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LEGO City Cargo Train 60198 Remote Control Train Building Set $199 Delivered @Amazon AU


All aboard the cargo train, Kids can be conductors with this motorized remote control train and tracks set; The best gift for boys and girls who love construction sets

Includes 1226 LEGO pieces that assemble into a cargo train with 4 cars, a control center, an armored truck, a forklift, and rail tracks; For boys and girls age 6-12 who want to operate their own electronic locomotive

Build your own runaway train story with a 10-speed Bluetooth remote control to operate the battery-powered railway as well as 6 minifigures: 4 train workers, a security officer, and a crook; Batteries not included

Max Limit: 5.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Retiring soon?

    • I wouldn't hold my breath, Trains get refreshed very rarely.

    • Maybe. This set was released in 2018. Since the passenger and cargo trains are usually refreshed every four or five years we are likely to see new trains in 2022 or 2023.

    • Next year It could being 4 yrs average for them .

  • +1

    I am amazed that kids want to spend so much time with digital lifestyles when something like this is an excellent way to drive your imagination.
    I remember as a kid, my twin friends had the og Lego train set where you had to build the tracks yourself. Lego has even become easier for masses yet to me it seems a battle against the digital era.
    What would I know?, I still have my original stick and hoop I play with.

    • Stick and hoop? I'm old, even i don't know that one

    • How is a digital lifestyle not an excellent way to drive your imagination?

      • Until the brain fully recognises the screen (or other interface) as reality, it won't be 'as' good at stimulating thought as reality. It will get there and in some circumstances where we mentally switch-off from reality when we engage the digital world, it gets closer to being perceived as real, but not yet 'as' good, in general at providing 'all' the required stimuli.

  • +1

    I would love to get this for my son but im not sure if he will get into lego he is turning 6 next year feb.
    He was into hot wheels trucks and cars and has those garages for them but very rarely uses them now.
    I just purchased a lego table for sons xmas and thought i get him into lego and try and get him away from playing console games or ipads.

    I can't really justify the price of this wow lego brand is expensive but cool you can control this with a phone.
    I just be worried this would get broken by him or parts are lost around the house.

    Im thinking of buying some cheap basic sets editions see how he connects with lego.

    Any recommendations on what to get.

    My daughter on the other hand would probably get into lego but she is already sorted for exmas. She is 9yrs and even has the Woolworths lego from shopping.
    I cant get the bunnings lego stuff as seems it was limited and no longer available, yes not as good as these lego sets but something to get him going.

    I have noticed from looking at a few posts on here lego us popular and many are buying expensive sets with no hesitation, but for me im just insure if son will get into it.

    • +1

      My 5yo loves the creator classic stuff. There’s lots of options- show him on amazon and see if it appeals? Otherwise, he may want a themed set like Ninjago or Star Wars…

    • Well one piece of advice I can give you is to buy those "compatible" bricks if you don't want your kids to get into lego.

      You can certainly buy those Bunnings/Woolies/Chinese knock off's for special sets occasionally but the majority of your collection should be lego for a pleasant building experience.

    • So every kid is different but I found handholding through the first few sets was valuable (you want to make it enjoyable and then let them go nuts once they get it). I also tend to agree with truetypezk in that the clones are no where as nice to put together both quality of the bricks interlock but probably more import for young builders the quality of the diagrams and instructions.

      We've tended to match their natural interests just Lego version…so would recommend the theme they are already into whatever that is..

    • you may get some second hand LEGO first to see it your son would be interested. I bought quite some second hand lego (bulk in containers and priced for weight) mostly for myself, but my daughter had quite some fun with her LEGO duplo collection for a long time (mostly second hand too). After turning 4 yo she started asking me to purchase normal sized Lego sets (frozen) but she didn’t play much as it is still a bit hard for her to handle these smaller pieces. I got another batch of second hand Lego a while ago with like 20 mini figures from lego friends series. She had so much fun with these mini figures and other toys and we even teach her math with these mini figures. As she wants to build new sets we purchased some Chinese branded Lego like toys. A set for a few dollars could keep her busy and happy for one whole day.

    • The cheaper lego city passenger train set pops up at $125. From memory, uses the same controller.

      My 4 year can't build it himself, but really loves the lego trains. Watches the youtube videos and was jealous of the long trains and carriages. He can build the simpler sets (the sets targeted for 4 year olds) and follow the instructions.

      Ended up buy 3 sets of passenger and two sets of freight trains. Has all sorts of stories and plays trips to various suburb/stations, konws that his house near XXX station and pretends friends come over.

      Plus a bunch of chinese mocs and 'compatible' sets. I would not get a knock off unless you can fiddle and buy extra parts to make it work and have time to fiddle and can buy spare parts from alibaba or hktvmall, or hobidigi, etc. The real lego have better magnetic clips, better friction on wheels, etc.

  • +5

    Did anyone else get a voucher taking a further $12.25 off this set? Just under the bit that says "You Save: $100.99 (34%). This took the price down to $186.75.

    • +2

      Thanks for this! Also just saw the extra $12.25 off. Cancelled the order from last night and ordered again this morning.

    • +1

      Great find. I was sitting on the fence but this little extra saving got me over the line.

      Son is only 3 years so I was 'ugh' to buying and holding for several years until he's ready.

      • Same. Mines 2. He loves his wooden Thomas and Percy trains so hopefully he'll still like trains when he's 6.

    • Cheers same

    • Yep, saw the same. Cheers!

    • +2

      there is a better offer right now. get a free santa set.

      • Is the Santa worth $12.25…?

        • +1

          You can apply both

      • Great find, OP! Have cancelled and re-ordered. Thanks!

    • Yes AND the free Lego Santa GWP!

      • I don’t see the $12.25 coupon under “You save $100.99 (34%)” ? Only the free Santa promotion.

    • I don’t see the $12.25 coupon under “You save $100.99 (34%)” ? Only the free Santa promotion.

  • +1

    $187 after coupon less gift card 4% and Santa $5 around $175 is a buy all day .

    • I don’t see the $12.25 coupon under “You save $100.99 (34%)” ? Only the free Santa promotion.

  • Can anyone tell me what and how many batteries this set will require, including for batteries the remote? Thanks!

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