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Free Can of Coca-Cola No Sugar 250ml with Eligible Items Purchased @ Amazon AU


All qualifying items via main link.

Hacks (thanks to @hamza23)
Some eligible cheap items with no min qty:

Jelly Joy Slurpy Jelly Juice Peach 150gm $1.10
Vitasoy Unsweetened Long Life Oat Milk 1L $2 / $1.80 S&S
Chef's Choice Organic Lemon Juice, 125 ml $1.99
Golden Circle Tomato Juice, 1L $2 / $1.80 S&S
Yoosh Aloe Vera Lychee Drink, 500 Milliliters $2

Remember to manually add the free coke:

Add other items:
FREE NEW Coca-Cola No Sugar 250mL when purchased w… $1.75

Promotion terms

Customers who purchase at least 1 eligible product from this link (https://www.amazon.com.au/b?ie=UTF8&node=10398561051) (“Qualifying Item”) on Amazon.com.au in a single order will receive a 250ml can of Coke No Sugar (“Promotional Item”) (the “Offer”). This Offer is valid only for the Qualifying Item identified in these terms and conditions. If you do not purchase the requisite Qualifying Items in a single order, the Offer will not apply. The Offer only applies to items sold by Amazon AU on www.amazon.com.au. The Offer does not apply to purchases made from third-party sellers, Amazon US or Amazon UK, even if "fulfilled by Amazon". To redeem this Offer, add the Qualifying Item and Promotional Item to your cart. The price of the Promotional Item will be deducted from the total purchase price for the Qualifying Item and Promotional Items at Checkout. This Offer does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click. Offer limited to a maximum of 1 per customer. If you cancel or return part or all of your order for the Qualifying Item or Promotional Item, the Offer will cease to apply and, if applicable, you may be charged for any items retained that no longer meet these Offer terms. Offer is not redeemable for cash. Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold. Offers cannot be used on pre-existing orders. The Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice. Delivery charges will be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon AU's standard delivery rates and policies. Amazon.com.au’s Conditions of Use and Sale apply. This Offer is valid from 10:00 AM (AEDT) on November 15, 2021 until 11:59 PM (AEDT) on December 31, 2021

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  • +92

    Big corp think I'll buy $20 worth of stuff just to get a can of softdrink?
    They r god damn right

  • +45

    A free can of Coke with a case of Pepsi is blasphemy.

    • -34

      taste the same lol

      • +44

        that is blasphemy as well!

      • +8

        i remember going to san fran and they had a taste test, pepsi and coke. the pepsi was cold and coke was room temp, they asked which was better… lol
        i said coke hahahha

      • No it doesn't, not even close.

      • What, no they don't.

    • +2

      Well this isn't really coke

  • +1

    Here comes the yearly free Christmas Coke!

  • +3

    Small can of Coke though, 250ml

  • +9

    Best is to order multiple orders, so if you want 6 cans, order 6 items in separate orders :D

    $1.80 with S/S - Not bad https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07VPYKCTN/

    • didnt think of it haha. nice hack

    • -1

      You can't combine S/S orders with this promo.

      • +5

        yes you can. add both to cart and then tick the s&s option in cart.

        • -1

          Promo says limit of 1 per customer.

          • @ATangk: its not enforced.

            • @PissLUR: Yeah curious about that…. tried another order and it still took away $1.75

        • Genius!

        • Yep thanks, wasn’t an option in app. Desktop works.

    • Yeah I do this for discounts, I find sometimes that an item has 20% off. But it only applies to the first item, but I can buy that item multiple times with free shipping. So I just buy 6 separate items and get the discount for each, I don't understand why they do it that way.

      • its sometimes a marketing move. if the customer things they are beating the system then they order more or buy something they dont need.

      • marketing for sure,

        as well as this will increase "total order quantities" by a lot. So all the investor will see a large quantities of order, and didn't know if its made by same person, thinking Amazon is worth more than what it actually is, and put their money in Amazon stocks.

  • Don't blame be if LA Ice Cola 2 L is crap. I bough 3 to get my free can of Coke for $4.50 :) : https://www.amazon.com.au/Ice-Original-Cola-Soft-Drink/dp/B0...

    • +1

      You should handle Aus defence contracts. Maybe we would have gotten the diesels subs for free :)
      joking :)

    • +2

      You will need that coke to wash it down after drinking LA Ice.

    • -1

      I checked I can fire at least twice .
      I don't know how poor Amz going to make any dough delivering it .
      Definitely loss time for em .

      • That's a shame, maybe they won't make $21bn this year like they did in 2020.

        • -1
          • +12

            @MiscOzB: creative accounting! make losses in countries with high taxes

          • @MiscOzB: can't read the article

            • @congo: i'm not a subscriber…just hit the escape key as soon as all the text loaded

              Amazon Australia’s sales have fallen well short of initial market forecasts but its expansion over the past three years has helped accelerate the shift to online shopping and forced local retailers to lift their game.

              Three years after Amazon set up shop in Australia, the e-commerce juggernaut’s sales doubled to more than $1 billion in 2020 as consumers locked down at home during the pandemic and shopped online for furniture and homewares, electronics, beauty products, sporting and fitness goods, books, games and toys.

              Three years after launching in Australia, Amazon’s online sales have reached $1 billion. Joe Armao

              According to accounts lodged with the corporate regulator, Amazon Commercial Services clocked up revenues of $1.21 billion in the 12 months ending December.

              This was almost double the $562.1 million in revenue generated in calendar 2019 but fell well short of analysts’ expectations when Amazon opened its online store in Australia in December 2017.

              At the time, analysts expected Amazon to reach $3.5 billion to $4 billion in sales by 2020 and take significant share from incumbents such as JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Super Retail Group, Kogan.com and Wesfarmers.

              “Expectations were high early on but as we looked at the range they entered the market with and the development of that range, it was clear early on it was going to be a slower ramp-up than we thought before they entered,” said Credit Suisse analyst Grant Saligari.

              Existing retailers invested significantly to lift their game and keep up with the consumer shift to online shopping, which now accounts for about 11 per cent of total retail spending, up from 5 per cent in 2017.

              “Online has necessitated investment but for a number of retailers it’s turned out to be a profitable venture and I don’t think Amazon would be negatively impacting profitability yet – that’s not to say it might not in future,” Dr Saligari said.

              Strong subscriptions growth
              Amazon’s sales growth during 2020 mirrored that of other pure-play online retailers such as Kogan.com and Temple & Webster, whose sales more than doubled during the pandemic.

              Amazon’s online store accounted for almost half group revenues as net sales rose to $511.3 million, up from $218.9 million previously.

              Revenue from third party marketplace sellers rose to $126.1 million from $54.9 million. This is believed to be commission revenue only. Gross marketplace sales are likely to be much higher, possibly more than $600 million, which would take Amazon’s gross sales to more than $1.6 billion.

              Revenue from Amazon’s US parent – believed to be sales from the US website – rose to $371.4 million from $247.5 million.

              The accounts also suggested strong uptake of Amazon Prime and other subscription services, with subscription revenues rising to $90.9 million from $35.4 million.

              Despite the surge in revenues, Amazon Australia lost $3.8 million net (the previous net loss was $4.7 million) after providing for $11.1 million in tax ($2.5 million tax in 2019). It actually paid $18.3 million in tax for the year.

              Marketing costs rose to $156.6 million from $110.9 million and employee expenses, including stock-based compensation expenses, soared to $130.5 million from $84.2 million as staff numbers rose to 989.

              “Over the past year, our focus has remained on the health and safety of our people, helping customers stay home and safe by delivering products directly to their door, and supporting local communities and selling partners during this challenging time,” an Amazon spokeswoman said.

              Investment bank UBS now expects Amazon Australia’s sales to quadruple to more than $4 billion by 2023, taking into account its distribution centre expansion plans, current sales per square metre of distribution space and its growth in other similar markets.

              Amazon opened its fourth Australian distribution centre in Brisbane in September and is building a $500 million robotic distribution centre in Sydney – its second in the city – to speed up deliveries and double capacity. The centre will open this year and be manned by about 2000 robots.

              UBS said 38 per cent of shoppers surveyed purchased from Amazon in 2020, up from 25 per cent in 2019 and 22 per cent in 2018, and about 50 per cent of shoppers said they were likely to purchase from Amazon again (up from 38 per cent in 2019).

              But UBS says Amazon is less of a threat to listed retailers than was initially feared.

              If Amazon’s sales reached $4 billion, its share of total retail sales would be about 1 per cent (2 per cent of non-food retail) and most of its initial growth was likely to come from market leader eBay, which has annual sales of about $6 billion.

          • @MiscOzB: $3.8M loss for Amazon corp would be like one of us losing a 20c piece out our pocket.

            It's not like Amazon AU is franchised. They could sustain $3.8M loss every year in a small market like ours until the end of time. They'll just write it off and move on with their world domination plot.

            • @BradH13:

              Marketing costs rose to $156.6 million from $110.9 million

              'marketing' costs is code for a fee charged by Amazon HQ to offset their net profit and send it overseas.

              They aren't losing anything. That's the profit they should be paying tax on.

              Meanwhile we are paying an extra 10% GST on imported goods to 'level the playing field' for local retailers.

    • didn't know u were a moderator :P

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/Moccona-Freeze-Dried-Classic-Coffe...

    I reckon this is a deal in its own right the coke tips it into bargain territory . S & S $14.40 .

    • Thanks for pointing this out, I needed some coffee.

  • +6

    This has to be the biggest tight ass post I've ever seen.

    What makes it even more tight ass is the fact it has a listing of the cheapest items with no minimum quantity required for purchase.

    • +4

      that is the ozbargain way

  • Added the items, but can is still priced at 1.75?

    • in checkout?

      • +1

        Edit - Tried on mobile app.

        On desktop it worked!

        • I checked the lemon juice one.
          Items: $5.73
          Delivery: $0.00
          Total: $5.73
          Promotion(s) Applied: -$1.75
          Order Total: $3.98
          Order Totals include GST.
          See details.

        • Promotion(s) Applied: -$1.75

          In final window before you pay

          • @cute as ducks: i'm on desktop, did not work. Already at the final stage before i click the 'place your order' button :(

  • +3

    I don’t even usually use Oat milk and yet I bought one. The power of OzBargain is real.

    • I'll buy your oat milk, but I want the free coke

    • -1

      power of DOBO is real

  • Looking forward to having 2 free coke no sugars :) bought one almond milk and one soy!

  • +3

    got a free one at Coles last week. Just the same as any other no sugar or low sugar cola. I wouldn't buy it, I'd rather normal coke.

    • i don't need to buy soft drinks since i'm winning a free large soft drink through HJ's shake & win app every other day.

  • +3

    Are they going to just put the can of Coke into the same parcel box? Sounds like a bad parcel delivery idea especially if weather is going to get hot.

    • havent you tried boiled coke?

      • I'm more worried about boiled coke on cardboard lol (if the parcel gets a rough handling and implosion happens)

  • +11

    Some poor schmuck is going to be delivering me a (probably oversized) box tomorrow of 100ml of lemon juice and a can of coke.

    I love what we've come to as a society.

    • +1

      We are looking after the carbon footprint well here at OZB hehe :)

    • Keeping people employed

  • +2

    got it with my normal oat milk order. Thanks OP. Getting 1 oat milk and a coke can delivered seems very bad for the environment but its an ozbargin deal so yolo

    • lol no worries. enjoy!

    • -1

      so yolo

      You mean dead. The Earth will no longer support human life within 50 years, 2150 being the most likely date with 200 years being the longest prediction coming from NASA.

      Meanwhile greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase at an exponential rate. Measured per capita, Australia is the third largest emitter on Earth with only Brazil and Saudia Arabia ending the human race faster.

      Australians have better things to do though. Like worry about reuseable drinking straws and acting as though this is a major step towards fixing something.

      • free coke tho

      • Like worry about reuseable drinking straws and acting as though this is a major step towards fixing something.

        ^ this
        what annoys me most about the whole straw thing is the lack of thought for some people with disabilities who need to use plastic straws

        • +2

          Gawd those paper ones at mcdonalds. You just ask for more so when the first one collapses you can use another.

          Same thing with plastic bags. Now we are just wasting more plastic because it has to be thicker.

          • @meowsers: when you're thirsty, maccas straws make you even thirstier. i just started refusing those maccas straws now. sometimes the staff get offended. mate, it isn't you, it's the straw! i just re-use the plastic ones from hj's a few times.

            WA is going to ban those fruit & veg "barrier bags" from next year. our stash of those grey shopping bags ran out the other week, so now we're using the barrier bags for stinky kitchen waste, and poly parcel bags for things the non-stinky stuff. those bags from The Iconic etc. that have the adhesive strip are so useful for hanging off a cabinet, then using it to close up the bag when full.

      • +1

        Upvote. People don't like hearing things that require them to change - much like you and your stubborn attitude towards the most obvious deleterious effects on the natural environment due to animal agriculture.

      • You're allowed freedom of speech but not when you're shit talking the country. You've gone too far with all your truth.

      • Sounds like Extinction Rebellion propaganda to me. Do you have any sources beyond your mates sisters cousin?

        Earth has supported human life for some 300,000 years, and we have 50 years left because…?

        " The Earth will no longer support human life within 50 years, 2150 being the most likely date"
        It isn't the year 2100 either.

  • +5

    Ronaldo will be deleting the Amazon app

  • +1

    ozbargain never fails to give, especially at christmas

  • +5

    They probably found out 250ml cans wasn't enough volume for their drivers to pee in.

    • ha ha, shot glasses will be free next

  • Thanks OP, just bought 10 things but feel bad for the postie

    • +1

      Don't they get paid per parcel? So easy 10 parcels for them…

      • +1

        yeah with seperate orders aswell they would get paid for 10 deliveries? supporting your local postie

        • +2

          Amazon uses flex in most metro areas. (AKA slave drivers under a contractor model) And they will generally combine orders placed within a certain timeframe so it may just all come in one box.

    • Enjoy :)

  • Gotta say the new Zero is better than the old one.

    • In hwhat hway?

      • Flavour. Tastes a lot better. Certainly better than Pepsi Max even.

    • I though for sure when I first had it that the old one was better,

      Then I had them side by side and the new one is like 140% better.

    • Agreed. You can pick up the old no sugar still at little shops and the difference is very noticeable with a horrid after taste. New one is my go to.

  • -2

    If you noticed the free coke most likely has just cover amazons new 0.5% card fee from November. As saying what’s the cheapest item u can buy with free shippping, all items OP has posted had a huge shipping fee?

    • +1

      Amazon prime is free shipping

    • +1

      You don’t have prime I presume? Everything is showing free delivery for me

  • +1

    Redeemed this in a recent purchase. When it arrived, the bottom of the can was bulging. Keen to see if they are just giving away damaged cans, or if I was just unlucky.

    • -1

      Ill still happily take that damaged can

  • +2

    Got a can coming with same day delivery of a case of Rockstar Energy drinks.

    Weirdly they used their own courier to send the Rockstar, but are using StarTrack to separately, same-day a single promotional can of coke.

    I don't understand Amazon sometimes.

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