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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Double Rich Chocolate Protein Powder 2.27kg $66.64 ($59.98 S&S) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Double Rich Chocolate Protein Powder 2.27kg $66.64

Other flavours - $71.18

as cheap as prime days


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    Thanks OP. Grabbed 2

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    There's a reason why this flavor is cheaper than the others. It is the worst of the lot. Pretty much any other flavor is better than this. Might be a personal thing but I couldn't get thru a bag of this.

    • yeh, it's quite diluted.
      I personally bought Cookie & cream and Extreme milk choc which are ~$71

    • I am bit weird and only like this flavor. I tried exterme milk before and was very hard for me to finish it.

      • +1

        Each of their own, I think.

        my first ever ON whey was Double Rich Chocolate, absolutely loved it back then, but now I prefer something else.
        I also used to not like cookies & cream at all, and now I enjoy it

  • IMO one of the safest flavour, but one of the worst of the "best"

    Extreme is best with water

    Vanilla ice cream is the GOAT for people who like with water and like it sweet.

    • i find vanilla to be too sweet with water, i find even extreme milk on the sweeter side. This one i can stomach with water or in smoothie with other fruits and veggies

  • What do people think about the quality of this protein? I've heard it's "OK", but wondering if I should pay more for a higher quality product…

    • It is a well known brand and remember it is WPC and not WPI. For those who start first time on Whey Protein, this is the safest flavor to recommend. I never heard anything wrong about its quality unless you are in a country where counterfeit products are present. Local Australian brands are also pretty good. I am waiting for one of them to go on special for WPI. In the meantime evening time drink I could use this WPC.

      Quality wise I think ON, Aminoz, Muscle Tech, Bulk Nutrients are all good. Mostly it is about pricing and taste when it comes to WPC and WPI.

  • This looks to have expired now - $99.95 for me.

    • Back to previous price so good to go…

      • Thanks heaps for letting me know. I got an order in.

        • You could have ordered between 6-8pm to get 10% cashback from shopback.

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