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[QLD] Ryobi 78 Pcs Drilling, Driving & Cutting Set $20 @ Bunnings (Acacia Ridge)


Saw this at a local Bunnings (Acacia Ridge QLD) over the weekend. Was $39.99 now $20. Comes with Drill Bit Kit, 3 types of recip saws and 2 types of Multifunction blades. Ryobi part number is RDDC78S.

Didn't have a use for the recip blades at the time, but did a search for a recip saw and managed to snag this great ozbargain deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/654294 at another store. It's still $199 on the website.

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  • Anyone know if the reciprocating saw blades from Ryobi are any good. I've bought 3 no name brand ones off eBay and two snapped after a couple of uses. Looking for ones that work but not empty the wallet.

    • make sure you're using the right type of blades for your purpose.
      I bought these https://www.bunnings.com.au/kango-5-piece-reciprocating-blad...
      to use with the Ryobi saw, so far used for metal, wood, MDF, roots, no dramas with the different blades

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      I swear by Diablo blades now for all my powertools.

      I also bought a cheap set of ryobi bits a while back and they are without doubt the worst bits I have ever used. Snapped almost every one of them which is just insane.

      • I agree with Diablo blades. I use them with my ozito and they are indestructible.

      • I just snapped 2 ryobi metal drilbits one after another, just drilling through 2mm metal. Only managed to drill about a dozen holes before they snapped.

        Was considering taking back to bunnings and trying to get a refund for the kit or not…

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      Definitely Normal

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    Bunnings clearance sign in pic says "Was $39.99" but Ryobi site lists $20 as normal price. If the blades and drill bits are any good this would be decent value.

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    Save your money these are junk

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      Came to say this. Got the drill and impact Ryobi set and ended up returning it. Was drilling into hardwood and the drill bit just snapped off in the wood. Was later impacting in some screws and the tip of the Phillips head sheared off. Never had either happen to me before. Would probably be a good set for light work like pine, aluminium and plasterboard as it is very convenient but don't expect it to handle hard work.

      • What do you suggest instead? Cheers for sharing your experience.

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          Irwin have some sets and they have been pretty good when I've borrowed them from my brother.

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