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12 Months PS Plus $53.30, Kindle PW $169, Fire Stick 4K Max $59, Echo Dot 3G $19, Google Nest Hub 2G $79, TLOU2 $19 @ JB Hi-Fi


Some items from the upcoming JB Hi-Fi Black Friday catalogue.

Note - the 12 months Playstation Plus subscriptions should be available online from tonight 12.01am AEDT.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +3

    Echo Dot (3G) $19

    Aren't they pretty much always this price? Or just the older gen models when a new one comes out?

    Always see Echo Dots and Nest Minis for ~$20 everywhere.

      • +24

        Do you have $20 left after filling your car up?

    • +2

      I've never seen them that low ever. Amazon low is $34, https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07PJV9DHV?context=se.... Excellent price.

        • +1

          for new Prime customers only. Apples and apples, please.

          • -1

            @Iangh: Echo dot are Amazon products aren't they, not Apple?

          • @Iangh: It takes like 2 minutes to register a new account and sign up for Prime trial.

          • @Iangh: Cmon this is ozbargain. How hard is it to setup a new Amazon account lol

            • @Garagesale: You are all correct, how easy is to set up an Amazon account to get one Echo for $10. To get another for $10 did you have to register for another Amazon account? I have 7 devices, so I could have got 7 echo dots for $70 if I had bothered to get 7 accounts. Gutted! Anymore offers below JB's price?

  • +3

    Firestick 4K Max $59 - not bad

    • this or google tv 4k

      • +14

        Google TV…

        • +4

          I did and got lots of results

      • +1

        have both. google is better but i hate the remote. these days everyone in my home avoids the tv with googletv only because of the remote. amazon's remote is better

        • +9

          Fire stick for retro gaming is tempting


        • +2

          Google tv's limited storage is a real pain though. especially with plex, and high bitrate movies. Regularly having to empty the cache.

          • @ONEMariachi: Isn't a USB-C HUB with attached HDD/USB Memory Stick the common recommendation as a "solution" for this?

            • @buyB4Uthink: I hadn't heard that, but I will look into. Seems a bit shit a fix when memory is cheap as all hell. They could have easily made it 16gb storage

              • +1

                @ONEMariachi: Love the device, but the built in 4GB storage is a mess. Same issue as you - constantly clearing cache. Had to remove Kodi, which sucks at cache maintenance. Waiting for Black Friday to see if I can score a USB hub just so I can add storage.

        • Funny.. the remote is my favourite part about it. Was considering getting another one to replace my mibox just cos the remote is that good

          • +1

            @duskx: I agree with you. Remote is fantastic. Small, all the necessary buttons easily accessible. Voice button works really well.

            • @Shon: Grew on me. Think the design choices could have been better but comfortable with it. Have an old plasma TV with IR, which works well with the remote.

    • Surely amazon will do $49

      • I think that this will also be the Amazon price. Amazon will not want to upset their retail partners by undercutting them.

        • +5

          Amazon famous for not wanting to upset retailers.

          • +1

            @DonWilson: I totally agree that Amazon do not care one Iota about anyone but themselves, but when it comes to their own Fire TV/Alexa brand of products, they have invested merchandising money with the JB Hi Fi / Good Guys group because they have a physical presence.

      • +2

        You can get it for $49 by using the CommBank $10 bonus at JBHifi if targeted

        • +1

          Or 20% off through afterpay.
          Edit: they removed it. But there is a $10 off $50 spend in store available.

        • Great advise I might just do that!

    • i've heard it doesn't have kayo or binge

      • Yeah, it's a right pain the in the ass

        People will tell you that you can sideload or cast but that seems to bring its own issues.

        Biggest company in the world and can't even officially put Australia's main streaming platform on it - bit of a joke.

        I find I rarely use mine for that exact reason. A $30 android box off eBay does better

        • maybe they are doing it deliberately trying to steer people onto prime

          • @cybapete: Kayo isn't a competitor to Prime

            Also the fact they have Apple, Netflix, all the FTA and even Paramount+ kind of kills that argument

      • Yeah you're right there but I am not much into either of those apps and don't foresee using these anytime within the next few years. I primarily use Netflix, Prime, Disney Plus and Paramount Plus so I think I am good.

        I have already pulled the trigger at $59 with $10 cashback from CommBank.

  • +7

    $39 for Deathloop and Back 4 Blood are decent prices.

    • +5

      Played B4B for $1 on xbox pass. I want my $1 back.

      • +3

        That bad eh?

        Shame, big fan of Left 4 Dead and was hoping for more of that.

        • +3

          They plan to fix it but yeah big disapointment

      • +2

        Did the same thing and am really enjoying it. I play with mates and loved the L4D series. Is this your first time playing this kind of game? Genuinely curious

        • I found it fun. But I think deep rock galactic and vermintide 2 have done a better job with the l4d genre.

          Also they really messed up the update for it like a week ago

  • +11

    Stacks with CommBank Rewards $10 cashback when spending $50 or more at JB HiFi for those that have that offer.

    • +2

      Only reward I can see is $10 cashback from Myer

    • SWEEET!!!!!!!!!!!

  • +10

    Is there a place to see full catalogue, interested to see if any laptop sales are on.

  • New kindle OP ?

      • +3

        No its the new one, it literally says 11th Gen and the 6.8inch display.

        • Thanks

        • Apologies thought he was referring to the signature edition.

              • +1

                @Singu1arity: Mangas perfect size for a Kindle no?

                • @Jenny Death: That's actually the only one I thought might be ok… I wouldn't even try a textbook…

                • @Jenny Death: I find it 50/50 for manga. I find it hard sometimes to see the details or read the words. Wish the screen was bigger than 6.8inches.
                  Here's hoping the next gen they get rid of more bezel.

                  • @KBZ: Tbh I don't use a Kindle, but I figured the screen size is the size of Japanese volumes give or take. Maybe a bit small for the English releases

          • +2

            @beeeeeej: If you're just going to use it for reading eBooks and you don't need the wireless charging, there's no real benefit to paying the extra for the signature edition

    • +1

      yes.. new kindle

  • +4

    Deathloop for $39 is insane

  • Which version of kindle is it ? 11th gen 8gb?

  • Black friday - 26th nov

    12 12 day - 12th dec

    Any other big deal days

    • Boxing day sales?

    • 9-11 fire sale?

  • +1

    Battlefield 2042 89$? It's 79$ now.

  • any camera deals on the new catalogue?

  • +8

    How bout uploading the full catalogue ;)

    • +1

      It would be great to see the full catalogue.

  • Alexa 3G: is the cable no longer a USB charger to USB plug into the Alexa?

  • +8

    List text seen on press-start

    Deathloop – $39
    PlayStation Plus 12 Month Sub – $53.30
    Back 4 Blood – $39
    FIFA 22 – $59
    The Last Of Us Part II – $19
    Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart – $64
    Ghost of Tsushma Director’s Cut – $79
    NBA 2K22 PS4 – $49
    God Of War – $12
    GT Sport – $12
    The Last Of Us – $12
    Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition – $12
    Ratchet & Clank – $12
    Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection – $12
    Spider-Man: Miles Morales – $59
    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max – $59
    Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen – $19
    Kindle Paper White 11th Gen – $169
    Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen – $79

    • +1

      PS4 Miles Morales price is persistent :( I thought it would be around $29-$35 this Black Friday.

      • It's odd isn't it, the original PS4 game was down to $40 merely 2 months after it released, and half that again at the year mark, yet Miles Morales is a much shorter game and is still more than that after a year

        • Yeah. If I am not wrong the original spiderman game was around $39 a year after it got released, not sure why it's not the case with miles. Hopefully amazon or bigw will offer a better price. I have been holding back as I heard that the game is very short as if it's a dlc.

    • +3

      Looks like that is the standard 4K vs the 4K Max here.

      • +8

        My mistake
        Thank you for your information 😀

        • +21

          Name doesn't check out. You seem nice 😌

    • That model is $49 at JB Hifi also.
      Just bought one. Now regretsy

  • can i purchase the psplus card now and then use it later when my existing subscription (with another countries store) expires?

    • Yes

  • +1

    pretty much all ps5, any xbox and nintendo?

  • +8

    Damn 4k max so cheap now

    The code offer from Amazon for the 4k was a bait

  • Afterpay has a 20% off (max discount $10)

  • Any chance of a black Friday deal on Chromecast with Google TV?

    • +10

      There will be a very good deal coming up but it's not JB Hifi.

      • Ohhh I’m very interested

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