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Jabra Elite 85t True Wireless ANC Earbuds Black $195 + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C/ Metro) @ Officeworks


Too many 85t deals recently. Grey as well, but only online.

The Jabra Elite 85t Earbuds have a true wireless design so you can enjoy all your media without the hindrance of cords. It has Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology so you don't experience disruptions, with HearThrough functions so you can let in sounds when needed. The buds' battery last up to 25 hours long with ANC on with the included charging case.
They use Bluetooth technology to connect to your devices wirelessly.
They're ideal for your everyday media.
The in-ear design allows for audio immersion.
They are equipped with ANC technology to prevent disruptions, with HearThrough functions allowing you to let sounds in when needed.
They are Qi-enabled for wireless charging capabilities.
They last up to 25 hours long with the included charging case. (c&p from officework website)

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  • How good are these for use as hands-free with your mobile phone? I've had 2 different pairs of bluetooth earbuds and the music is excellent but the mic quality is not good - my wife complaints all the time she can't hear me well.
    I understand the problem is the capacity of the bluetooth channel to carry the mic info, so not sure if there is any pair of bluetooth earbuds that actually do well on the mic side

    • I had these but returned them. The call quality was great, even when it was a bit windy or some cars driving past there was no issues. When it was very windy or on a main road it was an issue.
      Massive improvement in call quality to 65t which I had for years. The reason I returned my 85t is because they didn't fit in my ear and constantly fell out.
      If they fit in your ear you'll love them!

      • How were you able to return them after trying them out?

        • I was able to through Amazon when I bought them earlier in the year after trying them in… Maybe just clean your ears first in case

  • I gotta be honest I wanted these for a long time but now I think the creative labs outlier air V3 are a much better option. I think they are about $80 atm 10hour (40hrs with case) battery life and much improved 4mic calling, ANC, waterproof ECT.
    I have the v1s and they are pretty good, if you use them a lot the battery life ends up being a major issue. I borrowed a friend's 75t s and I prefer the creatives.

    Something to consider anyway.

    • I end up going for soundpeats t2. Amazon selling it for under $55..

      Sound is pretty good but I'm not an audiophiles, the ANC is pretty decent and I use to mainly in the gym too cancel out stupid rap songs they have on all the time.

      Have only answered one call but that was indoor and had no complaints.

      I would definitely recommend it.

      BTW, Creative


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