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Wltoys 12427 2.4GHz Remote Control Car US$60.99 (~A$84.25) Delivered @ Banggood


Best budget 4WD RC car according to many reviews. Select shipping from AU warehouse which is reasonably quick, around a week. Apply coupon and uncheck shipping insurance to get the final low price.


Brand: WLtoys
Item: Short Course
Item No.: 12427
Scale: 1/12
Max. Speed: 50km/h
Net Weight: 1435g Motor: 540 Brushed Motor
Frequency: 2.4G
1.5V AA, 2pcs (NOT INCLUDED)
Battery Required (For Car):
7.4V 1500mAh Li Battery
4 Wheel Dive
Forward, Backward, Turn Left / Right
LED Light
Running Time: About 10 mins
Charging Time: About 3 hours
Control Range: Around 100m Car Size: 4224.518cm
Package Size: 5427.523cm

Package Included:
1 X Car
1 X Remote Control
1 X Battery
1 X Charger
1 X Tool
1 X Manual

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    Bought this from last deal, was my second RC car after 144001. Its great fun not as perfect as 144001 when it comes to geometry and alignments, unlike 144004 not everything is adjustable. Its much lighter as well due to all plastic parts. Despite being bigger scale 1:12 its cheaper for reason. My stock servo burnt and while on its way out it burnt the ESC as well, thats happened only after 4 weeks of use, still cant forget the smell of burning electronics. Realised this was much smaller servo for the car size and probably one of the cost cutting measure, i have since changed this to a brush-less version. New Motor, ESC, Servo and receiver all fitted without any modifications whatsoever, which was great. Only thing i am not able to fit is the driver, obviously new ESC has builtin fan and sits higher. All in all great car and love it, enjoy the standard setup as long as you can its very capable as is, once its dead my suggestion would be to go brush less. After conversion with stock battery i found Kids will run out of steam while there is still juice in the battery, while with original setup we had to use few batteries.

    • so if u have to choose one, would u choose the 144001 or this one?

      • +3

        Very difficult question, it all depends on where you want to use it and how. For built up roads, tracks etc 144001 is faster and have better handling but this doesn't mean this one will do a bad job its just that with lower centre of gravity 144001 is much stable 550 motor on a slightly smaller size car with better handling equals faster speeds, while for backyard/frontyard run, including any off road use this one will do a better job due to high clearance and bigger tyres (144001 can also be used offroad its just it will easily get stuck) . All in all both have their places. My opinion could be skewed due to my personal preference, i enjoy both and honestly speaking one can't go wrong with either, especially if you have only one you will never know what you are missing. Keep in mind this one always come chepaer i guess, i don't think we ever saw 144001 at this price. So if budget is an issue this is equally good starting point, to me both were begging of new hobby :-) and fun never stops.

        • +1

          Thanks for that sharing.

          • @jeeg: Years ago I purchased a nitro RC from ebay, was a load of fun, til it stopped working. You can have some ultimate fun for a while.

    • I had the exact same issue. Waiting for the replacement servo to arrive. Can you please paste the link to the new brushless setup you installed?

      • Yeah agree. Please post a link!

      • +3

        This is my setup, might not be the ideal one but i am happy with this. Since this was my first brushless conversion so i bought with programming card, you might save $10 and buy without card buy try to buy ESC and Servo combo they are always cheaper this way.

        I used Dumborc transitter/reciever with the gyro. you can get from ebay or aliexpress or bangood, wherever you find better deals. Gyro function is really useful and now it run very stable in straight line, which is good. transmitter have speed as well as steering input controls, which means you can limit how much steering will be applied which is useful on high speed.

        While its recomended to buy motor mounts and spur gear (i have included links below) i was able to reuse my existing setup. Had to apply heat (by small flame torch) to the grub screw, wait until all the glue melts like water it will came out easily, otherwise it seems Wltoys staff have access to unlimited glue for sure.

        ESC 60A
        Motor 4370KV
        Servo 25G metal gear (just double check measurement before you click buy, i had one slightly smaller and have to wait for exact size later) smaller size alwo work, might need to add few plastic pieces on the side.


        Hope this helps and good luck with your conversions.

        • Thank you ablqadir for the info and the links. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences!

          I purchased the same controller you did (the Dumbo X6) after the wheel on the original one broke just enough to make it unusable.

          However, when I opened up the 12427, I couldn't see how to attach the receiver into the existing components of the car. What did you do or what did you purchase to allow the Dumbo X6 to connect to the 12427 vehicle?

          • +1

            @clintdb: Dumbo X6 is not compatible with stock ESC, as stock ESC is two in one with built in receiver. Your Dubmo X6 should have came with its own receiver and there is nothing in the system which can use this. You can either get Wltoys tranmitter (ref link below) which i think is $20+ or take the longer route and convert your setup to brushless basically get new ESC, brushless motor, digital servo and go through the pain of conversion.

            Only this transmitter will work (Note: Not the cheapest just to give you some idea)

            • @ablqadir: Thank you again for your information. I really appreciate it.
              I'm new to these RC vehicles, so still working out what goes with what. You have saved me a heap of (extra) time in researching - it's taken a fair bit of the guesswork out of it now!
              I might go the quick and easy option of a replacement transmitter and investigate the replacement motor/ESC/servo whilst still using the car in the meantime :-)

              Thanks again.

    • I bought this and it was great for one charge.

      2nd time we went to use it, it wouldn't drive for more than 1 second before cutting out. The wheels steered but no drive. Is that the servo? Do you know what parts would I need to fix it?

      • +1

        Based on my limited knowledge If there is steering it means servo is not dead, neither is ESC. I had one strange experience where ESC partially died the car will only go in one direction and wasn't able to fix it either, at the end I bought new stock ESC.

        In your situation I'll probably try another battery first, when low on charge they will cutoff the motor but the steering will work. If kept uncharged for longer time they are known to loose charge. Another Battery charger is also something worth thing. There is a throttle limit knob on the controller, worth checking it as well, try setting it to max and see if it helps.

        If none of these solutions work or fix the problem I'll get new ESC, stock one might be around $15 ~ $20.

        I have been ordering spare parts and one thing I found often getting a whole car is much more cheaper and will save lots of time and avoid frustration, but that's just my thinking I understand everyone had different priorities and budget.

      • I've managed to strip the diff, melt the wheel rims. Both cases cause loss in power. E heaps of parts available for these. Mine was the b variant tho.

  • +3

    Good car, fast, but becareful. My son broke the rear drive shaft going over a gutter (Shaft was made of plastic, the shock broke where it screwed in). Bought a replacement but was not able to remove it as it was spot welded in or something where the fasting screws were. Ended up giving up in frustration after trying to take it apart elsewhere and found other screws were also fixed in somehow. I've built RC car models many years ago, but my experiance with dismatling this was pretty poor. Someone with more skill may have better luck than i did.

    Found a video showing my problem from the last thread where i was looking for help on the issue:

    • yea shaft is very cheap plastic, mine also broke but i was able to fix with glue (depends on situation i guess). This shaft isn't coming out without any drill, there is heaps of glue on these grub screws. I have metal spare shaft sitting in my drawer and waiting for it to break again :-)

  • +1

    We had heaps of fun with this for like a few days, then it completely stopped working, wouldn't even turn on. cheap for a reason.

  • These have been heaps fun. Surprisingly tough but mixed quality control which is annoying.

    I would recommend getting 2 and using one for parts as the spare parts add up quickly and you have to wait a few weeks for them. Thankfully I haven't had many problems.

    Try to tighten the screws every few goes, they come lose easily

  • +1

    Car Size: 4224.518cm

    Jesus Christ

    • +2

      Package Size: 5427.523cm

      Bloody Nora

      • +2

        Bigger than Tim Paine's?

    • +1

      Move over Tesla.

    • Looks like * formatted the numbers to italic. Here it is with "x" instead of "*":

      Car Size: 42 x 24.5 x 18cm
      Package Size: 54 x 27.5 x 23cm

  • +1

    Shittin Betty, it's 0.003cm too long for my garden

  • gigaRC

  • Looking to buy my son and myself a set of cars the same. Budget $100-200 each? But haven’t bought an RC car for years so not sure what’s the best value and quality. Any suggestions? Not petrol/fuel engines

    • Get hbx 16889

  • Hi

    I was reading an article that some toys including RC cars have asbestos. Any idea rather these cars have issues?

  • This is one of the best entry level rc. Price is very good too.

  • Anyone have a link for replacement batteries?

    • Battery is in the back. Any deans plug 2s battery can fit in the tray will work. I put a 5ah battery out there and strap down with a battery strap. Lipo is way more power that the li ion it comes with. 5ah runs for 145 min easily for me.

  • have one of these… hadn't skipped a beat in the past couple months we had it
    quite a bit of fun on grass, road, dirt.
    has a tendency to tip over when cornering hard but otherwise lots fun guaranteed.

  • Grabbed one of these from the last deal and it’s been bullet proof, we have used it so many times and thrashed it and it only had one small issue the wheel nuts almost came off once, my fault and not the manufacture. Honestly for the money it’s great, I’ve since grabbed the 144001 as well,

  • Any one know why RC batteries cannot be shipped to Australia from BG?
    And, does any one have any recommendations on where to purchase RC batteries (LiPOH, 2200+).

    • +1

      Hobbyking have some from the aus warehouse. Just make sure the measurements are similar to the stock battery because there isnt much extra room for bigger batteries

  • +1

    Shipping comes up as $17 on second page

    Tips anyone ?

    • As above says free shipping then when you go to order says $17 shipping thru the app.

    • I ordered via the web and you have to remove express shipping, i.e. change to standard shipping

    • Banggood has a weird system where not all postcodes are eligible for free delivery. Sometimes it with joining postcodes. It doesn't make sense but the rep said they cant do anything about it.

      See if it works with a friends address.

  • +1

    Looks like the coupon has expired. Anyone know another one?

  • Opps pls delete

  • +3

    Highly recommended upgrades:
    Oil filled shocks - sold out from this seller but it's what I bought and can found everywhere. Buy shock oil too. I'm using 60wt.
    Aluminium steering hubs - Flexible parts are great for durability but bad for handling. For a basher you'd want the parts to flex to absorb impacts but for my preference there's too much flex in the stock plastic hub.

    These two cheap upgrades alone will transform the car.

    Upgraded tyres and wheels. I bought this but any 12mm sized hex wheels will fit. Bigger tires, more grip, better for off road and it looks cool. And then buy…
    Wheel hub extensions - Bigger tires may rub against the body at full turn. The hub extensions will push out the wheels out to allow clearance and also give the car a wider stance for better stability and looks. Buy both the 15mm and 20mm extensions. Why? Because the 15mm provides the right amount of extension for my taste but the included locking nuts aren't long enough to fit on the axel. There's about 2 threads worth of bite using the 15mm nut. So use the nuts from the 20mm hubs for a secure fit.

    ESC and servo upgrade/replace as needed. Not a fan of spending big on brushless upgrades on what is essentially a cheap basher. Have fun with it and when/if the these parts burn out then go ahead and replace it.

    So that's $90 worth of upgrades on a car that cost you $85. Welcome to the hobby.

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