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Free Samples of New Flavour Jerky with Every Order (No Minimum Spend) + Delivery @ Beef Chief Jerky


Right now we have 2 new flavours that are yet to launch publicly, but we are including samples of each with EVERY order placed.

These new flavours are: Chilli Lime, and Ambush. Both are spicy (4/10 on the heat scale). There are limited quantities so this offer lasts until we run out. There's about 100 samples of each in total.

There is no minimum spend. Even if you buy only 1 small packet (30g for $6.87) we will throw in both flavours to try.

People have been waiting AGES for our Chilli Lime. We have FINALLY got it spot on and reckon you'll love it.

We have 9 flavours of beef jerky available, 5 flavours of biltong and 5 flavours of droewors. There's something for absolutely everyone on our website.

Beef jerky makes great stocking stuffers too! Just in time for Christmas.

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  • These new flavours are: Chilli Lime, and Ambush. Both are spicy (4/10).

    What exactly does 4/10 mean? If it's spicy, shouldn't it be 10/10?

    • -1

      What exactly does 4/10 mean?

      They don't seem to rate their own products well…

      • +2

        Hi JV, not sure why you would say that.

        • Because before you edited the post, that is what you wrote….

          (The edits to your post are visible to anyone.)

          • @jv: That is right, I edited the post after your comment for clarification exactly what 4/10 means.

            You said we don't rate our own products well. Did you need clarification that we are referring to the heat level? Your comment indicated we rate our product a 4 out of 10, as if to say it is low quality. That is why I was unsure why you said that.

            Did you intentionally mean to say we think our product is low quality? Or was my wording confusing?

            • @DKruger:

              I edited the post after your comment for clarification

              Thanks for the clarification.

              My comment was based on what was written before the 'clarification'…

    • +4

      Hi Crispy. 4/10 refers to the heat rating. They are mid range spicy.

  • What cut of beef do you use to make your Jerky?

    • butt

      • +1

        I do love eating arse …. I'll take 2!

    • +4

      Topside, not quite the arse, more like the buttcheek

  • +1

    What size are the samples?

    • 2-3 Pieces

      • How many grams is that?

        • I'm guessing much less than 30g.

  • 10% off using SPINNAWINNA10 code too.

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    30g for $6.87

    Very expensive way to stuff a stocking.

    • +1

      30g for $6.87

      Is it really $229 / kg ???

  • How much is shipping?

    • Varies depending on how the order weight. It's around $8.50 for under 500g. Bit more for express

      • +1

        I see you have Mr Chilli Awards endorsed .
        Have you forgotten to go down to your local fete to win a gold medal like the wine boys do ?

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