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Free Voucher for 50% off AWS Certification Exams to Eligible Applicants @ AWS Exam Voucher Promotion


TL;DR Save $75 off an associate level exam or $50 off the foundational level by completing the exam prep training.

Content from the website:

Need some extra motivation to complete your Foundational or Associate Certification in 2021?

We currently have a special promotion of 50% discounted exam vouchers available for Australian and New Zealand based individuals!

Eligibility Criteria
  • Attend the relevant Exam Readiness session (we also recommend you do some practice exams!)
  • Anyone based in Australia or NZ is eligible to apply for a 50% discount voucher. Vouchers are available for Cloud Practitioner and Associate level Certifications.
  • You'll receive your voucher within 5 business days. Book your exam by 17th December 2021 and sit your exam by 15th January 2022.
  • One exam voucher will be allocated per individual. Once you pass an exam you can apply for a second voucher.

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    Book your exam by 17th December 2021 and sit your exam by 15th January 2022.

    So to fill in exam centres during a quiet period of the year?

  • -2

    Isnt this meant to be free and paid by AWS?

    • Definitely not free.

    • +1

      The voucher only costs some of your time. The exam still costs $50-75 depending on which one you choose to sit.

    • no, cloud practitioner certs are $100 USD and associate $150 USD

  • Looks like you can tick that you already attended an exam readiness session and skip that step. Let's see if I get the voucher within 5 days…

  • Is this the new big thing?

  • I am not sure what to mention in the company name.. as really do not want to mention anything if it is not a legitimate source.

    • +3

      MindYouOwnBusiness pty ltd

    • +5

      JeffsRocketLooksLikeaDong Pty Ltd

    • +1

      Joe Bloggs Consulting

  • I've received a voucher.
    Edit: I've actually received an email from xvoucher. No idea how to get the code.
    Btw cost of exam is $220, so still $110 after alleged discount.

    • I have registered as well on the xvoucher website! How do you get the code!

      • I can't figure out how to get the code as well.

        "When you are ready to schedule your exam appointment, you will need to access your AWS Certification exam voucher code. This will display on your screen your exam voucher code required for your registration. You will also receive an email with your exam voucher code."

        But does not tell you how to access the voucher code.

  • +2

    Took me a while but there is a green Go button on the top right where you see that message on xvoucher. That opens up the page containing the code at the bottom :) Its legit!

    • Oh wow legend. I wouldn't have thought clicking on that green button. Such terrible design, the site is not even mobile compatible…

    • Thanks!

  • Hi OP,
    I am unable to use the xvoucher for "AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner" exam, any ideas?

    Error: "Invalid discount code.Please provide valid discount code" <— This is as per the email from "[email protected]"


    • What does the xvoucher title says? Mine says
      New Xvoucher - AWS Certification Promotional Exam Voucher – Associate Level - Pearson VUE - 50% Discount - 180 Day
      Because I chose associate level. Does yours say associate or foundation?

      • Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah it says "Foundational Level " in the email.. So I assume when I put in the request I could of selected "associate" yeah? Maybe I can request another one.. hmm Thanks alot..

        • Very weird! The options is "Cloud Practitioner" OR "Associate".. Given I have been doing the Practitioner training, I find it difficult to believe I would click Associate… anyways I will try to re-submit for CP as thats the course I am doing! Thanks..

      • hehe problem solved, email said "To schedule with a PSI testing center:", however under Pearson Vue it worked fine.. not quite right, but all well, that ends well. :D

  • Got a voucher with expiry 12/2022. Do we still need to book the exam by 17th December 2021 and sit exam by 15th January 2022?

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