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Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack for Suzuki Jimny (New Model) $1381 + Free Shipping @ Roof Rack Store


Based on reviews seems like a good product. The cheapest I could find elsewhere is $1509.

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  • What's the roof load limit on the new Jimny?

    • 30kg though people have done 60 without issues

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        And if you have an accident, you can kiss your car insurance goodbye.

      • Does that mean roof tents are bad for the roof?

        Or is that just while driving.

        • Roof tents bad? Only if they exceed the maximum rated roof weight loads. Don’t forget to minus the weight of the rack itself from that figure and what ever is left ‘should’ be evenly distributed across the rack.

        • There are static and dynamic load numbers for a roof rack. I think 30kg is a dynamic load and as mentioned before people put on much more without issues. For a rooftop tent you need to know static rack load. I don't think Suzuki gives away any numbers for it but static load is usually much bigger than dynamic load so a rooftop tent should be ok.

          • @picant: I agree that a car roof should be able to hold two people and a tent when it’s static. There are cases of roof racks with tents mounted to them, have weaken and eventually failed and fallen off the roof. Having said that, front runner make quality roof racks. Avoid the riveted ones and go for the bolt through system for piece of mind. It’s the one I’m looking at for my ute c:

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          there isn't a commercially made roof top tent that is below the roof rating of the new Zooks. Short answer - probably shouldn't put much on your roof.

          BUT you'll probably be fine…

          • @matthewperk: Not when this rack weighs more than the aforementioned dynamic load limit..

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          The way the new Jimny is manufactured. I wouldn't put much on the roof at all.

          Off-road, even less.

          • @stickymoo: Why's that? Gutter mounts are normally great at carrying roof loads.

            Front runner makes good racks and they don't have a seperate 'offroad' rating for their racks it is all the same 300kg.

            • @noided: 300Kg static load, with no dynamic load given.

              The feet have a static max limit of 150kg. That's not including the tray weight. Which is 30.89kg.

              Usually the limiting factor is the vehicle manufacturer dynamic roof load limit. Put the weight of the tray on (30.89kg) and you can see the 300kg static weight limit drops dramatically for real world use.

              Then there's off-road recommendations and various calculations (based on a x1.5 off-road calc..or less if you prefer the .66 calc).

              But there's no magic sauce bud. All the racks of similar quality, perform the same.

              The real issue isn't the quality of the frontrunner rack. But the max dynamic roof load limit of the Jimny. Which is being reported around 30-40kg. So once you put on a rack that weight 30.89kg.

              A lot of off-road Jimny owners are moving away from putting a lot of weight on their roof.

              I still think the tray looks cool and with some maxtrax, shovel, solar, light bar etc up there.
              I'd probably run with it.

              But I'd think twice about a 30.89kg tray and a 30kg 270 awning that puts the weight to one side and doesn't distribute the roof weight evenly. Then chucking a RTT up there too. That's already 100kg or more with those 3 items. Which is more than most full size 4x4 max dynamic roof load limits which are between 70-100kg. Not including off-road calculations.

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    Approximate Installed Weight: 30.89kg (68.1lbs)

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      if the dynamic weight is 30kg and this unit weights 30kg.. then your going to run into issues with your insurance straight away.

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    Will it hold a kayak?

  • Do you think this is the tall version? Want to fit the table slider to this

    • Nope, isn't the tall version

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    I'd be worried about the legal payload, Jimny manual sits at 400kg (auto is less), add in two people and a roof rack with tent and you have approx 130kg left. A full fridge, camping gear and any other accessories like a bullbar and your over.

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