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3M 9123 P2 Particulate Respirator Mask 3-Pack $5.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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These look like particularly solid masks to keep particular particles out. Was looking at these yesterday for upcoming travel, and as of today their price is less than half.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Cheers OP. Would you know if they're ideal for Covid?

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      I asked 3m, these are not medical grade.

    • they're fine for casual use but they aren't fluid resistant so not rated for medical use. get the AMD P2s they are cheaper and fluid resistant

      • But good for the next bushfire smoke haze.

      • are your AMD masks tight around the nose? I already bought PPE Tech, Respaguard and Ipkis which all had terrible nose seals.

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        Link for the amd p2? Can’t seem to find it on amazon.

        • https://www.australianp2mask.com.au, has had deals before on ozb for around 100/50pack

          are your AMD masks tight around the nose?

          i'm happy with the fit you do need to make sure you push down the nose bar firmly to mold it around the bridge of the nose

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            @May4th: More expensive than this deal currently unfortunately.

            $124 for 50 at your site vs 80 bucks at amazon.

            • @hashtagbargain: ah my bad my maths was off thought it was $3 per mask for some reason and also missed the bulk buy discount

      • How many megahertz?

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    Any mask is better than no mask.

    But you won't get full N95 benefit if you don't get it fit tested

    • Exactly.

      Thanks OP.

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    I bought it two weeks ago, as I have to do the carpet cleaning at my home. Excellent quality.

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    I had a bit of a Greg Hunt moment last week when I pulled a 3M mask out of my top pocket. The straps are top and bottom not on the sides like most masks including this one.

  • Where are these made?

    • It tells you on the Amazon page.

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  • These are good for smaller faces. So for teenagers etc. They are a bit tight for large adult faces (or large heads) when used with the clip at the back.

    • You’re right… I just cancelled my order for now. It fits well but when I go to talk it’s difficult.

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    The 25 pack is cheaper….

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    thank you, ordered the 25 pack. i bought these before and the nose seal and hook was good, especially for my glasses.

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      Long time no see, how are you?

      • +2

        I can't believe people still remember me! I am very good and it's lovely to be back on OzBargain. how are you?

        • +2

          So far so good, thanks!

        • +1

          Welcome back Savas!!! 🎉

          • +2

            @Wystri Warrick: thanks so much!! are you studying accounting?

            • +2

              @Savas: Wow you still remembered that I wanted to go into accounting! I'm studying Business (pathway to accounting) at Uni SA. How's your civil engineering degree going?

              • +1

                @Wystri Warrick: that's great news. my friend transferred from Wollongong to Uni SA and he said that the teaching was much better over there.
                I have finished my subjects and now I need to do a 12-week internship. My internship starts the 10th of January.

                • +1

                  @Savas: The internship sounds really exciting.

                  Hope you haven't had to do exorbitantly large essays/reports. I haven't had to do too many large ones, but a friend of mine studying a Bachelors or master's of software engineering? Had to do a 43k word essay/report - I feel so sorry for the guy lol

                  How's the dating world going if I may ask?

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                    @Wystri Warrick: At the internship my role is structural engineer. Wow, that’s a big report! Maybe the largest report I did was 10k words. Some of our reports have word limits so the professor doesn’t have to spend hours marking. We’ve had some challenging reports but since I always start early I am able to work it out with friends and asking the professor for help.

                    Great question about dating.. unfortunately, I’ve never had a girlfriend. Most girls just like go partying every night which I’m not even into..

                    Have you had a girlfriend? Do you go partying a lot? Or most of your time studying?

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                      @Savas: Hey Savas, sorry for the late reply - had a lot on.

                      I think the largest report that I have had to do so far was 5k.

                      Starting early is always the best, never leave it until the last minute. I can't believe how many students are just winging it.

                      That's a sham. It won't be long until you're in a relationship - you're a great handsome guy!

                      I just entered a relationship earlier this year. We're currently living together in a little rental in Adelaide!

                      I used to go out clubbing to try and socialise, and maybe meet s girl, but I have up after a while, clubbing, partying just isn't my thing lol.
                      I spend most of my time working, studying and procrastinating lol.

                      • +1

                        @Wystri Warrick: hahaha, my friend always does things the last minute and gets better marks than me.

                        thank you for the compliment! that's great news about your relationship!

                        can i ask.. how did you meet your girlfriend? i'm trying to get ideas lol.

                        • +1

                          @Savas: We first met in about August 2018 at a mutual friends birthday party.
                          We chatted a little at the party, and then on Facebook Messenger, and then we went to the Royal Adelaide Show together. Things pretty much died down from there. However in about September last year we started chatting on Facebook Messenger again, and then started studying together about twice a week. In about March we told each other how we felt and it was all down hill from there, things really moved very fast.

  • One of the better earloop masks, runs small and is expensive full price. $3 per mask. Great price, would've price matched with officeworks but stores low in stock

    • What’s the best earloop mask? I bought these last week and really liked them but I just wish they were a centimetre longer at the chin.

      • +1

        I usually wear 3M vflex with the headbands, but if you wanted another earloop mask there's also the P2 AMD masks, however I found that it often had a gap in the nose area.

        To be honest if the 3M earloops fit you perfectly it doesn't get better than that.

        Heres the vflex: https://au.mouser.com/ProductDetail/3M/9105?qs=sGAEpiMZZMv0N…

        • Interesting, thank you. The nose gap easily fogs my glasses which is always so annoying.

          • +1

            @Savas: Yep, these 3M have nose foam which is very rare to see on earloop masks

            • +1

              @RockyK9: Yes, I bought a three pack last week. I’d never seen the nose foam before. The metal used in the nose bridge is also a lot stiffer than other masks I bought. It just frustrates me why they can’t make them in difference sizes lol

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