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Australian Rust Server Hosting: Free Server Slots, A$16 Monthly Recurring (30% off) @ ServerHosters


Hello Everyone,

Save 30% recurring (A$16/month) when using our discount code: OZBARGAINRUST at checkout. https://serverhosters.net/store/gameservers

We are a newish Company aiming to give our customers a new experience in Game Server Hosting, see how our Rust servers stand out against our competition below;

  • Free Server Slots; Unlike other providers we do not charge you for choosing the server slots you want, you can chose between our pre-defined 100,150,200,250 server slot capacity or make a support ticket upon purchase to change to something we do not offer by default.

  • Unmetered RAM; Unlike other providers we do not charge you for wanting more RAM than the default amount. Your server will use as much RAM as it needs without restriction, within our Hardware limitations. Simply put your server will freely be able to allocate itself the needed RAM, whether that be 2GBs, 5GBs, 10GBs or 20GBs etc. If your server needs more RAM than the current hardware its on can handle, it will be moved to another system for more space.

  • Free CPU Priority; If your server requires abit of a boost to its performance we will upgrade your CPU priority at request for free.

Happy to answer any questions you may have below, thank you for your time.

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  • Australian Rust Server

    Was it left in the rain?

  • Hope Australian Rust is better than Alec Baldwin's Rust set

  • +2

    5 hours choping tree, build house. Come online the next day to see your house getting raided, and a dead naked body of your avatar and all your items in the chest looted missing. 10/10 would replay

    • +1

      Your playing wrong…

      Make a base that looks so shart no1 would think it has loot, place role play shit everywhere. Profit.

      • Finish it off by making it look like it's already been raided with missing walls, doors and random ladders

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