation of a somatic "memory" based in a deep structure in the brain called the 'hypothalamus'. It is a protective measure whereby the taste or often just smell and sight of the food causes you to vomit, protecting you from what in the past has caused disease or discomfort.

    Mine is liver - I have had lambs fry marinated and cooked so well I thought I had had a really tender steak - until a few minutes later when I got to taste it all a second time only more thoroughly blended with the rest. If I eat lebenwurst, I'm fine, but get very tired a short while afterwards and often have to take a nap.

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      I found my soul mate here…

    • On toast

      You forgot the toast

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      Heresy, nothing better than smashed avo, with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, half a finely diced red onion and salt.

    • omg I thought I was the only one!!

      I do like the taste of them but after 15-20 minutes after eating I feel the nausea kick in and its unbearable

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    No foods make me feel nauseous. Feel sorry for all the broken people commenting.

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      No foods make me feel nauseous.

      Have you tried these?

      • Are they yours?

        • No, I stopped breeding yaks a few years back after the nasty accident with the alpaca.

  • What Foods Make You Feel Nauseous?

    Lamb's brains.

    • I used to prepare popcorn chicken like lamb brain at a restaurant I worked at. Bought some home and everyone loved it until I told them what it was.

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    Doesn't make me feel nauseous, but my tastebuds are repulsed by most cooked salmon. Unless it's super fresh and has a heavy flavouring, such as miso glaze. Fresh raw salmon in sushi or sashimi, is perfectly fine also, and one of my favourites.

    Another one is cooked spinach, uncooked, perfectly fine. I think it actually makes me nauseas as well, because I've had bad reactions to it in the past.

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    Protein bars or similar products. They just don't agree with my stomach, doesn't help that they often have a weird taste to them.

    • I have this too, I blame the artificial sweeteners

  • For some reason the only food that does induce real vomiting for me is Quorn. I’ve tried it maybe 3 or 4 times. Every time same reaction, violent rejection by body.
    Oh and marzipan makes me feel queasy

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    Eggplant = me vomit

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      We are still talking about food right?

  • It's a food aversion is all. I get it mildly with Shapes original flavour. Too many pkts in my lunchbox as a kid. Not that I'm complaining that i had an awesome mum that made me lunches.

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    Raw eggs. Slippery, slimy and wet and disgusting texture.

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    Milk, especially full cream. I can consume in moderation in cereal and coffee with a little skim milk but I've never managed to drink it straight. My partner cooked some in spag bol and I just couldn't stomach the thought.

    Also a few things from when I had morning sickness that I haven't been able to touch since - wonderwhite bread being one of them.

  • Pumpkin. I can do it in soup, but mushy roasted lumps of it bring on the gag reflex.

  • If I eat cream and some other dairy I feel nauseous afterwards

  • Sushi. Can't stand raw fish.

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mango, avocado, mushrooms, olives, rare steak, any type of eggs that aren't a chicken egg and cooked, and most seafoods that aren't deep fried and especially raw salmon (or any type of raw seafood).

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      Remind me not to invite you round for dinner;)

    • Mango

      I love mango in a smoothie or frozen ice cream, but as a fresh fruit, thats a no from me dawg.

  • Any food that has an eggy/raw egg smell and taste to it. Blurrrppp.

    Also I can’t do chilli anymore, stomach got burned out from years of OD’ng on sriracha sauce.

  • Mushrooms, olives, oysters (need to be lathered in sauce), along with more adventurous foods mentioned like balut and offal which I'm sure I would hate

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    maccas cheese smell especially on breakfast items

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    Balut egg, ate one in Vietnam

  • Surströmming

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    KFC, Just the smell alone is enough to make me feel like I'm going to vomit

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    Syrup of ipecac

  • My guts also react badly to quiche and I have no idea why because I can eat all the individual ingredients or other combinations with no ill effect.
    I don't feel nauseous, but it's possible I would if I ate a lot of it.

  • Protein shake - the Whey ones.

  • Liver

  • raw fish

  • Pumpkin in all different ways of cooking it and the other is sweet potato with the exception of those sweet potato chips that they sell in Aldi.

    Both of these vegetable makes me feel weird and just straight up makes me want to vomit for some reason.

  • Anchovies 😖 the smell, the taste blahhh!

    • This :/

    • I take it you don't like Nasi Lemak?

      • Western anchovies and South East Asian ikan billis are a completely different kettle of fish.

  • Egg pie

  • Canistel fruit or egg fruit. I just thought about it and something is rolling up my throat.

  • Supermarket wraps. It stinks and apparently only i can smell it in my household.
    Macdonald's or other fast foods are fine.

  • could be a textural thing - I tend to dislike slippery slimy foods, and prefer dry crunchy.

    food that looks like vomit - a lot of brown sauce foods - are hard for me to look at and then eat.

    as for egg - with the sulfur - I tend to enjoy eggs maybe once a month - more that that I tend to find difficult to eat.

    the other day I was served avocado with some greasy meat - the combination of slippery and greasy literally gave me the runs.

    • No oysters then?

  • Skittles- The smell and taste makes me very dizzy and nauseous.

  • Okra

  • Cucumber, the second I smell it, I start to feel unwell, and it is such a strong pungent smell that it seems to instantly spread long distances the second it is cut.

  • pancakes

  • Beetroot

  • Weetbix make me retch

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