This was posted 2 years 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Canon IXUS 115HS Digital Camera $98 from Harvey Norman


Hi Guys

Just saw this on-line while trying to find a good deal to give to my niece on her 7th Birthday. Think its a good one so enjoy!

Harvey Norman

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    Nice deal, have you got the link?

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      click the pic


    This is a good camera. We have them at work and paid $200+ for them. Small handy size too.

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    I had the gruesome decision 115HS or 220HS, I got the 220HS due to the following:

    HDMI output
    Stainless steel body
    5x optical zoom
    The BIG GUNS of YouTube use it(CTFXC,PVP/BFGF,ShayTards), its called the Canon PowerShot Elph 300 in the US…

    You can get the 220HS for around $126~, price match it at Officeworks and you've got yourself another option !

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      220HS can be had for $160. Search it up on Ozbargain

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        Bah those shipping costs ! Darn it ! yea will cost $160+, I got mine for $180 last year ! ;)
        I dnt know y people -neg u ? lol :S


          they negged you as well. Lol..the power of anonymous

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      Thanks getting the 220HS from officeworks tommrow !

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        wait wait, where's the 220HS for $126 from?


          I forgot to mention this but I read somewhere that the 115HS had no stereo sound or optical zoom in video mode, but the 220HS does both in my videos, I simply CANNOT live without this baby… :)


          CHDK will let you zoom in video mode.
          No fix for mono mic as that is a hardware thing though.

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      $126 + 40 shipping (grey import ELPH300) Citiwide

      $139 + 80 shipping (IXUS220) Techrific

      Source: Google Shopping

      Edit: missed the $80 shipping, those tricksters

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    Yes more info about $126 , best i can find is $168


      +$80 shipping = no thanks


    I got one for about $130 - 6 months ago. It was after 1 month of research and price-matching.
    I think for that price it's brilliant.
    Haven't checked the link - but if it costs more than 140 inc posting - I think it's a waste.
    I think if it's less than around 110 - it's a good deal.


      its not true until there's a link


    what a lucky little girl~

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    Thanks OP. Got it for $93.10 from officeworks today.


    Good timing - thanks! Nice little camera for a good price.


    TheThe 220HS is great if you can get it at that price, however from what I've read in various reviews, the stereo mics are pretty poor anyway. When I was looking, the 220HS was significantly more than the 115HS, so I bought that instead. It's small enough to basically just live in my girlfriend's handbag and it takes very good quality photos, and can do video in a pinch :)


      Agreed. From what I can see via the comparison feature on the Canon site, the only benefits of the 220HS are: stereo mics; and 5x optical zoom (as opposed to 4x). But the 220HS also has a smaller screen, so that's a potential negative. Overall it doesn't seem to justify the extra dosh.


    Great price, picked one up:)

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    Just think how much I got ripped off - when I bought a Canon camera in 2008 for $500 . isn't this just a slap in the face. I remember how expensive cameras were in 2006.

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    thank you guys! this is my first time on ozbargain and first ever bargain posted, so its pretty awesome so many people like it!

    Nice to meet other bargain hunters like me!!



    Shows as $148 now :(


    dang, missed out, mods mark this as expired..cheers


    It's been almost a month and I still haven't received it yet. No correspondence either.

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