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Cape Cyan Natural Blonde Beer 24x330mL $29.99 @ ALDI


Seemed like an amazing price for a low carb (nearly) full strength beer @ 4.2% alcohol 🍺

Was previously $34.99 - new Super Saver EDLP of $29.99 since 2/11/21.

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  • Only ever tried the Super dry. Anyone have any reviews on this?

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      Love it..

    • No not that good

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    Absolutely love this beer!! A very low carb beer!!

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      I'll have to drink more of it to get my carbohydrate quota then

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    Actually a good drop

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    Wish this was in QLD

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      Well pop across the border…you can obtain a border pass since it cannot reasonably be obtained within Queensland;

      From : https://www.health.qld.gov.au/system-governance/legislation/...

      7. A Queensland resident may enter Queensland after travelling to the non-restricted border zone for one of the following essential purposes:

      to obtain food or other essential goods or services for the personal needs of the household or other household purposes, which cannot reasonably be obtained within Queensland;

      Oops Her Majesty might cancel mine 🀣😜

  • Looks like this price applies in NSW
    May be cheaper in other states

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    I still don't understand the point of low carb being an advertising point/benefit for beer :/

    Considering its the alcohol where the vast majority of calories come from, and the difference in carbohydrates between normal and low carb beer is maybe 1g/100ml.

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      Apparently not very low in carbs compared with the original Pure Blonde.

      But most people buy beer for the taste and refreshingness

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      Can't believe you got neg'f for the truth

      • Yep, it's accurate, at least from what I learnt when I worked in a bottle shop. If you want to reduce carbs (and calories), more effective to drop to mids or light where the ethanol content is lower. Most full strength low-carb beers struggle to break the 4% anyway and are closer to mids. Better yet, don't drink beer if you need low carb to meet health goals.

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      There's a difference between carbs and calories. I'm a type 1 diabetic, and carbs are my enemy. Low carb isn't just about calories

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        Alcohol is C2H6O (err carbohydrate)
        The bulk of calories in beer, reside here.

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      People on Keto diet

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    That's your answer. They created a problem and then fixed it! Yeast turns sugar (carbs) into alcohol, your body (liver) transforms it back again.

    Like low fat milk in your coffee, or fake sugar in your coffee. Or 99% fat-free yoghurt/lollies/etc, sugar-free pasta, gluten-free milk/chicken/beef/etc
    All meaningless marketing differentiation.

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    What're the calories per beer?

    • 98 Calories / 409kj

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        That's pretty good.

        Pure Blonde Zero is similar, and its $19.99/6pk.

        I think I'll give this a go when I visit Aldi later this week. Not too bothered about taste, but this seems to be a great deal.

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          We were on these for a while, then went back to the Pure Blondes for a case - turns out, we prefer these cheaper ones. Bonus!

  • Never tried Aldi beer…
    I only drink Pure Blonde, does this taste similar 🀩

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      Its similar, personally I think this is better. Cheap way to stock up on Christmas drinks.

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    I drink this beer regularly and it’s nice and refreshing, but it dropped from 4.6% to 4.2% a little while ago so a price drop is nice to see.

  • the last aldi beer i tried was watery. I wouldn't buy cheap beer from aldi.

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      I've been drinking Leo which is imported from Thailand - Not bad and 5% $18.99 for a 12 pack. https://www.aldi.com.au/en/groceries/liquor/beer-cider/beer-...

      • Wow that's a good price! Basically the same price as here in Thailand, where I am now. Aldi's price is about 38 baht per bottle, and at a 7/11 here, they are about 36 baht a bottle. That's an aussie bargain!

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