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Up to 30% off: 27 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase $63.96, Free Silk Scarf on $160 Spend, Free Delivery with $75 Spend @ Damn Gina


Up to 30% off everything at Damn Gina, no code required.

Free silk scarf on purchases above $160.

Shipping is calculated at checkout ($8 for a pillowcase to Adelaide), or free over $75 spend.

I've got 4 of their silk pillow cases and can vouch for the quality. Cheaper than slip.com, higher momme, and you're supporting a small Aussie business :)

what are your accessories made of?

All the Damn Gina accessories are made using natural 100% mulberry silk fabric, and the weave is satin - making it the softest, most luxurious fabric. Our silk turbans are made of organic cotton jersey top layer to give it a chic shape and to minimise the slip when turning and tossing in bed. The dyes are non-toxic, and our ivory range is a non-dyed, natural silk fabric. Please note the colours may look different depending on your device and screen.

The products are made in India.

what does momme mean? How do I know your quality is better than others?

Momme is the Japanese weight measurement unit and is used to measure the density of silk fabrics. Higher the momme number, the better and thicker the quality of silk. For example, a silk fabric that is 30.48 meters long (100 feet) and 1.1 meter wide weighed 12.2 kg (27 lbs), then it is considered as 27 momme. Higher the momme, the more luxurious and expensive the silk is.

why silk?

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes all sorts of friction for your hair, leading to tangles, frizz and dried out ends.
Gina’s signature silk hair accessories are created to nourish, protect and gently caress your hair while you sleep. Using the highest quality 27 momme - 100% mulberry silk, your ‘do is protected, leaving you with less frizz, split ends and the dreaded bed head - Which means way less maintenance in the morning (or an extra 15 minutes to sleep in).
With your hair all gently cocooned in the hair wrap made from 100% natural silk and organic cotton, the natural oils in your scalp have time to work their way from root to tip. These oils nourish, protect and condition your locks naturally. And because you don’t have oil just hanging out at the roots, you’ll have fewer greasy hair days.

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    damn had high hopes for this, but the company doesn't state what grade silk they use, and I'm not gonna pay that much to a company that isn't using Grade A silk

    • Yes, will be interested to purchase if can confirm that the silk is grade 6A.

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