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Edifier R1850DB Speaker $220.15; R1700BTS $175.98; R1280DB $152; TWS5 Headphones $43.99 + More Delivered @ Edifier Amazon AU


Edifier Speakers and Headphones Big Sale for Amazon Black Friday, More surprise prices are waiting for you!!!

1.R1850DB $220.15
2.R1700BTS $175.98
3.W293BT $25.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend)

UPCOMING Black Friday Best Deal

BD (11/22-11/30):
1.R1280DB Brown $152
2.TWS5 $43.99
3. W200BT $27.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend)
4.W285BT $25.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend)

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    • Is there a big difference?

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        Better remote, Bluetooth 5.0 and supposedly better audio quality. I have the newer R1855DB’s and they are brilliant.

        • +1

          Legend. My brief research suggested the same. Thanks mate. I might wait a week and mark the R1855DBs as priority - hopefully I am able to snag them at a cheaper price during BF sales.

    • https://www.centrecom.com.au/edifier-r1855db-active-20-books...

      Even cheaper at Centrecom ($195). Pretty sure they were actually cheaper a couple of weeks ago too, closer to $150

      Would say these are not special prices.

      • +2

        I bought mine for $134 from Catch a while back.

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    Any deals on s350 db? Been eyeing that for a while.

  • +1

    A deal on the Edifier S880DB would be greatly appreciated.

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    I wish they would fix the shitty remotes on the base model. I've been through three so far.

  • +1

    Been a while since there’s been an Edifier deal!

  • Would these do the job as L and R in a 7.1 setup?
    Looking for a C too..

    • +1

      I would not do it unless you intend to have all the same speakers so timbre is matched. The whole point of surround sound is to be immersed into movie, not distracted because of a tonal mismatch.
      If your intention is to use the passive speakers then that is half your problem solved but if you want to use an external decoder and active speakers, you will have issues.

      • Yeah there's no way of the same speakers, 4 of them are built in the ceiling (out of price range) which came with the house so just looking for half decent L, R, C

        They all go through the Yamaha amp I have.. but right now only got 5.1 going on

        • +1

          Try to get a L C R matching and don't cheap out on the center. Dialogue is the most important aspect of any movie so you will soon understand what it means to have this detail lost.
          Since you already have 4 good surround speakers, finding a 3 package for front can be awkward as they're normally sold as 5 or 7 with subs.


          Here is a good start but you need to tell us your budget too. Also what configuration are the ceiling speakers in, are they side back or front rear for ATMOS ready?
          This would mean a new 5.2.1 Amp which Denon makes a nice 1.

          With the above link, you need to find some suitable bookshelfs then the same matched center, again it all comes down to budget.
          The other thing to be aware of is what impedance are the ceiling speakers, making sure a newer amp can driver all 7 speakers without issue is important too. Normally most AVRs are not suited to driving 4 OHM all at once, some can do 6 OHM, most like 8 OHM and this is for the more entry level AVRs around 1K.

  • +1

    I have retracted my + after reading these comments. Looking forward to black Friday.

  • Good black friday deals on the 1700's in wood ($139.40) non-upgraded.

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