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[Pre Order] MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ti VENTUS 3X 12G OC Video Card - $2399 Delivered @ BPC Tech


Hi everyone. Noticed this deal on BPC Tech's website. It says available 26/11 but it already lets you add to checkout so I'm assuming you can already pre-order (I haven't tried that myself). There may be cheaper deals on the 26th but the previous $2399 3080 ti deal was a bit popular here so figured I'd post this one just in case. Thanks.

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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  • Unsure if it is a valid question, is this LHR or non-LHR ? Thanks

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      All 3080 Ti cards are LHR.

      • Thanks, mate.

    • My understanding is that all Ti model are LHR

  • good deal or nah?

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      It's a bit meh - for reference, my mate picked up a Galax 3080 Ti at launch for $2.5K. Prices crept up shortly after that but have since settled somewhat..

      I understand that a lot of GPUs are in stock right now but not really moving but retailers aren't willing to budge because the demand is relatively high still (Xmas, crypto prices, new tech releases etc)

      • Thanks for the insight mate. I'm thinking 3080TI may be overkill for my build and will wait until some 3070s get on sale again…

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    Is this a good price to upgrade from an RTX 2080 (non-super)?

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      Id say its eh, I'd hold.

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    not much of a bargain, just average price to me.

    • Really? Can you please post some links to show where else you can buy a 3080ti for this price?

      • Here is one of the Evga 3080tis that is also a pre order. There are also two 3080ti's for $2500 at centrecom, 1 at shopping express and 2 at PCbyte without preorder and so that $100 difference is getting them earlier and not much difference.


        So ok maybe not average, but they should be at that price then.

        • Mate, not only has PLE had no stock of that card for months but you can't even pre-order it.
          The only time I've seen a 3080ti go for $2,399 was when BPC Tech sold the EVGA version a few weeks ago and when Techfast had the Gainward and they all sold out in a few hours.
          I agree with you the prices should be lower but the reality is no one is selling them lower or even at these prices and when they do they sell out.

          • @icarus255: yet he cant find a cheaper one anywhere..

            • @Jarr0d: You should read the comments. When did I say I found a card cheaper or would?

          • @icarus255: That card I just listed can be pre-ordered. It's the card swap guys that get preference that's all. Anyway yeah BPCTech do have the best prices this month with the cheapest being the EVGA for $2379 that sold out very fast. Just saying these are not bargains, but they are the least worst options is a better way of calling it, which I will only view as average price as others are not even worth considering.

  • Price has increased?

    • Looks like prices are going back up due to holiday demands

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